12-22-09 – Gus & Mike.

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Mike & Gus: Brudderly…. love?

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I bought this cat basket a few years ago in Gatlinburg. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cat using it the way it’s meant to be used. They all prefer to turn it upside down and then smush the top down and sleep on it that way. (That’s Jake in the picture.)


2008: What I love about this picture is how appalled Delmar looks that Miz Poo is in the bed.
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2006: “I’ve got the litter-on-my-nose, needin-a-snack, my-brother’s-pickin-on-me, I-need-a-snuggle, please-stop-messing-with-my-fur…”
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12-22-09 – Gus & Mike. — 9 Comments

  1. Boy, seeing these two boys wrestle brings back memories. I had two male littermates from the ages of 8 weeks until almost 17 years old for one, and over 18 for the other. They wrestled like this every single day. At least once. Even when they were old guys! Luckily, they were pretty evenly matched, so no one was bullied. I guess it was just a little bit of a dominance thing, and part of their routine. Sadly, they are no longer with us, but they provided many years of wonderful memories. I hope these two go to one home together; they’ll provide some lucky person with many yearly of happy memories as well.

  2. Those pics of Mike and Gus are so adorable! The expression on Gus’s face in that last picture is hilarious.

    And that basket is so funny – we have a lot of things like that at our house – you try and show them and they just don’t care – they like it how they like it.

  3. Love your blog. It’s my daily fix of smiles except when someone is off to the petshop. Don’t like to think of them alone and missing their mates.
    I have a question. Are you able to put up a tree or any decorations for that matter. If so, it must be quite something to behold! Happy Holidays to all of you.

  4. How funny is Gus’ picture at the end? So “cat caught the canary’ look!

    I wonder why they all like to sleep on the bed over turned? Cats are so funny!