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Last week, it rained. And then the next day it was warm enough for the cats to go out into the back yard and then back into the house many many many times. I didn’t even bother to mop ’til the next day.

I love the alarmed look on Bobby’s face, like “I feel a paw on my shoulder, but NO ONE ELSE IS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW!”

Jean, this basket bed condo thingy look familiar? It is a favorite of the Bradys. Also, Jake is rather partial to it.

Corbie McGee and his thick, lush, raccoon-like tail.

An attempt to get a better picture of the not-a-heart on Cindy’s side. I’ll see if I can’t get a straight-on picture.

Cindy is a multi-tasker who can grab for Peter’s tail AND bunny-kick my foot at the same time.

Oh, Bobby Brady, I lub you so.

The straight-on pictures of Peter Brady don’t really show the extra-long fur at the tips of his ears, but this one shows it pretty nicely.


The basket bed condo thingy on its way to the kitten room. Tommy gave it two paws up.

Corbie McGee, peering around the corner. I love the way his tail is around the leg of the chair.

“MOM! You ever hear of KNOCKING FIRST?!”


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12-21-10 — 9 Comments

  1. The “not-a-heart” on Cindy almost looks like a Mickey Mouse head! Maybe the next batch of fosters should have Disney themed names 😉

  2. Corbett is a stunner!
    The last picture cracked me up as well as the first! ROFL!
    I had a basket bed condo thingy and my spoiled rotten furballs NEVER touched it! Arrgghhh… Love your pile-o-kittens on top of it.

  3. *pets all the Brady kittens* Awww, hi kittens. And oh dear, paw prints all over the place! Fun fun fun. At least here, it’s one human, one lab, and one downstairs lobby to shed all the mud and water in before reaching the carpet!

    Corby McGee sounds *adorable* with his fluffy raccoon tail. Preeeeetty kitty! *sneakily sneaks over and stealth steals him to Wisconsin* Nobody saw me, did they? XD