1-11-17 Wednesday

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I am sure you remember brothers Flynn (formerly Kohle) and Hook (formerly Puff)(I am giggling right now because I almost called him “Fluff”, which would have been an appropriate name!). Flynn was our foster back in late 2012 for a month. Here’s a reminder as to what he looked like back then.

I love this picture.

Hook/Puff was one of Khaleesi’s babies in the spring of 2013. Here’s what he looked like when he was our foster.

With his sister Ember. This picture just kills me dead.

Here’s what those sweet boys look like now!

The Flynn formerly known as Kohle, high on catnip from his kitty kick stix.

The Hook formerly known as Puff. Hook is such a patient cat. He will sit in this spot and wait until I walk in the kitchen for treats. And he’s ninja cat because I’ll be in the kitchen doing something not paying attention and he will just appear in that spot. That’s his treat spot and he knows it. Of course I gave him some.

I finally got a chance to put Christmas decorations away yesterday. This is how my boys “helped.” Flynn was obviously supervisor since he got the good seat. I had to pile all the cat beds up on one end of the table. He definitely enjoyed that. Hook was not too happy.

Flynn chooses to lay on that old blanket on the floor! Usually he hides under it but he loves it.

Hook finally decided to lay in the bigger bed. He looks hungover.

How SWEET is that last picture? I love it so much!!! Thanks, Selena, for letting me share. I sure do love seeing those sweet boys.


My sister sent the kitties some cool catnip toys for Christmas. Alice posed nicely for this picture, and then pushed it onto the floor so she could take a nap.

A few hours later, she looked on with disgust as Joe Bob licked it, kicked it, and generally got hiiigh.

When he was gone, she took her turn. That must be some pretty potent ‘nip in those toys!

Those toys were made and sold to benefit Forgotten Felines of Maine (website here, Facebook page here).


Dewey and his big brudder.


If only Stefan could get some rest!


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1-11-17 Wednesday — 15 Comments

  1. LOL… it looks like Dewey is slowly pushing Stefan off the bed using his back feet.

    It’s always so wonderful to see foster updates, thanks Flook’s mom!

  2. Loved the update and how fitting was it to come at the same day that the banner I get is of Khaleesi and her dragons?!

    Which speaking of Khaleesi and her dragons we finally just watched all 6 seasons of GoT. I knew of her and her dragons but didn’t know she only had three. My Pippin and Merry are brothers from a litter of three and their mother’s name is Khaleesi as well. If we had only watched the show at the time we would have made sure to name all three of her kitties after the dragons on the show. Merry is definitely like Drogon, he hisses at just about everyone but me and his daddy. Especially at other females, don’t know why, he’s never had anything but love from everyone he’s come in contact with but there you go. He’ll be in a real hissy mood at a guest and I’ll be able to walk up to him and pick him up with no problem. Although he has hissed at me a few times just before I do so. And he’s a black cat so that’s fitting. So yeah, makes me think of Drogon a lot. 🙂

  3. Dewey and Stefan look like they’re doing a kung fu movie from the side (like those weird commercials for who knows what) Kick to the stomach! Oof! Head grab neck snap! Defeated foe! The end

    Love the update!

    (I’ve missed a lot recently, including your birthday, Robyn, so happy belated birthday, hope it was fur filled!)

  4. Hook has grown up to be a handsome man-cat! And Flynn is a gorgeous house panther. Always love to see updates on former fosters!

  5. It’s great to see Dewey settling in and making friends. I love his name, and every time I read it I think of the Justified episode where Dewey gets his kidneys stolen. And then I laugh and laugh and laugh. How does he get along with Archie, and your other tabby – Sheriff Mama?

    Enjoy your mini break from fostering. I hope it allows Stefan to catch up on his beauty sleep, and I hope that one day we’ll find out what color his eyes are.

    • Oh, I’ll save this question (how he gets along with Archie and Sheriff Mama) for Friday’s post! (But rest assured, there’s very little drama.)