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Barney has finally decided to join us. Such a little slacker, that boy. (I can’t blame him, though – give me a heated bed, I’ll stay there forever, too!)

Hey Beans, could you look at me, please?

Beans? Beans! Over here, Beans, please look at me. Yoohoo, Beans? BEANS!

THANK you!

Okay, you’re making me a little nervous. As you were!

This is Bitsy’s “Give me a kiss NOW” face.

Or maybe it was her “I’m about to do a dramatic ballet move” face. They’re very similar expressions.

Bitsy, contemplating her next move.

And Baby Beans jumps in with his ninja moves. This is exactly the move I use the most when we’re playing Fruit Ninja on the Xbox. True story!


Today’s Game Cam video is more of the Weeds and Pickles playing. I don’t know which is my favorite – Magoo at the beginning, hopping over toward the camera, or Polly Pickle at 14 seconds in, flailing around, running away, and then running back. Those Pickles and Weeds – just SO cute!

YouTube link.


Sungold joins Jake in the top of the cat tree. Everyone loves that Loony Jake.

He’s just so patient with them, once he gets used to them. Fred did try taking Jake into the room with the Beans, and there was a lot of dramatic hissing and yowling on everyone’s part. Jake just takes a little time to adjust, as do most cats.

Look at the face Sungold is giving Jake. That’s how most fosters eventually look at Jake.

“What can I say? I’m lubbable.” Indeed you are, loony one.


Today’s permanent resident: Alice Mo, the cal-i-co!

Coincidentally, last Friday marked two years since I first introduced Alice. She had actually been with us since December 16th (2010), but the vet thought it was a possibility that she might have FIP, so I didn’t want to introduce her until we knew she was healthy.

She was just such a tiny little mess when she showed up here. She was so little that we thought she was about 10 weeks old. As it turned out, she was six MONTHS old. The vet told us she didn’t think Alice would be more than 6 1/2 or 7 pounds, fully grown. But Alice is an overachiever, and she’s now 10 1/2 pounds. We also had an issue with her making a kind of chuffing noise from time to time, and I ended up taking her to be scoped so they could see what was going on. They found some scar tissue and thought that was the likely issue. She seems to have grown out of it since then.

Of course, she did go off to Petsmart, but Fred harassed me until I agreed that we could adopt her, so the day after I took her TO Petsmart, we went and got her, and brought her home.


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1-8-13 — 31 Comments

  1. We have one heated bed in the foster room. It belongs to Zelda… just ask her. I am amazed at these cats and their room arranging abilities. Zelda has dragged a couple blankets to the heated bed and made a pile surrounding it. She is the queen of the heated blanket pile and the boys can deal. (And they’re completely okay with it because they have cat beds to drag around the room… and body heat from a kitty pile)

  2. I miss me some magoo! Love the game cam. I’m afraid to set one up here. I don’t want to know what happens

  3. It’s funny. I got self-heated beds and my cats want nothing to do with them. What can I say, my kitties are weird. I’ll probably save them and put them in an outdoor shelter.

    • I bought a self-heated bed for my cat from Amazon after reading about them here. He wants nothing to do with the bed – he sleeps in the box it came in. Sigh.

      • Good idea – I also have a couple of outdoor strays I feed. Been looking at making / buying a shelter for them; if I do I’ll shove a cat bed into the bottom under the straw.

    • It’s the Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam with night vision.

      I did get it off Amazon, but I think if you looked around on eBay, you’d probably be able to find a better deal.

  4. I <3 Loony Jake 🙂

    On an unrelated note, if I can poll your collective wisdom here – my cat Jack has become increasingly aggressive. We moved from Texas to Rhode Island in July. He's 8 years old and he's moved around the country with me. From a small studio in Boston to the great big open of Texas. He's always been an indoor cat and always been a bit of a grump. The grumpiness lately has turned to more aggressive behavior. Jack's not spraying and he's using the litter box fine, but he is hissing at just about every person that crosses his path, including me on several occassions. I've tried spending more time with him, I've tried Feliway, I've tried more play time. None of it is making a difference. Medically he's fine. He just saw the vet and he's recently had a full blood/cardio work up and there's nothing medically wrong with him that we can determine. Ideas?

    • I like Random Felines’ suggestion of keeping him confined to a smaller space at first, and then slowly introducing him to the rest of the house. If you hadn’t already taken him to the vet, I would have suggested you do so because it almost sounds like he could be in pain and reacting to that, but since he’s already been, I won’t suggest it! 🙂

  5. Would you like to know what Alice would look like if she were a big fatty? I’ll email you some pics of my mom’s cat, Mao.

  6. @Nichole: he may be freaked out by the new space – there could be something you can’t smell or even cats outside. Try confining him to a smaller room and let him calm down and then SLOWLY reintroduce him to the rest of the house.

    OMG – Fruit Ninja….never heard of it until Christmas when my niece downloaded it to my brother’s tablet…..I got a little obsessed. 🙂

    Love the bouncy kittens. Our foster Nurdle was doing that last night – he would arch his back and bounce around…and then walk away. Everyone else just looks at him like he is weird (which he is a little bit)

  7. How did the permanent resident cats get any sleep with all those bouncy trouncy kittens rampaging around? LOL

    • They just slept right through it! Well, except for Alice, who is occasionally overcome and has to start chasing kittens. SHE thinks she’s playing; THEY think she’s a monster on a rampage. 🙂

    • I love how the light makes it look as though one of his eyes is looking up, and the other down. Lends to the looniness. 🙂

  8. I don’t know who Polly was flailing at, but the look on his face afterwards is just priceless!! Like, “Whoa, what got into HER??” 🙂

    Love the Beanies!!

  9. I am amazed that you have footage of anything other than butt-licking, because that’s pretty much all my cats do when they’re on camera. And sleeping.

    I adore those game cam videos, so awesome.

    Also, fruit ninja for kinect! OMG!

    • Well, they’re kittens. They don’t hit the laying-around-licking-their-butts stage ’til they’re closer to a year old. 🙂

  10. I’ve been reading you forever but love re-visitng the stories of how the permanents came to be permanent. Thanks 🙂

  11. Magoo!! He was so darn cute in that scrappy, ratty-batty, wierd hair stage, even though I’m sure that he wasn’t nearly as healthy as the beautiful sleek kitten he was when he left for his permanent home. Polly’s flailing made me laugh out loud and scare my cats. Now they’re giving me the same look that Joe gave Polly! Awww, Alice-mo. She has the prettiest eyes. I can see why Fred wanted to keep her. He’s all about the girls with the pretty eyes.

    Jakey is a kitten magnet! Such a good boy. I wonder if he misses his brudder? Have you seen him acting any differently? I guess with that many kittens to keep him company, and all the other perms around, he probably doesn’t ever get a chance to feel lonely, does he? Which is a good thing!

    • I was worried about that, too. My Niko has never really recovered from losing his brother Oscar two years ago. He completely stopped grooming himself. Since he’s a longhaired cat, and also developed litterbox issues, you can only imagine how nasty he gets if I don’t pop him in the bath about once a week. I hope Jake has bonded with enough of the other kitties that he’s not too lonely.

  12. Love the Game Cam footage. It’s not often one gets to see kittens playing entirely on their own, with no humans around to interupt the fun.
    Alice Mo is truly a beautiful girl. But I may be a bit biased, as I have 3 (girls) just like her (all CalliTabby?, Tabico?, Calico?). They are all little love bugs when it comes to me, but barely tolerate each other. Glad you decided to adopt Alice back when. She’s a keeper.

  13. I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but do you know Alice Morgan from the show “Luther”? She has pretty, pretty green eyes, and, oh, is a psychopathic killer. And not without her charms.

    Is it wrong that when I see the green-eyed Alice Mo, I think of her?