12-20-16 Tuesday

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Curious boy.


“You gonna let me get that feather teaser or what, lady?”


Isn’t she a pretty girl?

“Is time for crunchies?”

“Ear rubs are okay, too.”

On Sunday, with Willa appearing to feel better, we opened the door to her room and gave her the run of the upstairs along with Dustin. She was okay with him – pretty much ignored him – and he avoided her. True confession: we were worried that Willa was getting bored last week, so we brought Dustin into the foster room to see if we could play a bit of the ol’ “MEET YER NEW PARTNER!”, and it didn’t go well. She was very hissy and growly at him and smacked him, so we cut the visit short. On Sunday, he seemed to remember her behavior, and so he was a bit scared of her, but like I said she pretty much ignored him. She stayed out for three hours or so until Fred decided it was time for her to go back into her room.

Yesterday morning Fred opened the door to let Willa out for a while, things seemed okay at first… and then he heard hissing, growling, and shrieking. Turns out that Willa didn’t care for the cut of Dustin’s jib, and she didn’t hesitate to let him know. Dustin was TERRIFIED of her, got all puffy and big-eyed, so Fred put her back into the foster room and declared that Willa needs to be an only cat.

It’s obviously far too soon to make that declaration. We’re going to proceed slowly toward introducing them again, starting with room swaps and feeding them near each other and supervised visits. I think that if introduced PROPERLY, Willa will be fine with other cats. Luckily, we have two weeks to test out that theory.


Doesn’t he look sweet? You’d never guess (and I say this with love) what a jerk he is.


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  1. Poor Dustin! What Willa did sounds what like Harmony would do when she met other cats. I hoped she might learn to get along with them better once I put her at Petsmart, as the volunteers usually let the cats out of their cages together, but she was still pretty fussy with the other cats. Those calicos!