12-21-09 – The Cookies & Wonkas.

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Our boy Keebler has NO fear. He’ll flop down next to any cat, anywhere. Actually, now that I think about it, he may have a thing for torties. He’s always flopping down next to Miz Poo (no matter how much she hisses and growls at him), and he can often be found next to Violet or Veruca.

I’m sorry, HOW CUTE is Miss Orange over there in the back, all flirty and adorable?

Violet and Mike, snuggled up against the cold weather.

Hydrox just cracks me up more and more every day. He’s such a character!

I’m starting to think that maybe the floof is in the Kudzu family and we’ll wake up one morning to find it wrapped around the entire house.

“Hellewwwwwwwww, laydeez!”

Good lord, does it kill me when they groom each other. Kills me DEAD.

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If you were wondering, that is not so much a look o’ love Stinkerbelle‘s got on her face.


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12-21-09 – The Cookies & Wonkas. — 13 Comments

  1. Oh gosh ~ to be around all that cuteness and adorablness every day ~ so lucky! So sweet ~ all of them! Miss Orange does indeed look adorable and flirty! Cute x 10!

  2. Is tortie another name for calico? My Elphaba has black fur with orange markings but no white. Her Mother was a calico. I’ve seen cats like Elphaba listed on petfinder recently called torties. I never really knew what she was, she’s differnt from all the other cats I’ve owned or friends and family have. I bought her Christmas treats-she broke into the petsmart bag in the guestroom and stold her treats, ripped them open, ate them ALL the other day. Today she stold her lime green catnip mouse. She is a brat-just like me. I was the worst present hunter/finder as a child. I also got her a reindeer hat on clearance at Petsmart. It’s brown fur with antlers, the face is open and it velcros under the neck. I snuck up behind her and got to put it on due to the elemnet of surprise. Very cute but she was not nearly as pleased as I was. barks

  3. Angie & Amy: She is PRINCESS Stinkerbelle. She does not bother herself with the likes of me, even though I was calling and calling and calling to her. The best I could get from her was a look in my general direction. BRAT. 🙂

    Annette: This page answers the calico vs. tortoiseshell question better than I ever could. As I’ve always thought of it, if their colors are blocks and don’t blend, they’re calicos, and if their colors blend in a “brindle” type pattern, they’re torties.

  4. Okay, that’s it! For Christmas I just want all your kittens…all of ’em…just put them in a box and ship them to Auntie Hyacinths in California…please 🙂

    The “V Girls” grooming each other was just heart-meltingly cute 🙂

  5. what’s with the Cookies getting long and lean? they’re supposed to stay adorable bite size kitties! they are of course still such cuties. so the little man Hydrox would be part siamese as well? imagine how extra cute he’d be if he had striped leggins, too!

  6. Hyacinths: Yes, ma’am! 😉

    Lita: I know! I swear, when I took them to be spayed and neutered a week ago, they were itty bitty kittens, and now all of a sudden they’ve gotten all long and lanky! I don’t know if Hydrox has any Siamese in him – but if he does, it’s well-hidden. 🙂

  7. Hydrox is so big! He looks like he is from a different litter. The cookies are an extraordinarily lovely litter. I am so curios to see how those stripes on the meezers look when grow up.

  8. Hydrox is turning into quite the handsome boy, isn’t he? See that look he’s giving in the sixth picture down? The one where he seems to be saying, “Okay, lady, hurry up and take the picture”? Our tuxedo boy gives us that same look when we do something that wakes him up. My husband has dubbed this “The Cookie Look”. I think you should patent it! 😉