1-11-16 Monday

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Okay, I have the holiday card report! This year, I sent out 357 holiday postcards. In what might be a first, every single state got at least one postcard. The four states that received the most number of postcards were California (21), Texas (22), New York (20) and Ohio (20). Internationally, cards went to the following countries:

Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.

You can see all the cards I received, which I scanned, over at Flickr, or scroll through them below. You can also see the cards sent and received since 2010 over on this page here.

Please: if you submitted your name and address on Postable and you did NOT receive a card from me, let me know. A local friend submitted her name and address twice, and they never showed up in my account. I have no idea why – maybe it was some sort of glitch – but it makes me grumpy to think that anyone who wanted a card didn’t get one. If it happened to several people, I’ll go to a different way of collecting addresses next year.

Speaking of Postable, a couple of people sent me cards through Postable, and I can report that they have really nice cards on a good quality stock. I highly recommend them!

(If you hover over the picture, there are arrows to scroll through the pictures. I’ve only tested this on my desktop, so I’m not sure how well it works on tablets and phones and such.)
2015 Holiday Cards Received


In case you missed it on Facebook, this happened on Saturday:

Pink and Badger were adopted early (not together), and then Skinny Pete was adopted at the end of the day.

Pink was adopted by a friend of Selena, mom to Flynn and Hook, so hopefully we’ll get updates! She’s got a new big sister named Wolverine, who has been an only kitty since she lost her two older siblings last year, so she’s more than ready for a new playmate.

The funny thing is that when I left Adele and Pink on Tuesday evening, I told everyone that because Adele has that flashy floofy Floompy thing going on, I was worried she’d overshadow Pink. I guess I didn’t have to worry about that!

This does leave Adele by herself, but I have faith that her people will come along soon and won’t be able to resist her. Combo is left at Petsmart too, but at least he’s got his sister Twig to keep him company.

Also, if you’re not following Challenger’s House on Facebook, you oughtta be – there’s a great video of the cats at Petsmart posted on the page yesterday, and lots of other great pictures, too.


So, we took King Nubbs (aka Pharrell) into the foster room to meet his subjects.

Shelton and Levine sniffed him vigorously, which was a little scary, I think.

The King retreated to the scratcher house and had a think.

Stefani kept an eye on him from on high.

“But where’s his TAIL?!” she asked.

The King slunk lowly about the room.

He stared, amazed, at the feather teaser.

Stefani got all up in his bidness and sniffed and sniffed.

When Levine came sniffing around, the King was all “Y’all need to back off with this sniffing stuff.”

Then he and Stefani did some feather teaser playing.

Stefani broke out the high Paw o’ Doom.

And the King was all “There, there, little subject. No one’s impressed by your nonsense.”

Stefani and the King, sniffing noses.

The King played a little.

There was NO DRAMA AT ALL. No hissing, no poofing, no fighting – though the King did go over to Shelton and lightly bit his butt at one point. Things went so well that we opened the door to the rest of the upstairs, and there was much racing around like wild things. At nap time, Stefani, Shelton and Levine piled up on the blanket at the end of Fred’s bed, and King Nubbs settled on the cat tree across the room.

In the evening, Fred went upstairs and immediately came back down for his phone to take this picture:

Left to right: Pharrell/King Nubs, Levine, Stefani, and Shelton (or, as Fred calls them: Nub, the tabby, the tortie, and the black one.)

So, our game of MEET YER NEW PARTNER could not possibly have gone any more smoothly. Saturday night went fine, and every time I went upstairs, Nubbs was curled up with or near one of the other kittens (most often Stefani).

Shelton is particularly happy, because he’s been trying to get out of the foster room for weeks now. He loves to stomp all over the upstairs with his tail held high. Silly boy.


Jake watches the neighbors out the window. It’s progress – he used to run away growling when he’d see them. I guess he’s realized they can’t get him!

Speaking of Jake, I got this video of him getting his daily massage. I got too close at the end and skeered him, the little brat.

YouTube link.


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  1. I think that when King Nubbs is in that house, it should be renamed Castle Nubbens!

    I love how Jake oozes out of Fred’s hands after that jiggley massage! That really is an odd technique for massage though.. I sure hope he doesn’t give you, Robyn, a back rub that way! “Fred, rub my back?” “Sure” “TtHhIiIiSsSs IiSsSsn’tT WwHhAaAaTt Ii HhAaAaDdDd IiNnNn MmMmIiIiNnDdDdDd…” 😉

  2. Jake doesn’t look like a “wee” lad, so I think Fred is getting a bicep work-out there, too!

    I’m glad there was peace in Land of Nubbin’ this week-end. I wanted King Nubbs to have some snuggle buddies!

    And Hello Adele’s family…her Floompiness is waiting for you!!

  3. Wow, Robyn, your blog IS global. You’ve got followers on all continents but Antarctica! 🙂