12-21-12 – Goodbye, Elwood.

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June 14, 2009 – December 20, 2012.


Last night, we said goodbye to Elwood. Three weeks ago, he was diagnosed with FIP, a diagnosis confirmed by a second vet. (Note: this is FIP, not FIV. The other permanent residents and fosters were not put at risk.) We were able to get a little more time with him through the use of steroids, but at the beginning of this week he started going downhill and last night we knew it was time for his last trip to the vet.

I know this comes as a shock to most of you – we didn’t really tell anyone that this was going on, because we just didn’t want to talk about it. I kept hoping that we’d get him with us through Christmas, but in the end we had to decide what was best for him and let him go; we didn’t want him to suffer.

He went peacefully, looking at the faces of the people who love him with all their hearts. He was a few months over three years old.

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In August of 2009, about six weeks after we’d buried the much loved Mister Boogers, we came back from a day trip to find two small gray kittens playing around our side stoop. They’d been left with a big container of cat food, and nothing else.


We originally thought we’d foster them and then adopt them out through Challenger’s House. That idea lasted maybe 24 hours before we knew they were going to stay with us. To have them – these kittens who looked a lot like Mister Boogers – just show up seemed like a sign.



From the very beginning, Elwood was a love bug. He loved to be cuddled, and he had an easy purr. When he was especially happy, he’d purr so hard that he squeaked.




There were three things he loved above all else: his brothers Tommy and Jake, and Fred. Fred would sit on the couch, and Elwood would climb into his lap and purr, squeaking. Then he’d move over to snuggle with Tommy. Tommy would lick his ears, and Elwood would purr like crazy with more squeaking. He was a sweet, squeaking fool.



He was such a silly boy – usually quiet and calm unless there was food involved (snack time was his favorite time of day). He was a big cat, and his nicknames evolved from Ellie to Ellie-Belly to Ellie-Bells and Belly-Bells.







He was great with the fosters. I’m sure to them, he was just a big warm body pillow, but he’d school them in the proper way to act (especially at snack time!), put up with them laying across him, and he always made sure their ears were clean.

EllFosters (3)

EllFosters (2)

EllFosters (1)

EllFosters (4)

EllFosters (5)

EllFosters (6)

Did I mention that he loved Tommy? Because he certainly did, he loved Tommy with a bright burning squeaky passion.

EllTom (3)

EllTom (4)

EllTom (2)

Although he was a quiet cat, the house is quieter without him here. I’m grateful that we were able to have these last three weeks with him, and that we told him repeatedly how much we love him. Fred buried him in a corner of the back yard, the place where Elwood loved most to lay and watch the birds go by.

Goodbye, sweet boy.

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If you’re of a mind to, donations can be made in Elwood’s name to Challenger’s House, the shelter I foster for.

They accept donations by mail (check or money order), by phone (Mastercard/VISA), or there’s a Paypal button at the bottom of the Petfinder page.

Challenger’s House

112 Tristian Rd.

Toney, AL 35773

Phone: 256-420-5995

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I’ll be back on Monday with the usual Friday question-and-answer post, and pictures… of the new fosters.


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  1. When I saw the title of today’s post on twitter my heart sank. I was walking through the parking lot at work and I knew I had to wait until I got home to read whatever news the post brought because I knew it couldn’t be good.

    I’m so sorry.

    It seemed like Elwood and Jake had been there forever. I had no idea they were just three. I bet Jake is a bit lost right now without his big blue twin. It won’t look right to see future litters of kittens without Elwood there to show them the ropes.

    My tortie will purr so hard she squeaks too. I love that.

  2. Oh Robyn, I’m so, so sorry. I’m sure you’re heartbroken. I am, just reading about your loss. Every one tears your heart out when you have to say goodbye, but the years of happiness and love while they were with you, makes it well worth it. He had a wonderful life with you and knew he was so very loved. Goodbye Elwood, sweet, squeaky boy. Now you can play with Mister Boogers and all the other Crooked Acres loved ones in heaven.

  3. My deepest heartfelt condolences to you and Fred… So sorry to hear about losing a furry friend…

  4. Oh, no. I’m so sorry, Robyn and Fred. He had such a happy, love-filled life with you guys. (My Finnegan purrs so hard he squeaks, too. It’s so cute!)

  5. I had to come back because I’ve been thinking about Elwood all day (and my Cleo, who died when she was just 2.5 years old). Here’s my favorite Elwood photoessay. I hope it gives you a smile and I hope you are doing o.k.

    RIP Elwood.

  6. My most heartfelt condolences on your loss of Elwood. What a lucky boy to have you and Fred to take such good care of him. Robyn, you are so brave and selfless, and I hope it gives you strength as you grieve. Thank you for being such a wonderful role model for the rest of us and showing us how good kitty parents take care of their babies, even when it’s time for them go leave. RIP sweet Elwood.

  7. Just sending sympathy as well. We had to say good-bye to our precious Callie on 12/1. She would have been 19 in April. My heart aches for you as we sure understand the loss of a “family” member…….

  8. Oh Robyn…I’m so glad I didn’t read this at work, which I usually do, I burst into tears and sobbed. I am so sorry for your loss. 3 years is still a baby to me. You all must be devastated, I can’t think of Loony Jake without Elwood! He had the best 3 years a kitty could have with you though and you were with him at the end, I think that is so important. I couldn’t write this until today and again with the crying. It just hits home for me because I have 3 very sick cats right now and I’m struggling with that.
    I love all of your furry and feathered friends, they always brighten my day. {{{Hugs}}} and prayers to you and Fred and your kitty clowder.

  9. Got your card today, Robyn, and had a good laugh at Miz Poo’s expense. Then came to your blog and cried my heart out over Elwood. Time to put on some Christmas music (sniff), finish decorating (sniff), and bake cookies (sob). God bless that sweet squeaky boy.

  10. Dear Robyn,

    My heart goes out to you and Fred over the loss of Elwood. What a beautiful, beautiful boy he was! I will never forget his cute little face! I remember when your wrote that Jake and Elwood had shown up at your house — it was like a gift from Mr. Boogers.

    Take good care and thanks so much for sharing your kitties and your life with me 🙂

    JoanBarb Hefty xxoo

  11. Robyn and Fred, I am so sorry for your loss. I’m going to go kiss each of my three kitties on their warm fuzzy heads – we never know how much time we will have with them, do we?

  12. My heart breaks for you and Fred. I’m so very sorry. I hope you can take comfort in the knowledge that Elwood had the best possible life at Crooked Acres. When you think of what might have happened to him, he truly hit the jackpot when someone left those boys on your doorstep.

  13. Oh Robyn & Fred…I am so sorry for your loss. Elwood seems like a seriously special guy and we know he will be terribly missed. THANK YOU for taking care of him and giving him the best. purrs….

  14. robin, this news saddens me greatly. i’m so sorry you lost dear elwood and especially during this time of year. i remember knowing when it was time for my last trip to the vet with ramey. i am sorry and know that’s one of the hardest things to do. i hope you have a merry christmas and happy and blessed new year with the good memories of elwood. <3

  15. I keep writing and deletind words of comfort since I read about sweet boy Elwood, but words fail me. Please be sure my thoughts are with you.

  16. Just checked your blog today, and so very sorry about Elwood. I’ve lost too many cats over the past 6 years from one thing or another, sometimes related to FIV.

    ((((((Hugs to you & Fred & all the other kitties!)))))))))

    Sweet boy Elwood can play at the rainbow bridge now, with Mr. Boogers and all the other lucky cats from the Anderson home.

  17. So sorry to hear about your loss of Elwood. He was a most fine feline indeed. Purrs and prayers of peace to you all.

  18. So sorry to hear about Elwood. I will miss seeing his beautiful face during my morning Love and Hisses fix.

  19. Robyn, I’ve been coming back all weekend to read the comments about dear Elwood’s passing (and I get teary every time). Then just now, I came across this post on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=310197062419683&set=a.310053179100738.64290.187491454690245&type=3&theater.

    The kitten’s “mom” wrote this about her:
    After 20 years with Katarina – Mina you were to ease the pain of grief – instead you brought a whole new set of pain. Deep pain. Depression. However I am now a strong FIP Fighter and to this day – do everything to educate people (vets, public, shelters and breeders) about FIP. We also raise awareness – ask for DNA swabs for researchers – who are feverishly working to find a cure – and we are raising funds for their work. Because of you Mina I am on Facebook. Because of you I have FIP family here which I support online. Because of you I have opened my heart to ALL animals. Because of you I have new career aspirations – training service dogs for returning veterans! (Shhh – dogs I know). I love you and miss you every day. Forever in my heart….luv your cat mom.

    I thought the organization that Mina’s owner, Alison Roth, refers to in another comment might be of interest to you.
    Feline Infectious Peritonitis: Winn Feline Foundation
    Information about feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), a common and deadly disease of kittens and young cats.

    Hugs to you and Fred and all the permanents (loony Jake and Tommy especially)

  20. Robyn – we’ve been out of town and without internet, so I’m just seeing this now. I’m so sorry for your loss. It seems totally unfair to have to say goodbye to such a sweet cat. (hugs!)