12-23-09 – Wednesday

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Oh, Elayyyyyyyyne….

In case you don’t remember this request – you said I think we should come up with song lyrics that you (AND FRED) have to act out photographically with cat props. It could be a fundraising thing for the shelter – I’ll donate $10 for you to post a picture of “Wonk’s* to the left of me, Cookies to the right/Here I am, stuck in the middle with Poo.”

Your wish, my command. Kinda. Fred’s not in the picture, but he TOOK the picture, so I’m proclaiming your wish fulfilled. 🙂

Wonk’s to the left of me
Cookies to the right
Here I am, stuck in the middle with Poo.

(Plus, a bonus Blues Brother thrown in there!)

Click here to see the large version to verify that, indeed, all four Wonkas are to my left, all five Cookies are to the right, and Miz Poo is, indeed, stuck in the middle with me. Or I with her. Whichever.

You may make your donation at your leisure. 😀

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Yesterday, CatFancy asked if I put up Christmas decorations. I have put up Christmas decorations in the past, but when it became clear that we were going to have 20 (!) cats running around the house this holiday season, I opted not to put up decorations at all. I love Christmas trees and Christmas lights, but I couldn’t stand the idea of having to continually right the tree or chase down ornament the cats had knocked off the tree and kicked to the other end of the house, so no. No decorations this year.

However, I’ve come to realize that they make a “half” tree that you can hang on the wall and put lights and ornaments on, so I’m thinking that that’s going to be the way I go as far as decorating next year!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Pardon the HORRIBLE lighting on these pictures. Some day I’m actually going to read (and put into practice) those “how to use your digital camera” books that are sitting on the bookcase.

You can’t see the feather toy, but rest assured that that’s what they were all looking at, and what Gus was jumping for.

I love this one because it looks like Veruca’s riding on Jake’s back, doing circus tricks.


So close!

She’s walking on sunshine!

My absolute favorite shot. Not only because of Gus and the outstretched paw, but also look in the lower right of the picture. See that deranged grin on Jake’s face? It cracks me UP.

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12-23-09 – Wednesday — 6 Comments

  1. Those are all such cute pictures – the jumping ones are great! They are always so hard for me to do because I am trying to take the picture and use the toy at the same time. And my camera is a bit heavy, and the feather is tough to get to move right with my left hand. So I am very impressed! And tht one with Veruca “riding” Jake – crop it, don’t tell anyone, and you can make a million bucks!

  2. Oh dear, that last photo of Miz Poo totally made me choke on my coffee…that face just totally kills me! Awesome!

    The flying circus act photos are fantastic…I can never get such good action shots! I always knew my darling Veruca was a star…now we have photos to prove it…not every kitty can ride bareback, let alone stand up on two legs while riding poor Jake 😉

  3. Its a wonder with all those cats and kittens that you get any work done Robyn – I certainly would not as I would be cuddling and scritching and stroking all the lovely kittens!

  4. Ah, cats and the Christmas tree. My young (3 years old) tuxedo boy is following in the footsteps of his old tuxedo uncles (RIP) in his LOVE of Christmas. He climbs the tree. Not a little, a lot. Like right up the middle to almost the top! He’s not small–about 13 lbs. Funny, he has no problem climbing, but doesn’t quite know what to do about getting back down; he usually has to be “rescued”. Anyway, the only way we can get a tree to stay up is to anchor it with fishing line to two hooks screwed in under the window sill! Oh, and unbreakable ornaments, of course, for when they go flying across the room after being batted off of the tree.

  5. Oh my! The flying Wonkas and Cookies!! Nevermind the lighting… the pics are great! And Hyacinth was right.. awesome Poo pic! Good to see you stuck in the middle, Robyn!!

  6. Nine kittens in two of the action shots-I am in heaven. No tree is a smart move-way too much trouble this year. I remember the year I was little and we got a kitten at Christmas time. Our family dr. who made house calls brought the whole litter to our house in a big cat carrier I think. My Mom picked the white kitten-we kids wanted to call her SnowFlake my Mom named her SnowWhite. My smartass dad nicknamed her Mildred. She disappeared later and we spent Forever hunting for her. Our tree was on a platform with trains. There was a tablecloth covering the horses the platform was on. We found her under there asleep in the Christmas ornament boxes-hiding from we three kids too I’m sure.