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I trust you remember Kohle? Here’s a refresher:

He’s the boy with the beautiful eyes, who had been at Petsmart even longer than the ‘Maters boys, so Lisa asked if I’d consider bringing him home with them, to give him a break from the cage as well. I figured there wouldn’t be a problem – there wasn’t – and so he was here with us for a month. Then he went back to Petsmart and got adopted super quickly (love it when that happens!)

Well, I heard from Selena, who adopted him! She said:

I adopted Kohle back in December. I am single and live alone so he has been great company. I lost my sweet boy Indy a few weeks before I got Kohle after an extended illness. I have already fallen head over heels for my new baby. We are doing great but I have a rather silly question. I have looked all over for those straw toys and can’t seem to find them. He loves that one that you sent in the paper bag of toys with his adoption papers and it is almost chewed to pieces! I want to stock up but I am afraid I am looking in the wrong place for them. He also loves the Mylar ball but I did find a few of those. Thank you so much for sending those toys and for writing the letter to tell me about your blog. I enjoy reading it. I would have a house full of kitties if my apartment was big enough! I am also going to try to attach some pictures if I can figure out how to on my phone!

©Selena W; shared with her permission.

©Selena W; shared with her permission.

Is that a sweet, happy face, or what? I so love hearing about my former fosters in their forever home!

(The straws she was asking about are the Kitty Boinks, which I’ve bought at Nip and Bones, and which you can also find at Amazon, or at the Boinks page (last time I bought some, I bought them in bulk, because they’re pretty much a hit with all the cats).


A shot of all three Beans – Baby Beans on the left, Bitsy on the right, and Barney next to her.


If you look closely, you’ll see a big ol’ drop of water hanging off Barney’s chin. He walks around like that ALL the time. I guess he’s afraid he might get thirsty and be too far from a source of water. He’s no dummy!

Baby Beans would like me to stop pointing that camera at him, please and thank you.

Annnd one more shot of all three!

Baby Beans, contemplative.



I have nicknamed Barney “Barnacle” and Bitsy “Velcro” because I have never in my life met kittens who were SO friendly. Okay, that’s probably not true (I’m sure there have been plenty of kittens who were as friendly as those two), but suffice it to say that they’re SUPER friendly. I don’t know where they were before they were dumped on the side of the road, but I think it’s safe to say that they’ve been around humans their entire young lives.

Baby Beans on the other hand – well, he’s friendlyish. He’ll sit next to me and lay his head on my knee, and he likes to be petted for a little while. He does NOT want to be picked up, and he does NOT want to be held, and when I had Fred hold him last week so I could clean his (Baby Beans’, not Fred’s) ears, the shrieking and thrashing was pretty amazing. (It went a little better when I had Fred hold him in place on the ground.)

I’ve started referring to him as “Drama Beans.”

The kittens have a mostly cordial relationship with each other. Baby Beans is a bit rougher than the other two would like, and he’s not FRIENDS with Barney and Bitsy, but at least they’re not hissing and growling at each other. Baby Beans and Barney will play with each other, but Bitsy will run off if Baby Beans tries to mess with her. I think it’s safe to say that Baby Beans is pretty sure he’s the alpha male of the trio (not that Barney or Bitsy agree with that), and he might have a touch of Little Man Syndrome going on.


Sungold, snoozing up high where he can keep an eye on the other cats.


Stripey and the look o’ lurve.

Sungold comes in to see what I’m doing (and to sharpen his claws on the cat tree.)

Smilin’ Stripey.


Today’s Game Cam video is the Pickles & Weeds playing, part 3! They are such silly kittens, I just love watching this stuff and remembering when they were here with us.

YouTube link.


Today’s permanent resident (and the last of the clearing-out-the-folder pictures) : Corbie!

What you might not know about Corbie: He. Is. GORGEOUS.

Keeping an eye on something from the safety of the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

Hanging out in the back yard.

I love it when he curls up in this basket.


Silly boy.


2012: Also, so you don’t have to go without your kitteh fix, here I am getting my very first kitten for my (I think) sixth birthday, so it was mumblety-mumble years ago.
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  1. I don’t kniw how you tell the difference between the beans. All so cute, but all so identical.

    And Corbie, gorgeous!

  2. Corbie is a gorgeous boy!!!!

    Ok, when I read this I started to snicker…so here is my altered sentence:
    From : and when I had Fred hold him last week so I could clean his (Baby Beans’
    To: and when I had Fred hold him last week so I could clean his Baby Beans


    • Poor Robyn. She attempted to correct her wording so our minds wouldn’t go right in the gutter, but she still failed… 😀

      • This blog is a better place for the occasional raunchy joke. However much I adore other places, L&H’s community is my favorite precisely because it is so relaxed and good-natured.

  3. Happy birthday! I, too, have a ‘drama queen’. My Bella sleeps on me, walks all over me, constantly helps me in the kitchen, plus many other adorable behaviors. But the moment I try to pick her up, she returns to her feral roots, and I’m lucky if I can hold her for 10 seconds! Oh we’ll, she’s still a wonderful kitty.

    • The Shelter Challenge is on again at the Greater Good Network. Here’s the link http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=3&ThirdPartyClicks=ERA_010913_ARS_m to donate .6 of a bowl of food, which takes you to a page to vote. I’m challenging all the fans of this page to go there every day and vote for Challenger’s House, Toney AL. It’s free, and you can even set it up to get an email reminder every day! Let’s do this for Challenger’s House. (BTW – I don’t live anywhere near them, and I have no interest, other than the fact that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this blog and all the smoochable kitties here.

  4. Hope you’re having a wonderful day, Robyn — and thanks as always for the beautiful photos and super captions!

  5. Happy Birthday, Robyn!

    “I had Fred hold him last week so I could clean his (Baby Beans’, not Fred’s) ears, the shrieking and thrashing was pretty amazing” – I’m glad you clarified this, because otherwise it would have made for a really hilarious mental picture (in which, it did anyway, when I thought about it). 😉

  6. Happy Happy Birthday!!!! Hope you get to spend it however you like best! (lying on the sofa amongst cats sounds good to me!)

  7. Happy Birthday!
    Love the kitty pictures. I want to eat up the Beans’. Also – Barnacle Beans is hilarious!
    I was wondering if you could tell me a bit more about the straws your cats love. Are they milkshake straws? My little boy loves to chew on straws but I won’t let him have regular drinking straws because he chews through them so fast but I thought maybe the harder plastic ones would work. I’d really appreciate your help! Thanks!

  8. Happy Birthday Robyn ~ Enjoy…I love that photo of Baby Bean being contemplative & the last photo of Stripey looking down. You catch some awesome moments with you camera. And of course I love Corbie, since I have a tabby or tiger as we call them in our house..So happy gorgeous Kohle found his forever home..those eyes of his are just glorious..I don’t know how he was passed up for so many months. I guess he was waiting for Selena to come for him. Thanks for the pics Selena..

  9. Funny about “Barnacle”–Barney on “How I Met Your Mother” also uses that nickname.

    For folks in the greater Cincinnati area, you can get Kitty Boinks at Confetti Cats, on Madison in Oakley.


    If you hold the end against your thumb, and pull the tube back with your fingers, then let go, they will launch across the room (with kitties chasing after them). Awesomeness!

  10. I’ll join the chorus of birthday well-wishing: have a great one!

    Also I am taking care of a cat for my friends. He is a barn cat named Dave, but he is incredibly friendly and laid back. He looks similar to the Corbs, except he has white paws, a large white locket, and less pronounced stripes. He is a real talker! I’ll try to get a picture later today and post it.

  11. Did we know that you share a birthday with Kate?
    I remember the interest you (we all) had in Dianna, and actually had her hairstyle for awhile!!!:)

    I’ll let you know when a Cat cafe opens in Lisbon Falls! 🙂
    Happy Birthday! Love you, Mom

  12. Kohle is one lucky kitty. Great to see the photos.

    Corbie has his thick winter coat of hair. All the outside cats I feed are about twice their size with the fluffy, thick winter hair. Cats look so gorgeous with all that hair. When spring comes, however, the shedding…ah…

    Happy, Happy birthday and thanks for the daily pix of cats. I can never get enough of looking at beautiful kitties.

  13. Ha! The best part of today’s GameCam video for me was the sudden appearance of a sparkle ball from under the couch! That Dandelion!!

    Also, I have a Drama Queen who likes to be held but only on her terms thank you very much and a mellow guy who doesn’t like to be held at all and practices passive resistance better than Ghandi! What has worked for both is to periodically scoop them up, turn them on their back and gently push their head back so their throat is exposed. When they relax, give them a treat. It may seem mean, but it isn’t. It does work well to establish dominance in a way they can understand… and rewards them for putting up with it. If you do it every day or so, they’ll be more relaxed when you have to clean their ears, clip their claws or, gasp, give them medication!

    With Fuzz, I had to do it with gloves on at first, but he had PTSD from abuse and neglect. He would nip, but it’s been over a decade since he responded by nipping. Nowadays, he relaxes immediately, lets me do what I have to do and then meows for his treat when I’m done. With Sweetpea, I started doing it when she was ~6 weeks old. She doesn’t like it, but resigns herself to it and visibly relaxes after about 10 seconds of thinking about it. She’s so much the Drama Queen, but expresses that lovely quality by taking her treat with an air of offended martyrdom. Afterward, she usually won’t let me pet her…

    …for about 3 minutes! Then she’s back!

  14. Yeah – a Kohle update!!!

    Those beans are cuties….Nurdle the foster and my Tim generally have some water hanging on their chins too. Except Nurdle will walk over and wipe it off on me. 🙂

    Love me some Corbie!

  15. Happy birthday Robyn!

    Yay for Kohle updates. He’s one handsome boy – I am partial to the black kitties, though, I admit it.

    Question for the crowd: I’m thinking about building kitty shelves for climbing purposes and sort of a catwalk around the top of my office so that the cats can get to and sit on the top of my bookshelf. I’m looking at a 20 pound tom (yes, he’s overweight, think Garfield and you’ve got the idea) and a pair of young girls with much more agility.

    • It’s just you. 😉 He’s the same weight now as he was about a year ago; maybe his body weight has redistributed to keep him warm through the winter!

      • LOL… okay, thanks for clarifying! (He’d still be gorgeous with some love handles, though!)

  16. Joining the Happy Birthday wishes, too. Hope you’re having a wonderful day, Robyn! Also chiming in on the drama queen kitties. Mine is a female Maine Coon, Macy. We call her “The Supermodel”, because she’s beautiful as can be, but sometimes dumb as a stump and bitchy beyond belief! Heh. She’s a snuggle bunny when she wants to be, but otherwise, acts like you’re killing her no matter what you do. Combing, trimming nails, getting “nits” out of her long, silky fur…even simply looking at her some days sets her off. Thank goodness she keeps herself very clean because I’m pretty sure that I would not even survive giving her a bath! I love her dearly, but she’s a piece of work. Loved the update on Kohle. He looks like a happy, loved kitty! Ahhhh, Corbie. Siigh. What a beautiful boy.

  17. Happy Birthday!

    I was wondering if maybe you or your readers had any insight into a problem I’m having with my big cat? I’m going to start this by saying that my vet is mystified, and he’s undergone a whole bunch of tests, all of them negative. Before I start paying for more tests, I’m hoping to have something to try to look for, instead of, “Well we could try x, y and z…”

    Big cat is 9 years old and weighs 22 pounds. He’s half maine coon and at his slimmest weighs around 19, so he is slightly overweight, but not as bad as 22 pounds actually sounds.

    He has a nearly white mouth interior. Pink gums, but the roof and bottom of his mouth is chalk white. This is very recent. He also has started having his front legs shake uncontrollably in the evenings. This can be when he’s walking or sitting. He’s not very active – never has been; he has a blanket, and he enjoys laying on it. Lately, however, I can’t get him even to attempt to play with something. He still jumps up on things and can run up the stairs pretty quickly when the dog looks at him funny.

    Again, all tests have been negative. Any ideas at all, since I’m worried whatever is causing the shaking may be causing him pain, would be appreciated. Thanks!

  18. Happy birthday Robyn! Wow, more ‘awwwww, how sweeeettt!’ pics even than usual 🙂 Thanks for making my day a happier one – you are the best!!

  19. Happy Birthday, Robyn!
    What I adore about Your birthday, is that WE got a birthday gift from you, in form of great pictures and hilarious captions. It’s like everyday is birthday when you visit Love-and-Hisses 🙂
    So, in exchange, I’m sending a lot of happy thoughts and virtual hugs to you! 🙂

  20. The BOINKS! OMG! Cat toy heaven when the boinks are pulled out from under the couch, the chairs and wherever they might have boinked off too. Thank you for mentioning them last month!

  21. Happy Birthday, Robyn!!!!! Thank you for the prezzies of great pictures and a video!

    Good to know you share the date with the Duchess of Cambridge!

  22. Happy Birthday Robyn! And many more!!

    Kohle captivating his new family. Knew he had it in him.

  23. Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes! It was a quiet, relaxed day, which is just how I like ’em. 🙂

  24. I am sitting here cackling at the thought of Fred clutching a kitten and shrieking and thrashing while you clean his (Fred’s!) ears – with a q-tip, of course! I’m not sure why I find this so amusing, but I can’t stop laughing!

    Oh, and happy birthday, Robyn!

  25. About an hour late in wishing you a happy birthday on your actual birth date, but wanted to join the chorus of Happy Birthdays nonetheless.

    Tell us more about your first cat Suzy…. please. You both look SO SO SO cute in that photo!!!

    • hmm, the time shows as 11:49 p.m. on my comment, but it is 12:49 a.m. now on EST, which is where you and I both are…hence my reference to being late.