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Thank you so much, everyone, for your kind words of sympathy about Elwood. I know it came as a big shock to y’all. We knew it was coming, and were glad to have those last few weeks with him, but it was still hard to say goodbye. We were so focused on him for the last three weeks that to not have in-depth discussions several times a day about how he’s doing and what he ate, is strange. And frees up a surprising amount of time.

From what I’ve read about FIP, it usually tends to hit when they’re quite young (under 2 years) or much older (over 7). So when the vet mentioned it as one of several different possibilities early on, I just kind of scoffed it off because I was so sure there was no way.

I was so sorry to hear that so many of you have recently lost your beloved cats and dogs, and that so many of you have dealt with FIP over the years. This just hasn’t been a great year, has it? I’m looking forward to seeing 2012 mosey off the calendar, and I am hoping that we all have a much better year in 2013.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Several of you asked how the permanent residents, especially Tommy and Jake, are doing. They’re doing fine – they’re not acting any differently. I suspect that they knew Elwood was sick all along in the way that animals do. The only permanent resident who’s acting any different is Alice, who’s been a bit needier, so we’re giving her all the love and petting she wants. That could be because she misses Elwood – we never saw much interaction between them, but I think a lot goes on between the cats that we don’t necessarily realize.

Or Alice could be acting needier because she wasn’t able to get into the guest bedroom for a couple of days, and that’s where she really likes to hang out.

But you’ll have to keep reading to find out why she couldn’t get into the guest bedroom. 🙂

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Y’all, Sherry could use some advice about her orange boy Jack.

We moved to an apt the day after Thanksgiving (Nov 23). It stressed Jack, my orange tabby out. I’d even go so far as to stay he was traumatized : he got loose from the room he and Smudge were in while the movers were there, and he ran around the empty house trying to get out and threw himself at a (closed) window, and threw himself at a (closed) glass door, and finally threw himself into the screen door and was outside where he promptly went under my car and up into the engine area. He stayed there for about 20 minutes with my friend and myself petting what we could reach and talking softly to him till I finally dripped water on him to get him out where he ran immediately back into the house and we corralled him in an empty room with nothing but the carrier which he immediately went into and stayed in for the next several hours. I took him with us immediately to the apt (because I was scared to leave him alone) and put the carrier in my closet with the lights out so he could have some peace and quiet. For two days he didn’t speak. He’s never been a very vocal cat, but he does growl and hiss easily and he didn’t make a sound at all for two days. I didn’t see him for those two days hardly at all. About a week after the move though, he was back to normal, just a little more skittish about people in general. We had lots of help unpacking and he’d go into deep hiding which was unusual for him. While never friendly, he’d always been the one to at least show himself when people were over but not anymore.

About two weeks ago I figured out he was peeing on my clothes. I had a laundry basket of clean clothes sitting in the floor and he’d peed in them. I wasn’t positive it was him, till I caught him doing it a day or two later on some more clothes. This has been going on now intermittently for two weeks. I don’t keep any clothes out where he can get to them anymore so he peed IN MY PURSE the other day. Then, last night, around 12:30 I hear him scratching at a box, so I turn on the light and make sure he’s not peeing on the box. Turn back off the light, and within two minutes actually hear him peeing in the floor up against the bookcase. No clothes, no purse, not even my shoes are right there, and he’s just peeing onto the foot of my bookcase.

I don’t know WHAT to do with him but this can’t continue. I’ve been soaking all my clothes in white vinegar before I wash them, but I can’t put the floor into the washer. I haven’t checked the tree skirt, but wonder if he’s done it there. I know it’s only been a month since we moved, and maybe I just need to give him more time, but honestly I can’t take this. Any suggestions?

Further to the Jack situation – anything that requires me giving him something by mouth is out. I can’t get medicine down his throat to save my life. His claws are SERIOUSLY long and I tried to give him ½ a Benadryl to be able to trim them, and no matter how I disguised it, he’d spit it out. And holding him down to do anything causes him great stress and me great harm…

Below is what I suggested to Sherry, but you guys, please feel free to jump in with suggestions, I know Sherry would appreciate it and so would I.

My initial idea was to get him to a vet and see if you could get him on Xanax or something of that sort. But since you can’t medicate him, that idea is out! My other suggestions would be to try Feliway (I don’t honestly know that it helps – but it certainly doesn’t hurt) plug-ins, and you might want to check out Spirit Essences. I feel like Safe Spaces might work for him – it sounds like he was traumatized by the move and it’s got him in this cycle he isn’t breaking out of. Spirit Essences can be given to cats by putting it in their water, or even just having it on your hands when you’re petting them. I know that Connie tried some of the Spirit Essences for one of her fosters, and she said that it worked well for her.

Also, Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract litter might help.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had to come back because I’ve been thinking about Elwood all day (and my Cleo, who died when she was just 2.5 years old). Here’s my favorite Elwood photoessay. I hope it gives you a smile and I hope you are doing o.k.

Thanks, Doodle Bean – that definitely made me smile. He was such a silly boy, and certainly loved tromping through puddles and then stopping to puzzle why on earth his feet were wet!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am soooo happy that MY Dandelion is sooooo happy! Please post where you got that Cheetah! I just know my little ones would love it!!!

I got that long-armed cheetah at Petsmart. It’s made by Toy Shoppe, and is actually a dog toy (it’s got a squeaker in the head), but the cats certainly like it. I’d link to it on the Petsmart web site, but I’m unable to find it there. I was actually in the store and saw them in person and grabbed ’em up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This says it all.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I received my package from CafePress last night. The calendars are GREAT! Love the pic of Tommy and Sugarbutt – well – I love ALL the pics. I got an Inspector Stompers mug for work – so he is staring at me as I type. Even though I don’t drink, I got the shot glass because it was just way too funny not to.

So glad you liked it! I finally got my calendars – I got one of each, I’m thinking that the Stompers calendar will hang in the foster room – and I absolutely love them.

And as a reminder, you can get your Stompers gear here and the other calendars are linked over there in the sidebar to the right.

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Spanky is so purty. I saw on his permanent resident page that it says he’s a talker? Do you have a vid?

This is a video of Spanky from at least six or seven years ago (I uploaded it to YouTube three years ago, but it’s older than that). Please forgive the video quality, but you can hear his “voice.”

Direct YouTube link.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where did you get that KatKabin, and is it an indoor-only thing? I’ve been wanting to make cat shelters but the truth is I’m about as crafty as a rock. If I can buy one, so much the better for me.

It was a gift, but it came to us from Fab.com. They’re not selling them right now, but I believe they were about $75 each last time I looked. I’ll try to remember to link next time they’re selling them.

The one I have can go outside – and if they hadn’t started using it inside, I was going to move it to the back yard. But it’s so popular where it is that I’m leaving it as is!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I remember Bill and his liplids! Or were they eyelips? So sorry to hear he’s having knee problems… I can sympathize. I hope his surgery goes well and he can go on his merry way.

Fred and I called them eyelips, and the women at the vet’s office referred to them as liplids. Their word better described what they were, but I think “eyelips” rolls off the tongue (so to speak) more easily.

Bill came through his surgery like a champ, and now he’s recovering in style.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Is there a money-back guarantee if the holiday card fails to clean my house? I’m VERY concerned about truth in advertising, you know!


My holiday postcard has yet to clean my house at night while I sleep. I never knew it had such capability.

Look. All I can tell y’all is that they were WORKING when I mailed them out. If they were broken by the USPS, well, you can hardly blame ME.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That picture of Thistle reminds me of the one you took of Pepsi.



I definitely see the resemblance! And I love that picture of Pepsi so much that almost a year later, it’s still my wallpaper.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So, how do you keep the [sherpa] blankets cat-hair free in between washings? You must have to brush the blankets daily?

I pretend there’s no cat hair there, and toss the blankets in the washer every week or so. It works for me (and I swear to you that I really don’t walk around with a thick coating of cat hair covering my clothes)!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Okay, before you go on to read this next section, I wrote it and then I went back and read it, and I was concerned that y’all would get the wrong impression, so instead of just posting these first two pictures, I’m going to let y’all know that they are NOT back here to stay for good. They’re just hanging out here until after the New Year, when their new parents will be done with their holiday traveling, and ready to finalize the adoption and bring them home.

Yes, Mr. Stripey and Sungold have a forever home that they’ll be going to after the New Year. TOGETHER. I won’t mark their picture on the sidebar as “adopted” until they’re actually gone because I don’t want to jinx the adoption, but these boys have a home to go to.


I brought them home on Thursday and put them in the guest bedroom. By Saturday, Fred was dying to let them out into the house, so Saturday evening we opened the door to see what would happen.

What happened? Mr. Stripey walked into the hallway, saw Miz Poo, and immediately tried to head butt her. Miz Poo was HORRIFIED at the very idea and hissed, so Mr. Stripey walked over to Jake and tried to head butt him. There’s been very little hissing from either of the ‘Mater brothers, and not much hissing from the permanent residents unless one of the boys gets right up in their face. I don’t know that they all remember each other – after all, it’s been what, 4 months since they went off to Petsmart the first time? – but maybe they do.

So for now until they leave us, they’ll get the run of the house in the evenings.

There’s been lots of playing with Da Bird.

That stripey boy can FLY.

That’s Sugarbutt over there on the left.

Sungold liked the feel of this cat bed under his paws.

Stripey could use a kiss.


Fred’s already nicknamed Mr. Stripey “Mr. Friendly” because he clearly loves other cats immediately and without reservation – and he thinks humans are pretty cool, too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Meet Bitsy Beans.

And Barney Beans.


Bitsy, I think.

More Bitsy.

And Barney.


Bitsy in the ham-mick and Barney on the floor.

Barney in the front, Bitsy in the back.

Bitsy and Barney Beans are – if you couldn’t guess – brother and sister. They’re almost four months old (date of birth is guesstimated at September 1st). They’ve been spayed and neutered and are just with us while they get up to date on their vaccinations – so, at least three weeks.

They were pretty skittish at first – Bitsy more so than Barney – but Fred convinced Bitsy that humans aren’t so bad (that’s his specialty), and now when you walk into the room she runs over and squeaks at you ’til you sit down, whereupon she walks back and forth and purrs while you pet her. Barney is a little more laid-back, and will play for a while, approach you for petting, and then run off to play some more. They’re some sweetie pies, is what they are.

We had an issue for the first few days, where they were jumping from the floor to the top of the dresser, and then climbing up onto the shelves in the closet and hiding there. We moved the dresser, and they decided that hanging out in the main room (as opposed to hanging out in the closet where the litter boxes and the supplies are) was fine with them.

When I’m with them in person, I can tell who’s who with no problem at all, but it’s a bit harder in pictures, so I’m going to put a collar on one of them, just so I’ll be able to tell for sure when I’m looking at pictures.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Clearing out my Permanent Residents photo folder still. Today, in honor of all the gingery goodness Stripey and Sungold are bringing to the house, is Sugarbutt’s turn.

(This was from the middle of the summer, I believe.)

He’s such a pretty boy, isn’t he? I lubs my Suggie.


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12-24-12 — 38 Comments

  1. Thank you for the cheetah info!!!

    YAY FOR MR.STRIPEY AND SUNGOLD! I am so glad that they are going together!!! 🙂 What a great Christmas!!!
    Suggie is a pretty boy! I love the distant photo of him in the kitty house! It looks like the perfect place to hide and stalk things!!!

    Hello Bitsy and Barney. Nice to meet you! (Yep, I can’t tell them apart at all!)

    • Hooray for Mr. Stripey and Sungold!! That photo of them with Sugarbutt made my head explode with all that orange stripey goodness! I’m going to keep coming back to look at that one.

      And HOORAY for having two replicas of Kara in the house! MORE stripey goodness there, too! It’s good to hear they are quickly calming down. You and Fred are miracle workers!

  2. Anyone who’s dealt with a pee-er knows it’s the worst! Especially when they didn’t use to do it before. (In your purse? Really?) What has worked for me in the past is to limit the kitty’s area to only one room I. The house, and one they can’t damage too much, like a bathroom or small storage room, and let them relearn how to use the litter box. If you don’t have a spare room, I’ve used a large dog crate before too that could hold the litter box, bed, and food and I’d only let them out when I could supervise. It’s sad to lock them up but for me it has usually taken only about 1-2 weeks confinement, and then 1-2 weeks of slowly allowing them more room with supervision, and then a lot of hoping like hell it doesn’t happen again. I would also suggest a pill crusher for meds and findind a food to hide the powder in (I use yogurt) because at some point, either for this issue or another, you’ll have to be able to give meds. Good luck!

    • That is exactly what I was thinking. No free range. One room only until they are good, then slowly add rooms (close doors to other rooms). Give your kitty extra love and attention.

      • Oh, and valium (prescribed by vet) for about 10 days often helps them forget why they are stressed so when they are no longer on the valium they continue on happy!

    • I would first get the cat to the vet to make sure that there isn’t something else going on. We had this happen when we moved to a new house. We thought it was just stress from the move but it turned out it was kidney problems. I would get that ruled out just in case.

    • For Jack, I have had problems increase since we moved… almost 2 years ago…. and my urinators get a Calming Collar. It is like the Feliway, but in a collar. I get them from Drs. Foster and Smith in the three pack as that is the cheapest I have found.. the purple ones. You can get them at Petco too if you need to pick one up right away, but it is cheaper to order them online. They last about 25 days and I know immediately when it is time to replace the collars. They seem to help here. Here is the link http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=21527
      I hope it helps!
      Congrats to Sungold and Mr. Stripey for getting the best Christmas present ever!!!

  3. Awww…Beanie Babies!

    And fingers and paws crossed for Stripey and Sungold and happy news!

    Merry Christmas Eve!

  4. For Sherry,

    My Fuzz freaked out when I moved here. He was about 1.5 years old and it was his third move. He had done great with his two previous moves, so it took me by surprise. The vet figured it was just the accumulated stress. In his case, he hid in his carrier for three days, only coming out to pee.

    What helped was keeping him in the bathroom with several used cat beds which had his scent on them. Once he calmed down and came out of the carrier, he became hyper-vigilant about protecting his new territory. I solved that problem by blocking the windows temporarily so he couldn’t see any of the neighborhood cats, sprayed down the outsides of the doors with vinegar daily and gave him TONS of extra attention. It took more than a month, but he did mellow out and accept the new place. I gradually unblocked the windows and could leave him alone and he was fine.

    My advice is to first realize Jack’s spraying is NOT directed at you. Then you should take Jack to the vet to make sure the moving stress didn’t result in a urinary tract infection. They can also clip his claws (and show you how to do it). I’d also assume there was another cat in the house before and that Jack is just trying to win his new territory from that unseen cat. Wipe down all the floors and bottom parts of walls with a vinegar solution to neutralize any odor from any previous cats. Male cats spray vertical surfaces, so neutralize at least the bottom 3 feet of all walls and vertical surfaces. Once you neutralize odor, use a cleaner which Jack is used to to add a familiar scent.

    You can do an inspection with a black light to show where other cats have sprayed or just clean everything.

    It might work well to first clean and odor neutralize one room and keep him in that room for awhile. Put anything which smells of the old house and of him in that room so he can get be as comforted as possible. Finally, assume there are neighborhood cats which are marking the outside of the house and doors and under windows. Odor neutralize the doors each day and seal the windows with tape until Jack calms down. Watch him carefully and see if he’s reacting to anything outside and act accordingly.

    Work to reduce the amount of change in Jack’s routine from the old place as much as possible. Think about what else may have changed. Are you leaving for work earlier and coming home later? The opposite? Did you change his feeding schedule? Were his food and water bowls against a wall before and now it’s out in the open? Was his litter box out in the open before and now it’s enclosed? The opposite? Did you move for a new job and now you’re on the cell all the time? What other changes have happened?

    Do what you can to make everything more normal from Jack’s point of view. Those changes can just be temporary. When he calms down you can make gradual changes to make things more convenient.

    I know it’s hard, but during all of this, it’s important to reduce your own stress from the move as much as possible. If you are tense, your cat will be tense. For example, if you make exasperated noises as you unpack, Jack will pick up on those noises. If you’re scolding him for being in the way as you move boxes, he’ll react. That’s one way giving him his own room for now will work.

    Think about other things which have changed by your move – and keep sounds and smells in mind. If you have noisier neighbors or more street noise now, that will add to Jack’s stress. If the smell environment has changed, that will add to his stress (more trees, no trees, local restaurants, etc.) Do what you can to neutralize the changes.

    Also work to normalize any other changes from his point of view. For example, did he have a favorite sunny window and now none of the windows face South? Set up a heated bed near a window to give him some warmth with views. That kind of thing.

    Finally, some cats respond to Feliway and equivalent, so consider trying that. But please forgo any homeopathic ‘remedies’. They only work through the placebo effect (you think they’ll work so you calm down and then the cat calms down because you’re calmer. Also, because you are calmer, the changed behavior bothers you less so you don’t think it’s as bad as it was). The flower essences in Spirit Essences might work, but there is absolutely NO objective evidence of that. Since in his book, Jackson Galaxy talks about ‘putting good energy’ into them, I assume it’s just over-priced water. Put your own good energy into a small bottle of water if you feel the need and save LOTS of money. Or, get a friend to ‘bless’ a small bottle of water and tell you it’ll work. Again, you’ll save LOTS of money.

    I know I’ve written a long entry, but my Fuzz has taught me a lot of lessons about cat behavior. If someone else can benefit from them, that’s even better!

    Good luck!

      • LOL@GD & like button

        Seriously, I have nothing to add to this. (but yet I’m still typing) It is all pretty much what I would have said. I’m also a huge fan of confining. Setting him up in one room is not punishment but is for his best interest.

        Like Doodle Bean said, there very well could have been another cat in the house and he feels the need to ‘claim’ the house as his and defend it from this invisible cat. giving him just one room limits the amount of territory he has to claim before he starts feeling comfortable. It is also uncomfortable for them to be near areas where they spray/urinate, so the smaller the space the more likely it will be that they will use the box.

        praise praise praise.. he is doing what he thinks is right. Yes, it is going to be really hard to tell him he is a good boy when he is peeing inappropriately, but when you start looking at life from his perspective you will realize he has to do this. There are ways to praise with out saying good job peeing in my purse (man that had to take some skill that while annoying you have to take a little pride in) and you can always end your praise with a request.. (I know you want to claim me as yours, but I am yours already so could you pee in the box next time?)

        the kitty is freaked and confused and his whole world has changed. He needs comfort and love and safety.

        Spirit essences are good, Safe Spaces might help you. read through the options and see which ones might fit your situation. I also like Rescue Remedy. Feliway is a good choice too. all work in different ways, there is no reason you can’t use them at the same time.

        but I would be remiss if I didn’t chime into the choir of get the kitty to a vet. Stress can bring upon urinary infections / issues. cats are horribly susceptible to stress which very quickly can lead to issues you wouldn’t think would have a connection. Your vet can also trim your kitty’s claws, and you can even talk to them about soft paws and seeing if applying those for the duration of medication might not be helpful. they can show you how to burrito a kitty so claws aren’t an issue while medicating, and can talk to you about pill pockets or compounding medications into liquid forms that are flavored in more palatable concoctions like liver or chicken.

        • My old lady Gabby peed in my purse once. I am super picky about purses–I don’t care about brand names, but there are features I must have and features I won’t have–and I had just bought a new one a couple of months before. It was infuriating, but as was said, you have to admire the skill!

          So happy for Los Hermanos Anaranjados, and the newbies are adorable!

          • Mine have never hit my purse, but shoes left on the floor right-side-up and cat beds with sides have been hit, It’s usually when one has an UTI, so that’s why I think Jack should be checked out.

            Thanks for the likes, guys. I never know if I’m just being a pain!

            P.S. Happy Holidays, everyone! If you need to unwind from holiday frazzle, just take another look at that photo of Sugarbutt, Mr. Stripey and Sungold! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  5. YAY yay YAY for Sungold and Mr Stripey!!!! I hope this is who I think it is and everything worked out for her!!! 🙂 ((And yay for us that we get to see more of them until New Years))

    Inappropriate peeing is the WORST! My sympathies. My ideas mirror everyone else’s so far… confinement to a room that is easily cleanable (most likely a bathroom) is a necessity until you get it figured out. Make him feel as safe and loved as possible. Sometimes it just takes time and lots of love (and a vet check). Vinegar and water is the best treatment, both to break down the smell and to discourage him from spraying there again. I know the vinegar smell isn’t fun, but it’s better than cat pee. As a military wife, we’ve moved lots with cats… wish I had better answers, but the cat who stressed in moves was female so not a sprayer. Good luck!!

    And Amy said it best… BEANIE BABIES 🙂 They’re gorgeous (and I love my older kitten fosters!)

    More ((HUGS)) for you and Fred and the rest of the Crooked Acres gang. Merry Christmas 🙂

  6. Great news about Sungold and Mr. Stripey! So glad these glowing orange boys will be staying together.

    And twins! Welcome Beanie Babies!

    DB-thanks for the link to the photos of Elwood and the puddle. Good memories…

  7. Bean babies are so adorable!

    Sherry – A product called Kids and Pets is what we use on carpets. It gets rid of smells and stains really well!
    Feliway plug in works wonders in a small closed off room (we’ve used it off and on over the years including when we moved to calm our pets down). I would create a space in a room including something he can hide and or curl against (obviously something washable because of the peeing issue). Combine that with a Feliway plug in and as much of a calm environment as possible (you might even consider a white noise machine if a noisy environment is the issue). Other than that no change in diet or even litter (because those might stress him out further). You should talk to your vet about meds if you really feel it necessary. Otherwise I would just spend as much time with him as possible – even if you just bring a book or your computer into the room you set him up in and work in there. Even if he doesn’t feel like interacting seeing you calm will help alot.

    Hope this helps – keep us updated!

  8. I do so sympathize with the “we have so much time” aspect.. When Em passed, there was so much given to her care at the time that I didn’t quite know what to do with myself. Being diabetic I had to test her at least twice a day and often would do it through out the day to make sure her blood sugar levels were in range. Since she had cancer there was also the make sure she has enough food aspect of the day – not easy with the highly food motivated cats I have.

    I finally was able to part with her vial of insulin when we bought a new fridge this year.. (actually, I don’t think I parted with it so much as put it with her ashes)


    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who keeps their things (and with their ashes). We’ve moved since Einstein and Grizzly passed and their ashes are on a shelf in my closet with some of their things. I was able to sprinkle some of Grizzly’s ashes at the beach that he loved so much, but can’t part with any of Einstein. All she wanted was to be home with me… so home with me she shall stay. I’m afraid of what happens when I go. Perhaps she will end up with me 😉

  9. I go my Christmas card! I also wondered why it didn’t clean up my house, I thought maybe it doesn’t work in Canada? But you did mention you would mail anywhere and made no mention that the cleaning function was for US only. So it’s USPS that broke it in transit? Next time, I’ll take insurance.

    • LOL!!! I would simply love to see the look on the postal worker’s face when Robyn asks for insurance on several hundred postcards to preserve their cleaning function!!!

      What a hoot!!

  10. Oh, such great news about those two gorgeous ginger boys finding a home together! Plus they get to spend the Holidays with you!

    The Beans twins look like tiny lynxes. (Love Bitsy furtively sniffing at the toy in the last photo!)

  11. For the kitty who is peeing everywhere – I agree with the vet visit. My Springer started peeing on everything – including in front of me – when we had an older, aggressive cat in the house. I was so surprised, because he’d always been good before that. It did turn into a urinary track infection, and he actually ended up with a blockage, and came very close to dying. He spent 4 days at the emergency vet. Fortunately, he did recover, and is back to his normal sweet self.

  12. When a cat that is litter box trained starts going elsewhere, always take him to the vet for a check up. If he gets a clean bill of health, here are some ideas:

    If Sherry has an extra bathroom, confine him with all the necessities. (Another room would work but cleaning is much easier in a bathroom.) I’d also purchase some Nature’s Miracle. We use that spray at the no kill shelter to prevent repeat performances and discourage scent marking of any kind. If she has carpeting in the apartment, have it commercially cleaned–just in case other animals were living there. I’ve had no experience with a cat calming collar, but she might try one.

    • I tried a calming collar on my skitty kitty with not much difference in skittishness. It’s always worth a try, though. The brand I used has the same pheromones as Feliway. It is a cheaper way to test the pheromones than the plug-in’s…

  13. Congrats to Sungold and Stripey, and yay to new babies. I love the tabby ones and the nickname “Beanie Babies” is perfect. Enjoy your holidays Robyn!

  14. Lovely news about Stripey and Sungold – such gorgeous golden kitties and they get to stay together! Yay!!! Have a great Christmas all at Love and Hisses! Take care

  15. Glad to hear about the adoptions for Stripey & Sungold… a nice Christmas present for them. Can’t give any advice for the peeing problem as (fortunately) I’ve not had to deal with that yet. Whenever I have to give medicines I always ask for liquids (if that’s possible) as they are much easier to administer (for me anyway). If pills are the only way I crush them up & mix solution that I can give with an eyedropper or syringe.
    Over the years I’ve developed a technique of giving meds with an eyedropper that works quite well & doesn’t stress them out. I don’t even have to resort to the back-of-the-neck grip to hold them. It always helps if you have someone else to help hold the cat to give meds. But if you’re by yourself, it can be tricky.
    Everyone here has given good advice & I think a trip to the vet would be the thing to do. Stress can do nasty things to a cat. Good luck with your problem.

    Merry Christmas to everyone here.


  16. Merry Christmas Eve Robyn and Fred and the critters.
    I know that this year has been tough on pet owners. i have so many friends who have lost animals this year. It is very hard but at least , I think, our society is beginning to recognize the depth of grief people feel when they loose a pet. I hope you an Fred and the gang at Crooked Acres is doing okay. The news about Stripey and Sungold is tremendous. Have you ever had a run of adoptions like this before. This is unreal!!!
    I got the cheetah and the monkey at Pet Smart for my sisters’ kitties entirely on your kitties loving them.
    I would also suggest Feliway (or similar product). I have moved my critters twice and did not have any problems. I don’t know if it will help but I don’t think it would hurt.
    I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

  17. Sherry, about two years ago one of my cats had a stressful event and soon after started peeing around the house. Our wonderful vet said that stress can sometimes cause a UTI in cats. It took a little while, but we did get it under control. She took antibiotics and pain medication for about six weeks. I also got another litter box and a different kind of litter and put it in a different place (this was actually a drag, as my apartment is small, but she was associating the old box with pain, we were able to get rid of the extra box after a while). I also tried to eliminate her favorite spots to pee, I put aluminum foil down in the corners where she peed and was sure to put the laundry where she couldn’t pee in it. Good luck!

  18. I am so pleased that SunGold and Mr Stripey got forever homes. And Together? Outstanding!!!

    Now all of your “Most (Good Homes) Wanted” list is commplete.

  19. Regarding Sherry’s inability to pill Jack, I also have a Jack who CANNOT be pilled. Mixing in tuna, yogurt or pill pockets doesn’t work either. Then my FANTASTIC and very smartttttttt vet introduced me to treats that are “infused” with the medicine. She ordered them from BCP Veterinary Pharmacy in Texas (bcpvetpharm.com). They come in chicken or fish flavor and almost every type of medicine can be infused into them. He took prednisolone this way and a friend’s kitty is now using them for phenobarbital for seizures. Somehow the infusion process removes the medicinal smell and there is no pill to be spit out!

  20. Y’all thank you so much for all the advice. I did buy a Feliway diffuser ($35 REALLY?!) and plugged it in right away. Then yesterday I came down with something – the flu, my death, not sure what/which. But point being I haven’t been away from my bed for more than about 30 minutes at a time and my Jack-Jack has been with me most of that time. So he’s been getting lots and lots of attention the past day or two.

    From what I have been able to discern, he hasn’t peed anywhere he’s not supposed to since he peed on the floor the other night. Part of that might be that I haven’t left any clothes where he can get to them and I’ve cleaned the litter box thoroughly and kept it scooped daily. I will also take him to the vet as soon as I can, money is just REALLY tight right now and I need to wait till my next paycheck at least. I do worry about it being a UTI, but since he uses the litter box some, and then other times not, I think it might just be more of a marking thing. I’ll definitely use some of the suggestions above though and keep an eye on things!

    And – Awwww!!!! Beanie Babies!!! How perfect!!! and – yay for Sungold and Stripey! I’m so glad for them!

    Going back to bed to die now. Thanks again!

  21. For Sherry and Jack,
    My three cats were extremely stressed when we moved a little over two years ago. They hid under the bed and were visibly trembling non-stop. There were also a few incidents of inappropriate peeing. A friend suggested the Feliway plug-ins. They worked! My friend also told me of a mail order company that sells them (and refills) for way less than the stores. Of course, I can’t remember the name of the place, as soon as I do I’ll post again with it. Good luck!

  22. Re: Jack. I don’t know how to make him stop, but spraying Resolve on the carpet will get any stain and odor out.

  23. Yay for Mr. Stripey and Sungold! Brothers forever!

    And squee, teeny tiny tabbies! Bitsy kinda looks like a Mini-Maggie!

  24. We recently stayed at a Bed and Breakfast and found out that many pharmacies will compound standard medications in cream form, specifically for use in pets. The B&B owner used Prozac to help with urination problems with their cats, and found a pharmacy that would add it to a cream. All they had to do was rub the required amount into their cat’s ears each day and they received the appropriate amount of Prozac. I have investigated in my home town and found one pharmacy that will do the same thing for Clomicalm, which I use for the same reason. I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t speak from experience and don’t know how you prevent absorbing the drug yourself (wear gloves, maybe?), but it seems like a much easier solution than forcing a pill down a reluctant cat’s throat each day.