1-7-09 – Marion & Claudette

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I have to admit something. In the very bottom of my heart, I keep hoping that one day, Miz Poo will turn into Charlene Butterbean, at least attitude-wise. That she’ll start liking the kittens, that she’ll snuggle with them and groom them and treat them, if not in a motherly fashion, then at least in a tolerant big-sister fashion.

These days, instead of immediately smacking any kitten who comes too close to her, Miz Poo will sniff them, regard them and THEN smack them.

That’s progress, right?

2009-01-07 (1)
Miz Poo investigates the situation.

2009-01-07 (2)
Marion, snuggling with me.

2009-01-07 (3)
Claudette, looking smug.

2009-01-07 (4)
I think Miz Poo might have just hissed at Marion, thus the baleful look.

2009-01-07 (5)


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