1-9-09 – Marion and Claudette.

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2009-01-09 (2)
Disgruntled after a hiss-off with Kara.

2009-01-09 (3)
Claudette admires the GORGEOUS Tom Cullen.

2009-01-09 (4)
Claudette would like into the room, but she knows better than to tangle with Kara.

2009-01-09 (5)
She’s all ::sniffsniffsniff:: “HI TOMMY!” and he’s all “Yeah, whatever, runt.”

2009-01-09 (6)

2009-01-09 (7)
Marion and Claudette like to spend the majority of their time hanging out in this cat bed on the end of my bed. Whenever I go upstairs, Marion’s head pops up, she regards me for a moment, and then she runs off like she thinks I’m going to beat her or something. After a few seconds of hiding, she comes back out and demands love. I’d really like to get past the part where she runs off, scared, but I think it might be too ingrained in her little brain.


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