1-8-10 – The Cookies

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We are gearing up to say goodbye to the Cookies tomorrow. There’s lots of snuggling going on, believe me. In the mornings, when we let them out of their room, Hydrox’s always the first one to climb into bed with me. He rolls around on his back and purrs and kneads on my arm, and purrs some more. He’s such a big baby.

They sure are kissable, these kittens.

Awww, look what I found on my hard drive! It’s a shot from when I was trying to take a picture to use for next year’s Christmas card, and all the cats gathered ’round. That’s Gus over there to the left, fighting with a Cookie. My favorite part of this picture, though, is this look:

That little face is cracking me UP.

Cookies on the cat tree in the front room. All five of them!

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Back in December, I bought this Room with a View from Jeffers Pet Supply. They were running a Christmas promotion where every day something was marked way down. The Room with a View was half-priced, and I was thrilled to get one.

Last week, after it had sat in the front room, ignored, for a few weeks, I decided to bring it into the computer room to provide yet another place for the cats to sleep. They ignored it for a day, and then Miz Poo climbed inside and declared it good.

And then Sugarbutt climbed inside and he also declared it good.

So now, it’s almost always occupied. Usually by Sugarbutt, but sometimes Miz Poo gets a turn. Also, every now and then Jake or Elwood climbs in and hangs out, too (only one cat at a time, though. I can’t imagine what Sugarbutt’s reaction would be if Jake or Elwood tried to join him in there.)

I’m going to declare the Room with a View a hit with the kitties.

(And I highly recommend Jeffers. They’re awesome!)


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1-8-10 – The Cookies — 6 Comments

  1. I would like to coin the term “chest-hawk” The cookie on the top of the couch clearly has one, as does my cat as well. I’ve always called it a chest-hawk and LOVE IT. You just have to reach out and touch them 🙂 Would belly-hawk be better? It kind of starts on the chest and goes to the belleh.

  2. Oh I am so going to miss the Cookies! But I am sure they will find great homes right away! They are too cute to pass up.

    That room with a view looks pretty cool. I have never seen one before but it seems like a cool pet house!

    And the Cookie closeup from the Christmas picture – that is hilarious!

  3. The more expensive the toy or furniture, the longer it will be ignored. They do it on purpose — just to keep us thinking.

    I’ll miss the Cookies, too. Thanks for sharing them with us, Robyn!

  4. My next kitten will have to be a Cookie-look-alike… I fell in love with these babies, and their coloring/points etc… I want me a Keebler SO BADLY!

    I’m sure you’re past the point of daily weigh ins (mostly done to see them >2 lbs for surgery), but I’m really curious if the rest of the Cookies caught up to “The Brick”, or if Hydrox still reigns supreme, any chance you could give them a weigh in before they go?

    Thanks for posting daily, it really makes my mornings (I’ve been known to look at the clock around 7:30 CST and hit refresh on Google Reader to make SURE there isn’t a post yet, I’m that anxious/excited!)

  5. I’m also going to miss the Cookies very much. They are such sweethearts. Especially the fuzzy white muzzlepowche of Hydrox <3

    (PS: also just wanted to let ya know I nominated you’re wonderful blog for “Kreativ Blogger” on my site ;))