1-7-10 – The Cookies

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So, the Cookies.

Brace yourselves, folks – the Cookies will be going to the adoption center on Saturday (as long as the weather cooperates!).

I do believe they will be adopted so quickly it’ll make my head spin. That’s what I prefer to believe, anyway! I mean, look at these little faces – how can you not fall in love?

Keebler keeps an eye on Crazy Jake.

Keebler’s so busy keeping an eye on The Crazy that he doesn’t even notice Elwood reaching down for a tap.

Keebler and Elwood, fighting. Note that Keebler had to climb up to where Elwood was before the fightin’ could start – and of course, he was QUITE indignant that Elwood had the upper paw.

Fightin’ Cookies.

Keebler and Hydrox.

Hydrox in the sun.


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While it might look like Sugarbutt is in mid-leap, in actuality he’s hanging there. His back feet are on the horizontal bars of the window, and his upper paws are clinging to the horizontal bar in front of his face. See that finch sock hanging right outside the door? That thing is loaded down with finches all day long (there’s another sock further out, hanging from a tree), and it drives Sugarbutt CRAZY. He leaps up, clings there for several seconds, and then jumps back down. I’m pretty sure he believes that one day he’ll actually be able to get those birds. Hope springs eternal in SuggieWorld.


2009: These days, instead of immediately smacking any kitten who comes too close to her, Miz Poo will sniff them, regard them and THEN smack them.
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1-7-10 – The Cookies — 14 Comments

  1. Whatever are you going to do without babies!!
    For months, I have followed the trials and tribulations of the Truebloods, the Wonkas and the Cookies. Whatever am I going to do!!!

  2. Helene: No bottles babies – might have to wait a few months for that. (Although I’m hearing that since it’s so mild most of the year round here, there’s not really such a thing as “kitten season” anymore!)

  3. Catfancy – I am still missing the Truebloods. I donated toward their surgury..so in a way those eyelips are part MINE…and I feel that Hoyt should have been mine! Still madly in love with that boy!!! I live in Florida…too far away!!!

    I think with each batch, you are happy for them but feel a personal loss. I can’t imagine how Robyn feels! I would be kissing those little faces so much that the fur would be all smooched off!

  4. Catfancy: There’ll always be more babies – just maybe not right away. 🙂

    GD: Oh, I hate hate hate giving them up, and always try to plot out a way to keep them all. Maybe when I win the lottery! (Note to myself: start playing the lottery.) And all my fosters always get twice their recommended daily allowance of kisses! 🙂

  5. Those cookies are going to be gobbled up by lucky parents in no time flat. A good cookie sits around very long without being claimed, you know. I’m already looking forward to the next batch!

    SugarButt looks like maybe you should drag a chair or a stool there for optimum focusing on finches…

  6. Oh no, it’s that time again? So soon? I mean, I just stopped worrying about the Wonkas, now I have to start worrying about the Cookies? Okay, I know, they’re so adorable they’ll be instantly scooped up, yup, that’s it! I’m going to miss these little babies though 🙁 I still miss Veruca every day…

    Sugarbutt is amazingly acrobatic, being able to balance himself like that! Does he teach seminars? My kitties could use some lessons since they tend to trip over their own paws when walking on flat ground…a feat like this would be considered super-hero type of stuff 🙂

  7. NOOOOOOO!!! TOOO SOOOON! (Can you tell that is supposed to be whining?) I can’t believe it is time for the Cookies to go already! It is too soon! They will be snatched up quickly, I am sure – they are all adorable.

    Wow, what will you do after that – the place will be quite til the next batch gets there. I guess it will give you and the cats a break for a little while though.

  8. I mean, but, you’re keeping a couple of Cookies, right? …Right? Maybe Hydrox and Orange? And Pink?

  9. One of our cats also performs Sugarbutt’s trick on our bathroom doors, which are old re-purposed commercial ones fitted with cloudy glass. She can’t stand NOT being in the bathroom with us — she likes to wander the tubs after we shower. She’s a weirdo.

    I’m going to miss Hydrox. He’s such a cutie, with all that kneadin’.

  10. We’re sorry, but we can no longer read your blog. YOU KEEP GETTING RID OF THE KITTIES!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, um, sorry. Didn’t mean to overreact. But it’s just so saaaaaad! *sniff*

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  11. sugarbutt! did he come from the circus?

    i love how everyone thinks it will be “calm and quiet” after the kittens are gone. you still have ~10 cats of your own!