I took the Christmas kittens to the pet store yesterday afternoon, and I was so proud of them. Unlike two weeks ago when I first got them, they were a little scared, but also very curious, so they didn’t huddle in the carrier and hiss at me. They wanted the hell OUT of that cage, of course, but they didn’t look terrified, and in the time I was there a lot of people stopped and exclaimed over how cute they were.

(Before I left the house, I had to use my manicure scissors to trim some of the fur from around Jack’s behind, because the thing about longhaired kittens is that they tend to get nasty stuff stuck in their fur, and there was some nasty stuff stuck in Jack’s hair that I couldn’t just pull out with a baby wipe. Poor Jack. I also took the cat brush into the room with me yesterday morning to see how they’d react to being brushed, and they LOVED IT, Jack especially.)

The volunteer who was there to clean the cages and I got to talking, and I discovered that she has fourteen cats. FOURTEEN.

I said to Fred, “I know you think we have too many cats, but -”

Fred said, “Whatever you’re about to say, keep in mind that I’m STILL going to think we have too many cats.”

I said, “But (the volunteer) has fourteen cats. FOURTEEN.”

“And we still have too many cats.”

“Compared to her, though, we barely have any cats at ALL.”

“And that’s still too many.”


When you give little kittens a lovely little snack before you brutally snatch them up and put them in a carrier to leave them in a cage where strangers will peer at them and exclaim over their loveliness, do not be surprised if they are so taken with the yumminess of said snack that they do the following:

(A little bit of plain yogurt, and they were licking their lips for 45 minutes.)


“Bob! Bob!! BOB! Dude, I need me some of that primo catnip like you gave me last ni- What? YES it’s already gone. There are five of us, you think I’m not going to share? Okay well, maybe I didn’t WANT to share, but I didn’t have a choice. Those girls held me down and threatened to kiss me if I didn’t share, and I do believe you’re aware that all females are infested with cooties, yes? I need the strongest ‘nip you have, my fine man. Stat!”

“::Urrrp!:: Oh! ‘Scuse me. I’m still a little buzzed from last night. I think I got high and chased Kringle around and told him I was going to give him a slammin’ case of the cooties if he didn’t share, I can’t quite remember. It’s a bit of a blur.”

Merry “Addled” Kitten is the new poster kitten for the upcoming “Just Say No” program.

PS: I swung by the pet store this morning and Merry and Noelle had been adopted. Kringle, Jack Frost, and Faith were hanging out calmly in their cage, looking not scared at ALL. I thought about popping in for a quick cuddle, but thought that might get them worked up and sad, so I didn’t.


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