1-10-17 Tuesday

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Attention, Richmond, VA area residents!

From Three Tiny Tabbies:

Recently the organization that I foster for and another organization that we work with were terminated at the Petsmart stores that we do adoptions from. They had a change of regional management which decided that we were not doing enough adoptions. The rescue that I foster for has a Petco location that we are now moving all our cats to, but our sister organization, Cat’s Cradle of Greater Richmond, did all their adoptions from Petsmart and now they are out in the cold. The 2 ladies that manage that organization are very upset about losing that store – they have done it their whole lives and now have just one more week to remove all their cats from Petsmart. Would you post be willing to share a few of their adoptable cats on your blog? I have a few pictures and descriptions that they gave me listed below.

They are located in Richmond, Virginia. Their phone number is 804-467-6528, their email is cats (at) catscradle-richmond.org, and their website is http://www.catscradle-richmond.org/

Meet Heather, an absolutely stunning Maine Coon mix of about six years. Sadly she was not taken care of by previous owner and is reserved at first, but playful and sweet after adjusting to her new environment. She is sweet and playful and will make a wonderful companion with the right person.

Handsome, gentle and very snuggly solid white boy. Riley is a two year old cuddle bug and very social. He was taken in after he was thrown out in the neighborhood. Total sweetheart in need of a forever home.

This is Candace, a super friendly lap kitty. She is one year old. Her personality is very calm and sweet and she will spend hours hanging out with you while watching tv or reading. She loves getting petted and loves to have her beautiful belly rubbed. A big cuddler who purrs and talks a lot. Perfect litter box habits, up to date on shots and spayed.

Desmond and Fontaine, two beautiful brown tabbies about 7 months – more tiger cats than little domestic shorthairs. They are both just gorgeous and have a real “Big Cat” look to them. Desmond and Fontaine are very interactive with the world … love love to play with toys, climb cat trees, etc. They are sure to bring tremendous fun and joy to any home.

Y’all, please spread the word, especially if you are in the Richmond, VA area or know people who are. It would be wonderful if we could find these cats great homes!


Dewey jumped up on the bed to see…

His favorite big brothers, right there! He thought about it…

And settled in nearby. But then he decided he wasn’t close enough.

He moved closer and sat there for a moment…

He settled in.

“What?” said Dewey.
“Nothing,” said Dennis.

“Why you staring at me, then?” asked Dewey, ready to take offense if the situation called for it.
“I was just thinking that you’re all right, kid,” said Dennis.

“He’s right,” Dewey thought smugly. “I AM all right!”


Recently, Fred was in the kitchen getting some tortilla chips, and for some reason Alice must have thought it was ham.

She stood up straight and tall.

And she screamed “GIVE ME SOME OF THAT HAM.”

Fred said “Alice, I don’t have any ham!”, but Alice was sure he was fibbing. So Fred had to show her what he had.



“Well, that’s not ham at all,” said Alice. She stared at Fred for a few more moments, and then stomped off.

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1-10-17 Tuesday — 32 Comments

  1. Absolutely love the “GIVE ME SOME OF THAT HAM.” picture!

    Dewey will be in the middle of those two in no time!

    Ok, Robyn, so you know I love the Durascoop kitty litter scooper and then I saw some people here raving about the KKat Innovations It’s the Scoop. So, I bought it. I gave it a trial run last night. Here is what I think…..
    I love that the litter falls through it very quickly and I don’t have to do any shaking. However, the Durascoop gets smaller “pieces” out than the KKat can. The KKat gets through the litter quicker, but the Durascoop can dig down deep and get anything stuck to the sides off easier. The KKat seems like it would stay cleaner, but the handle does hurt when you use it. The Durascoop does not hurt. One rater on Amazon mentioned the painful handle and said that they did three coats of Plasti Dip. I am gonna pick some up today and put on three coats. I think they are both good scoopers, each with their strengths and weaknesses. If I could only have one, it would be the Durascoop, though.

    • Thanks for the comparison GD. I for one appreciate it. I like my scoop, couldn’t tell you the name though, although it’s very similar to the Durascoop. But with all these ravings on these two I was thinking of getting a new one. But I think I’ll just stick with the one I got. It’s mettle with a soft handle. And I only have to shake a bit for the loose litter to go through. It would be nice to have a second one though. Hmmm….

      • I bought a Whisker City one accidentally thinking it was a Durascoop (buying a spare for my mountain cabin). The metal part of the handle only goes part way into the rubber handle cover. I can absolutely tell that it will rip through in no time. Stay away from that one.

    • Good review, GD, thank you! I agree with you that the Durascoop gets the little pieces that the KKat doesn’t – which isn’t a problem for me with the permanent residents, but when I have fosters, I keep a Litter Lifter scoop alongside the KKat just in case I need to get any little pieces. (And since little cats make little poops, that happens pretty frequently! Ha.)

      Please report back about the Plasti Dip, I’ll be interested to hear your opinion!

  2. Aw, would you look at those sweet litte faces! I know they’ll find their forever homes soon!

    I love that through it all, Stefan doesn’t move from his sleep (slumber seems too…delicate, lol).

  3. my two are like that when I get the toaster out. they think they are getting turkey. I love me some leftover xmas turkey on toast, slathered with butter and miracle whip…drool on my keyboard

  4. Have they contacted any other local rescues for assistance? Last Chance Animal Rescue does a lot of the Petsmart stores in the DC/Maryland/NoVA area not too far north of Richmond and they’re a no-kill organization who might be willing to help. They’re based out of Waldorf, MD.

    • warriorinside – The group I foster for is going to take six kittens for them. I honestly don’t know how many cats they have at Petsmart right now, or what they are going to do with them at the end of this week.

  5. I just shared on Facebook (in the Richmond area), hopefully someone knows someone who can help! If not, maybe B.A.R.K. or one of the other local rescues could help with finding foster homes?

  6. Alice and the ham story is delightful. I am making ham soup tonight from my leftover frozen bits of ham from Christmas. I’ll have to save her some.

  7. seriously – petsmart sucks for that move. we will share!

    one day Dewey is going to discover the best spot is BETWEEN the boys. And oh Alice….no fun when the aren’t eating what you want. 🙂

  8. Alice with her ham quest makes me laugh out loud.
    We volunteer at our local PetSmart which has cats from a big rescue in the DC area that has cats at all the PetSmarts in the region. Periodically district management or a local store manager decide to be pains in the butt and try to demand that if a cat isn’t adopted within two weeks they get cycled to another store. We and the rescue both think this is ridiculous as sometimes a timid cat will just be starting to calm down and become adoptable after that amount of time. For the most part the local store employees and managers are supportive and do what they can to help us do what’s best for the cats, which really increases adoptions more effectively than what district management proposes. It makes me sad that PetSmart seems to think of this as something that should be monetized through a person shopping for supplies for their new pet. PetSmart Charities indeed. Which reminds me – does anyone else have a silly rule in their store that they can’t put the cats’ names on their outward facing cage tags? It seems to me having a name makes a cat somehow more attractive and “real.”

    • Unfortunately, Petsmart has a history of terminating reputable rescues. it makes me so upset… it has become more about profits than saving animals.

    • I think we’ve been very very lucky at “our” Petsmart – though a couple of years ago, we did have to take down a board that shared more information about the cats. There are informational cards about each of the cats that hang on the outside of the cages, and they do include their names.

      I think there’s someone in the corporate office whose entire job is to come up with ridiculous new rules, but I also think that it all depends on the managers as to whether they stringently enforce the rules. I’ve heard horror stories about managers at other stores, but like I said – I think we’ve been very lucky!

      • We asked to put up a similar board at our Petsmart some time back, snd they said no. Recently they let us put one up. I can totally see some corporate guy coming up with ridiculous rules for a living.

      • We are very lucky, too. Our PS staff is great. We have tags with names, info, and comments about the cat’s personality. If a PS employee sees that one is catching a cold, they will let one of our volunteers know. I cannot complain about our Regency location at all.

  9. Alice and the faux ham! I loved the picture you and Fred posted originally on Facebook of this, but the sequence of pictures is even better! But my cats would have eaten the tortilla chip, too. When I eat nachos, between the chips and the cheese I have to fight everyone off! 😀

  10. It is so hard lose a location like that. I hope they get a spurt of adoptions to help out.

    When I have a cat that demands that I give them what I have, and it is not what they want, I often feel them saying ‘well get me something I do want!’

    • When Spot was with us, I always REALLY felt his Eyes of Judgement on the back of my neck when I was in the kitchen. I once snapped at a bag to stop staring at me because I saw it out of the corner of my eye and thought it was Spot. 😀

  11. Oh, Fred should be ashamed of himself – fooling Alice into thinking he had ham! (My cats are pretty sure that anything eaten with a spoon from a small bowl must be ice cream – soup is so disappointing to them.)

    Every picture of Dennis makes me happy!