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Bunnie, keeping an eye on the door.

John Smith is just a great big mush of a loverboy.

I just love her colors so much!

I turned on the ceiling fan (it got warm here the last couple of days) and Toto was fascinated.

Tricki, coming over to say “You got pettins for me, lady?”



Paulie Walnuts is doing well. He’s limping a lot less, spent most of the day curled up in a cat bed on my desk, and cannot seem to turn off his purr. (Not that I want him to, of course.) I imagine he’ll be going back to Petsmart at some point after Christmas, once he’s done with his meds. Thursday night he made Tommy madder than I have ever seen him (Tommy isn’t prone to being angry about anything!) They were both on my bed, and Paulie started snuffling around in Tommy’s belly fur. Tommy was horrified and offended and hissed and smacked at Paulie, who sat there and sulked.

I KNOW you guys think that this means Paulie is staying, because you allllllways say that about any kitten who either stays longer than intended or comes back for a few days. But we already have 12 cats, and there are only 12 months in a year, so how’m I gonna have 13 cats and only let 12 of them be on the calendar? I guess you better start lobbying Congress to extend the year to 13 months! 🙂

Here are the last of the Sopranos pics, from before they went to Petsmart (though of course you’ll be seeing Paulie for a little while longer.) I do plan to put up a collage of each kitten like I did with the Starks, though I still need to organize the pictures a little, so maybe I’ll do that starting the day after Christmas. We’ll see!

Five of the seven. (Meadow and Tony are the two who were off at the other end of the house.)

And six of the seven! (From left: Carmela, Melfi, Tony, Paulie, Silvio, and Adriana.)

And all seven!

They sure did love that heated throw.

Silvio, atop the platform in the kitchen, very pleased with himself.

This is from the day they went to Petsmart. I actually went to Petsmart and brought Bunnie, John Smith, Toto, and Tricki home, set them up in the foster room, and then took the Sopranos to Petsmart in the evening. After I set the four up in the foster room, I stacked the carriers in the computer room so they’d be ready to go. Melfi and Silvio had to investigate, of course.

Sweet, sweet, SWEET Melfi.

Carmela the faker, all “I don’t feel good, guys…”

Martin, this one’s for you: Carmela and Corbie in the same picture!

So, there’s Alice with some of the kittens. And, can it be?….

Yes. She is actually TOUCHING Carmela!

Here’s the difference between having adult cats and having kittens. With adult cats, the emptying, scrubbing, and refilling of litter boxes is slightly interesting. If they happen to be walking by, they might come over and sniff the litter box, say “Huh.” and walk away. With kittens, it’s “OH MY GAWD YOU GUYS COME LOOK AT THIS! LET’S SEE IF WE COULD POSSIBLY GET ANY MORE IN THE WAY! LET’S WAIT ‘TIL SHE SPRAYS THE LITTER BOXES AND WALK THROUGH THE VINEGAR WATER AND TRACK IT EVERYWHERE! THIS IS THE BEST!” I didn’t get a picture of it, but Paulie actually got into one of the litter boxes after it was filled with fresh litter and ROLLED AROUND in it. The highlight of his life, apparently.

Then of course there’s the obligatory balancing on the edges of the litter boxes and the swiping at each others’ tails. Silly kittens.

I have a couple of videos! In the first one, turn up the sound, sit back, and relax to the sound of the super-happy super-purry Paulie Walnuts (and forgive the video quality; I was using my iPad, and don’t really have the hang of the video function just yet.)

(YouTube link.)

In the second, it was morning snack time. After being shut up in their room all evening, the Sopranos were dying to get out. So they’d race out, race down the hallway, and then turn around and run back into the room to get their snack (except for Carmela, who was freaked out by Fred laying on the floor with the camera). Pardon the video quality; that’s a dark hallway!

YouTube link.


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12-21-13 — 29 Comments

  1. A heated throw is apparently a great peacemaker. Maybe they should try it at international conferences. “President Obama and President Putin may I offer you a seat on the electric blanket of good-will? You will be very comfy.”

  2. The new four are looking so much more relaxed today, and the Sopranos on the couch can’t be beat; nor can Alice’s moment of surrender. But it’s last year’s tribute to Elwood that really got me this morning: so full of love and sweetness. His life was far too short, but you and Fred and his brothers made sure every moment was pretty damned great.

    • Elwood…I wish I could have met that sweetie. Ditto to what Kerry said. Going to go hug my big gray baby in honor of him.

  3. SOME calendars start in September of the previous year, allowing for FOUR extra months. I’m just sayin’.

    Also I had to replay the second video because the burst of kittens when you opened the door killed me dead.

  4. Okay I know you have addressed this elsewhere, and I apologize. But. Are those litter boxes just like, those big tupperware bins from Target, with a hole cut out? Because my “high-sided” litter box is not cutting it… Fat Earl still pees over the side, onto my baseboards, which sucks.

    And if so, what’d you cut the plastic with? Because the thought of trying to cut that hole scares me. But I know cats hate the covered litter boxes, or most of them anyway. Please advise. 🙂

    • Those litter boxes are actually litter boxes that Target sold. Apparently they don’t sell them any more (grrr!), but I have made litter boxes out of plastic buckets, so it’s very doable. I used a box cutter to cut the entrance out, and then sanded gently around the edges so they wouldn’t be too sharp. If you go slowly with the box cutter, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

      • Just fyi, our local Target (Leesburg, VA; zip 20175) still had them as of last month. After I saw Robyn’s here and her high recommendation of them, I went looking for them myself and bought a couple. Unfortunately, they are too tall for where my litter boxes go, but my downstairs neighbor was able to use one. The other is still in my dining room, waiting to be returned. However, if anyone wants one and can’t find it locally, I’d be willing to ship to you — though I’m not sure how well it would hold up in transit and I’d imagine the shipping costs would be rather high since it is BIG. Anyway, just putting it out there….

  5. I love the litter box photos!

    I’m happy to see Tricki asking for attention. She was not a people cat at Winnie’s. Work your magic on her and make her blossom to the kitten everybody wants to bring into their home.

  6. Both videos were replayed today. Pauline Walnuts purr could be marketed for those who need help sleeping/relaxing. As Paula said, that burst of kittens was adorable, and had to be re watched!

  7. Dorothy LOVES to roll around in a fresh litter box. It is like one of her most favorite things to do down in her beloved basement paradise. She’s so silly.

  8. I can’t believe that I’m already missing those little Soprano monkeys. Love those videos though, especially Carmela’s freaked out expression and Paulie’s sweet purr.

    I don’t see how Tricki wasn’t snappped up, she is so gorgeous. The others just have this “love me” vibe that I would think would be irresistable.

    Wow, it’s been a year since we lost Elwood? He was such a patient, sweet boy. Love that pic of Chuckles cuddling up to him.

    Give Jake an extra hug for me.

  9. Ummm, big cats aren’t suppose to jump in the litter boxes and “help” when you’re trying to clean them? Mine must have missed that memo… 🙂

    Sweet Ellie Bellie…

  10. Can’t believe it’s been a year since Elwood passed. That post made me cry then and it has again today.

    The vid of the kittens is just adorable. Is there anything cuter than a skeered kitten?!

  11. Hope the Soprano kitties are adopted soon! What wonderful babies. Thank you for taking such good care of them. 🙂

  12. I’ve been away from my kitties for a couple of days so listening to Paulie’s purr was so comforting. Nothing like a good cat purr to relax you. Thank you for sharing, and for the card, and MERRY CHRISTMAS to my favorite kitty foster mom and family!

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