12-21-16 Wednesday

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Pretty girl in the sun.


She is just the sweetest girl! It’s too bad she won’t have her last vaccs ’til January 1st, she’d be a wonderful Christmas present for someone.


Eye on the feather teaser.

He smacks! He misses!

Pretty boy.


Newt Fumes.

“Look at him sitting there cleaning himself like he owns the place.”

“Just FLOUNCES right into the back yard to warm his bloomers on the cement pad. Then starts taking a BATH.”

“And the humans are all ‘Oh, he’s so pretty! Oh, he’s so fancy!’ Like I’m not fancy? Idiots.”

“Oh, and THERE he goes. Comes and goes like he’s welcome, like he LIVES here or something.”

“God, I hate him.”

Yes, that is Fancypants in our back yard – first time I’d seen him there, but I’m sure it wasn’t the first time he’d been in the back yard. Those pictures were taken before the day last week when Fred said “I’m going to try to get him in the carrier.” He went out, sweet-talked Fancypants, picked him up, and put him in the carrier. He put the top of the carrier down, and gave me the thumbs-up.

Except that when he latched the carrier, only one of the two latches latched, and Fancypants figured it out just about immediately. He forced his way through the gap and took off. We didn’t see him for a couple of days, and Fred hasn’t been able to pet him since. I’m sure he’ll eventually forgive Fred. (If he doesn’t, we’ll just trap him and cart him off for vetting.)

Video! It’s a moment of Newt. Well, a few moments of Newt. 34 seconds of Newt.

YouTube link


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12-21-16 Wednesday — 14 Comments

  1. I agree with Newtles! That Flouncypants needs to go (i.e. get trapped, fixed, and adopted the heck off his property)!

    I like how in that series of hilarious photos, Mr Fancy looks like he doesn’t give a rat’s patootie that Newt is glaring at him, lol.

  2. Such a plushy Newt! I just want to pick him up and schwoosh him!

    And fingers crossed that Fancypants 2.0 forgives Fred (and we all know if Fancy was a ladycat it would have already happened!!) and gets fixed soon.

  3. Oh Newt! You are the fanciest, plushest orange boy! FP 2.0 is not a threat to your fanciness, don’t fume sweet boy.

    RIP Elwood baby.

    • No, thank god. I had to lighten the picture so y’all could see Newt, and it lightened the outside a lot. We’ve only had snow spitting down briefly this year, nothing that’s stuck.

  4. Has it been that long since we [metaphorically] lost Elwood? He was such a love with the fosters.