Last night we let the foster kitties out of their room for a few minutes. We’d like to be able to let them out to run around the house in the evenings, because as much time as I spend in there loving on them, I don’t feel like it’s enough time and I’d like them to be able to come hang out with us while we’re watching TV.

Moondance and Moonman are the first foster cats we’ve had who didn’t start rushing the door after a few days. They’re curious about what’s on the other side, but perfectly happy looking out the window and being loved and petted several times a day. I opened the door to their room, and sat down on the floor outside their room, waiting to see what they’d do. Fred encouraged them to come out and do some looking around, and after a few moments, they did.

Naturally, Mister Boogers heard us talking to them, and came up to be a jerk. He growled and hissed at them, and scared them enough that they decided they wanted to just hang out in their room, thanks.

We’ll give it another try tonight and see how it goes. They sure are good kitties.

“What the-?”

Moondance is perturbed.

Moonman, hanging out.

Moonman is keeping an eye on Fred.

All six cats on one bed. I don’t expect that to ever happen again!


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