About Kohle

Kohle was at Petsmart for quite a while and needed a break from being in a cage, so since I was bringing Dingwall Scotty, Mr. Stripey, and Sungold home for the same thing, I brought Kohle as well. He was with us from November 16 to mid-December, 2012.

Kohle and his siblings were rescued from Athens Animal Control and went into a foster home with another cat who became their surrogate mother. He went to Petsmart when he was old enough, but remained unadopted (sometimes it takes a long time for black cats to be adopted, unfortunately), and so for now he’s here, hanging out with the ‘Maters and enjoying having more room to run around. His date of birth is guesstimated to be April 6, 2012.

He’s a sweet, friendly, very playful boy, and he gets along great with the ‘Maters boys.

Edited to add: Kohle was adopted on December 15th, and went home with Selena. She renamed him Flynn.

Edited to add: On August 10th, Selena adopted another of our fosters, Puff, who she renamed Hook. Hook and Flynn are the very best of friends and love to play and snuggle together.

You can read about Kohle beginning here (there are links at the bottom of each entry; click on the one on the right to take you to the next one). You can see the pictures taken of Kohle during his stay with us here at Flickr.

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