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Recently, Fred discovered Fiverr.com, a site where you can pay $5 to have someone do just about anything (within reason). What he did, of course, was immediately commission a picture of one cat, and then from another artist altogether, he commissioned another.

Both artists did a pretty good job, but I think I kind of prefer the one that did Sugarbutt.

2011-12-20-StB 2011-12-14 (23)

2011-12-20-SB 2008-03-27

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In former foster news, the shelter manager told me that she saw the people who adopted Rufus last week. He’s doing well, is best friends with their dog, and he and the dog play and share toys. Awww.

This was Rufus, in case you don’t remember – he showed up in our yard suddenly one day earlier this year, and I was so worried that he was a pregnant female (he had a big round belly) that I insisted Fred go out and trap him:


And in other former foster news, the people who adopted Ciara and Coriander together this summer stopped by Petsmart, and I heard that they just love those girls to death, and the girls get along great with their Lab.

2011-08-20 (13)
Ciara and Coriander when they were here with us.

I’m always glad to hear about my former fosters going to homes with dogs, and adjusting well. Since they’re not exposed to dogs around here, it’s something I worry about, but given how many well-adjusted stories I’m hearing, I’m going to stop worrying!

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Patty and Charlie are doing well – they still don’t quite understand why they’re not allowed in the foster room any more, but last night they stood in the hallway outside the room and hissed under the door at the Sons, so I’m not in any hurry to let them in to visit!

2011-12-20 (7)
This shows the amazing green of Patty’s eyes.

2011-12-20 (8)
Charlie, getting ready to complain.

2011-12-20 (9)

2011-12-20 (10)
Patty, showing off her claws.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I think I forgot to mention that on Saturday, I opened the closet off the foster room, and moved the litter boxes in there so that the boys would have more room to run around. They seem to like it quite a bit – when I’m downstairs, I can hear them thundering around from the room to the closet and back again.

2011-12-20 (6)
Opie and Jax.

2011-12-20 (5)
Clay and Tig.

2011-12-20 (4)
I don’t know what’s going on over there, but it’s certainly got Opie’s attention.

2011-12-20 (3)
Pretty boy Jax.

2011-12-20 (2)
You know you wanna rub Opie’s belly (whether or not he’ll let you is another matter altogether).

2011-12-20 (1)
Mister Innocent.

Thus far, I can tell you that Clay is the kitten most likely to climb into your lap – and then sink his claws into your thigh when you’re least expecting it (on the list for all the Sons: claw trimming!). Opie’s the kitten most likely to bite your big toe. Jax is the kitten most likely to sit just out of your reach, look up at you with his big, big eyes, and squeak sadly as though you’re breaking his heart. Tig is the most skittish one who runs and hides if you make any sudden movements – and will protest if you pick him up and hold him like a baby. But he only protests for a few seconds before he decides that, hey. This isn’t so bad!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-20 (11)
Spanky snoozing.

2011-12-20 (13)

2011-12-20 (12)


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12-20-11 — 13 Comments

  1. Im thrilled to hear good news about your former fosters too, but I think your wrong about the no dogs thing, the fosters may be well away from George and Gracie but I bet to sensitive little noses the smell of dogs is part of the general atmosphere at Crooked Acres and as they have no negative exsperiances to conect with the smell they must be very relaxed about meeting the sources of such smells. We have always kept dogs and cats together and its almost always been fine,one cat was scared of a dog who wouldnt have ever hurt or chased him but it just meant he got carried up and down the stairs which he loved!
    Merry Christmas to All, Nadolig Llawen http://www.bbc.co.uk/wales/catchphrase/nadolig/greetings.shtml

    • You know, I never thought about that – but I think maybe you’re right!

      Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

  2. So very happy that Ciara and Coriander have a lab to love and boss around. We have had labs and cats peacefully co-existing for the past 16 years. The dogs loved their kitties and the cats tolerated them at the least (the crabby old lady) and absolutely adored them (the social ginger tabby). Never any doubt that the cats are the pack leaders… Simba sleeps in the dog bed, scoots between Charlie’s legs to get to the food and water dishes first, and liberally bathes any canine that is within reach of his tongue.

    Thank you for the Spanky moment. I love seeing that old man as much I as love the pictures of the kittens πŸ™‚

  3. isn’t it funny how young cats will hiss and carry on at kittens? it’s almost like ‘this is our home, you stay away!’. When my Sam was just 7 weeks old he went to the vet for a checkup and they had an adoption box there so i took him to see the kittens incase he wanted us to take one home πŸ˜‰ and what did he do? he hissed at the little babies! but then when Zorro joined our family it was like I’d given him his very own little cat to play with. funny creatures. those crinkle blankets seem a hit, Robyn? Spanky likes his, hey? Can you feel the warmtht if you put your hand under him? must buy some for the boys next year.

  4. Robyn, are you officially dubbing Tuesday Spanky Day? I’d happily celebrate it! As for news of Rufus — one of my all-time favorites –and Ciara and Coriander (two of my all-time favorites): yay! Charlie and Patty (two of . . .) get more beautiful each day, and the Sons (four of . . .) are at the absolute apex of cute. Love both of the artworks: Keep on commissioning, Fred!

  5. Wow are those some gorgeous green eyes on Charlie and Patty! I’ve had Star for 10 years and Leo since April and I’m still not sure if their eyes are yellow or green as they seem to change with the day or mood or whatever. But with those two, there’s no guessing!
    Love that huge yawning Spanky!
    And those pictures are beautiful! Of course when you start with such pretty kitties, it’s hard to go wrong!