1-6-09 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette.

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Delmar and Lem went to the pet store on Friday – I believe I told y’all they were going – and it was a bit of an issue getting Lem into the carrier. I sent Fred up to put them in the carriers because he was home and I don’t want ALL of Delmar and Lem’s last memories of me to be bad ones. I’d intended for them to both go in the same carrier, but Lem fought so hard when Fred put him in the carrier that when he opened the top of the carrier, Lem shot out.

So separate carriers it was. After his initial freakout and some scared meows from both of them, they settled down on the ride to the pet store. They were very much less than happy when I put them in their cage at the pet store. They sat and looked scared with their ears out to the side (kind of how they were when I first got them) and my heart broke for them.

I don’t think they’ve been adopted yet, but I’ll harass the shelter manager later and find out.

Since their brothers have been gone, Marion and Claudette have started to come out of their shell. Claudette’s the real surprise – last night we were watching TV and she strolled into the living room like she owned it. Fred coaxed her up onto the couch, and she would writhe around while he petted her, then slide off the couch, jump back up, writhe around, slide off, over and over again. When she’d had enough of the petting (Claudette has a low petting threshhold and gets bitey pretty quickly – both Claudette and Marion do, actually), she curled up in a cat bed on the end of the couch. This morning, Fred reported that both kittens slept downstairs last night.

It’s nice to see them come out of their shell a little more! They’re still plenty skittish and don’t like to have people walking toward them (they run and hide), but considering their practically-feral state when we got them, and the fact that I thought Claudette would never EVER come down off the cat tree on her own, this is some big progress.

2009-01-06 (10)
Girl kitties on the bed. Marion’s keeping an eye on Miz Poo.

2009-01-06 (9)
Marion, up close.

2009-01-06 (8)
Miz Poo keeps an eye on Marion.

2009-01-06 (7)
Claudette makes herself comfortable.


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