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Mr. Stripey, keepin’ clean.

And Sungold, all curled up and lookin’ cute. You want to reach for the belly, don’t you? Don’t do it. It’s a trap! (But you KNOW I did it anyway.)


Bitsy girl, sometimes you’ve just gotta DANCE, am I right?

Someone mentioned in the comments yesterday that they don’t know how on earth I tell those Beans apart. Well, Bitsy’s quite a bit lighter than Barney is – and Barney’s the one with a collar on because I had a hard time telling them apart at first, too (and sometimes in pictures I can’t tell Bitsy and Barney apart even now! It’s a lot easier in person.)

Bitsy’s eyes are orange-er than Barney’s.

Baby Beans is more striped. Bitsy and Barney are more spotty.

Also, Baby Beans has dark brown eyes.

Such a pretty baby.

But mostly, rest assured that you don’t have to tell them apart – I try to remember to always tell y’all who’s who, so you’ll know just who you’re falling in love with!


Today’s Game Cam video is of the Pickles sharpening their claws. With a special appearance by Sugarbutt! This is the last of the kitten Game Cam footage, though I have one for tomorrow of permanent residents that’s pretty good.

YouTube link.


Old Man Spanky has such pretty eyes. I love how in this picture, they look like they’re the same color as the wall.


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1-10-13 — 21 Comments

  1. That is an outstanding photo of Spanky. I may have to favor him over the Loonster again!

    Also, sorry I missed saying Happy Birthday yesterday. Happy Birthday Yesterday!!


  2. Old Man Spanky looks to have just the softest coat… Want to touch.

    Oh man, I loves me some prairie doggin’ kittens, cracks me up every time.

  3. Plus I think lots of people think that FIV+ cats can’t live with non-FIV cats….they really can so long as no one is a biter.

    Love the video – is that Magoo at :25….he has quite the technique (hehe)

  4. Baby Beans has some serious hair-tufts on his ears. So pretty.

    Shared the pix of cats in need of homes. Kingston looks to have some Bengal in him.

  5. Wow, those dark brown eyes are stunning. Really beautiful.

    Great shot of Spanky. Such a delicate expression, makes me want to sqeeze him and stroke his cheek.

  6. Reading your post it felt like those kitties were on a game show or a really bad infomercial.. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!!!

    I do hope they find a home soon!

    that is a really beautiful photo of Spanky!

    • Ha, I know, that’s what I felt like I was writing! “But HOLD ON, you can pay for ONE, and get a BONUS one for free!”

  7. Who else, when they saw the picture of the Jamaican kitties, though “Looks like Robyn got herself more fosters”? Every since I noticed the change in Alice’s status way back when, I think I’m always looking for clues of more kitties in the house.

    I loved Magoo sharpening his claws (that was Magoo, yes?). He bent in the middle way more than the other kitties. Then in a later part of the video he came and attacked another Pickle. 🙂

    • Well, we’re actually full up on fosters, since the Beans are in the foster room and the ‘Maters boys are in the guest bedroom. But the boys ARE going home this weekend, so who knows? I’m sure it won’t be long before we get another set!

  8. Old man Spanky needs kisses and pets on that beautiful old head of his. Old man Norman is enjoying them for him since my hand can’t reach from Michigan to Alabama. 🙂

  9. But of course you painted your walls to match Spanky’s eyes! Each room is the color of a different cat, right? No?? And you call yourself a cat person…
    Those game cam video’s are too adorable! Did you ever find the rogue pee-er?

  10. Re belly-rubbing: how many of the perms allow you to indulge in that particular activity? (Hoping to see your response on Friday!)