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I took this picture last night.

Yes, that is a badly lit Paulie Walnuts, sitting in my kitchen last night. It turns out that he hurt his leg somehow (it’s swollen, but not broken) and Susan took him to the vet, who gave him a shot and prescribed medicine for him. Susan brought him to me and he walked around a little, rubbed heads with Jake, ate a little, and then snuggled up on the couch in the electric blanket for the evening, looking just as smug as a kitten can look.

He’ll be with us here for a little while – it’ll certainly be no imposition, we can handle having him out in the house for the next week or two. He purrs his silly little head off every time you so much as look his way, and he’s comfortable here, so it’s a good place for him to recover.

Oy, these Sopranos kittens!


The teaser for the 2006 entry was just too enticing to pass up, and, boy, did clicking it pay off. Is that a young Sugarbutt hugging Fred’s leg? And how about Miz Poo taking a nice big sniff of Mister Boogers’ butt? Hilarious.

That certainly was young Sugarbutt, so excited about snack time that he was hugging Fred’s leg. Fred said (after I made him watch it) that he’d forgotten how Sugarbutt used to do that – and how much it hurt when he did! That was in 2006, so Sugarbutt and Tommy were about a year old. It was nice to see Spot and Mister Boogers’ faces again. Those cats sure did love their evening snack!


I wish you could put stickers on the cages at Petsmart, This is Tony, See his cuteness here.

I wish we could, too! But Petsmart won’t allow for anything but a big tag with information (and very small pictures) which hangs on the front of each cage. There are more pictures in the “picture book” (which sits on the table during adoption hours) that people can look through.


BTW, have you seen this?

I certainly have! I keep telling Fred he should build one for me. He doesn’t seem to agree. 🙂


Just curious: how do you decide which three kittens go in one cage together and which three go in the other?

If there are kittens who are particularly bonded to each other I’ll keep them together, but otherwise it’s pretty random. If I’ve got two brown tabbies and two tuxies (for instance), I’ll put one tabby and one tuxie in each cage so that it’s easier for people to tell them apart. Paulie, Silvio, and Meadow were in one cage, and Tony, Melfi and Carmela are in another, and it seems to be working out.


So was Carmela the first cat/kitten to knock one of the jars off the magnet strip? Jars hanging down like that just have to scream “bat at me!” to a feline!

Foster kittens usually can’t get up on the counter (they tend to be too small to get up there), so it hasn’t been an issue in the past. That’s actually the corner where Newt likes to sleep on really cold nights, but somehow he’s never knocked any of those jars down.


Is that? Is that….SNOW on the ground? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post some Crroked Acres photos? Please, for me? I’m in freaking Arizona and it is going to be 80 degrees today. K?Thks, bye!

No snow on the ground yet – that’s just frost on the ground that you see out the window in some of the pictures.


What are those quilted blankets (?) on your furniture? Bedspreads? Thrift store finds? Something you’ve had around forever? They look like perfect pet furniture coverings!

They’re washable waterproof bed pads, which were white when I bought them. I dyed them (supposed to be blue, but they turned out more purple), and I put one on the seat of each of our couches, and one draped over the back of each couch. If a cat (CORBIE) gets angry (CORBIE) and feels the need to spray (CORBIE), then rather than have to soak the couch with Nose Offense, I can just take the pad off, wash it, and put it back (although I actually have enough of them so that I can replace the pad with another one immediately.) The cat in question (CORBIE) who likes to angry spray (CORBIE) despite being on Prozac (CORBIE) doesn’t do it as often (CORBIE), but when he does, the pads are there to protect the couch. They’re kind of expensive (I got mine for $20 each, but the price seems to have gone up since then), but they’ve been very much worth it.


Stinkerbelle was only on the floor cuz she was appalled at that furry little tumbleweed! (Or perhaps it was SHE who was making the deposit!) HAHAHAHA. That is the thing about hard flooring…super easy to clean, but the minute you finish vacuming, a tumbleweed goes tumbling by. Well, at least that is how it works in my house!

While there are plenty of tumbleweeds in my house, that’s actually a dog fur “toy” at her feet. 🙂

I had Fred save all the dog fur he brushed off the dogs earlier this year, and I put it all in a big pillowcase, tied it closed, and ran it through the washer a couple of times. It made a big knotted mess of dog hair that the kittens are fascinated by. It gets carried all over the house, and every single time I think that I should just toss it, one of the kittens takes a new liking to it. It’s weird, but god knows that if the cats like it, it stays!


I am astounded that such a distinctive looking kitty as Livia hasn’t been snapped up. Are people blind???

Adoptions have been fairly slow – I know her people are out there, I just wish they’d hurry it up!


Robyn, have you seen the AMAZING ear floof on this kitty??

YouTube link.

That is some fabulous floof!


This is my favorite squirrel in the house story ever: Beet Pulp Safety Warning
a.k.a. The Famous Squirrel Story
. It’s been more than a decade since the first time I read it, and I still recommend it.

That. Is. AWESOME!


I know a number of people that have hand raised baby squirrels that have fallen out of their nests or their cat brought home a still alive present. All those squirrels were wonderful and sweet. One lady would even take her squirrel outside and hold him up to get the cedar nuts off of her shrub. The only catch that I have ever seen, was after she showered, her squirrel did not recognise her scent and would bite. She just learned to wait a couple of hours after bathing till she picked him up. I think that perhaps the head/brain trauma that the rehab facility’s little squirrel endured caused behavioral problems.

This reminds of two things:

1. Someone I know, who raises abandoned baby squirrels and then sets them free when they’re old enough, said that if she gets a baby squirrel after it has opened its eyes, it’s always a biter. But if she gets them before they open their eyes, they never bite her. Interesting, no?

2. I dreamed the other night that Jake brought a baby Lemur into the house and I was hiding it in the closet so Fred wouldn’t find out. I’m sure this dream can be attributed to all the squirrel talk we’ve had lately!


In today’s NY Times there was an article titled “Cool for Cats” about a woman with a cat oriented website featuring cool cat stuff including furniture. Went to the website and found it had some really lovely pieces that Fred might want to try to duplicate.

Oh, I love Hauspanther, and get the email every day, actually! I think they feature some pretty fabulous stuff, and I am ALL FOR having Fred duplicate some of them. He doesn’t agree (informs me that he’s got plenty to keep him busy, thanks), but he is WRONG. I’ll wear him down sooner or later!


Toto is all “How YOU doin’?” It’s funny that some of you mentioned, in yesterday’s comments, his resemblance to Norbie. I didn’t even think of that!

Bunnie has already started trying to see what’s on the other side of the foster room door when I go in. Not so fast, little lady!

John Smith gives me the stink eye.

Toto, hangin’ in the corner.

Flirty John Smith.

Tricki comes over to say hi. Note that her tail is straight up in the air.

She’s such a slinky girl!

We’ve discovered the way to Tricki’s heart is through the feather teaser. She loves to bat at it, grab for it, and chew on it. Her first instinct when the foster room door opens is to run and hide, but she comes right back out pretty quickly. She walks right over to me and loves to be petted. She is just the sleekest, prettiest little thing.

Bunnie has no fear, comes over to play, comes over to be petted, and enjoys a good belly rub. She’s super playful, and loves it when I roll ping pong balls across the floor for her.

Toto and John Smith mostly sit and watch, join in on playtime sometimes, and both love to be petted.

So all in all, they’re coming around quickly. They love all the toys, enjoy looking out the windows, and hang out on the cat tree a lot.


The Sopranos, before they went to PetSmart.

Silvio, with attitude.

Melfi, laying down next to Stefan. Stefan considers…

And then decides he’s okay with that.

Paulie, jumping up after that spot on the fridge.

Pretty Melfi.

Silvio admires Hook.

On the couch, watching a movie, with Miz Poo and Meadow, Carmela, Adriana, and Paulie Walnuts piled up on me. I’d like to think it’s because they loved me so, but I suspect it was actually the heated throw they liked so much.

Uh oh. Fridge inspectors!

And of course Silvio has to chew on the lever that controls the light. Apparently it was quite tasty, because I had to drag him away from it.

Tony in the tub.

More Silvio with attitude.

Tony, with his head crammed into Paulie’s armpit. I don’t know about that boy.


Oh Corbie you beautiful, beautiful boy.


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12-20-13 — 12 Comments

  1. “1. Someone I know, who raises abandoned baby squirrels and then sets them free when they’re old enough, said that if she gets a baby squirrel after it has opened its eyes, it’s always a biter. But if she gets them before they open their eyes, they never bite her. Interesting, no?”

    Interesting, yes! Her squirrel didn’t have his eyes opened when her cat brought it in. Perhaps it is all smell then…after that it is sight. So, her squirrel-io knew her by smell…thus the shower confused him. Very interesting. Makes sense, though!

    Personally, I would deny the heated blanket idea. THEY LOVE THEIR MAMA…I’d stick to that story!

  2. Wow, Tricki has some tail!
    Our PetSmart is weird about putting up stuff, too. Once I made a little poster with pictures of previous inmates, and put it on the door of the cat room, with a link to the blog so people could read about the cats, and it was instantly and huffily removed.

  3. Paulie “accidently” hurt his leg? Sure, Lady, sure… I bet he was late paying a gambling debt or took more than his cut of the catnip. After all, he is a Soprano! 😉

  4. That Paulie guy….I think he is messing with you. 🙂

    Our Petco is weird about the signs too, but they did let me put up a sign with pictures of the kittens at the house (yeah, don’t put too much thought into that – I don’t get it either).

    Sounds like CORBIE may be cute but gives you a run for your money.

  5. If you weren’t in Alabama, I would SNATCH up Bunnie SO FAST! I adore her markings! Is she a tabby, or something else?
    While I was there – I’d take Adriana too, since “Adopt / Rescue a Tortie” is on my bucket list.

  6. You can make your own QR codes to refer to websites if you want.. might that help with the signs?

    and you totally need to start selling dog hair toys..

  7. I believe your “Orange Collection” is incomplete. You have a deep orange in Sugarbutt and a medium orange in Stephan, a buff in Newt but where is the orange and white???

    Oh yeah – PAULIE WALNUTS!


  8. I’m happy that Paulie’s back but sad that he’s hurt — I hope his Uncle Stefan is busy stepping and fetching for him or, for that matter, lying down (with him) on the job. Meanwhile, those fridge pictures are the best, and the Sopranos get more beautiful each day. Here’s hoping some excellent families are even now planning a trip to Petsmart tomorrow. May Livia head home first. Because you’re not busy or anything, Robyn, I think you should keep a record of how many cats and kittens join you each day on the couch — I’d love to see that infographic. And I’m looking forward to getting to know the new crew over the holidays.