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Meet the new guys!

This is John Smith. He’s not alone under that Ham-mick…

See the black ears? That’s Tricki.

A better look at Tricki (Tricki is a girl; John Smith is a boy, if you hadn’t guessed.)

This is Bunnie. (Bunnie is a girl.)

And this is Toto! (Toto is a boy.)

John Smith, letting Fred pet him.

John Smith, staying safe.

Bunnie checks me out.

Bunnie has the coolest colors, doesn’t she?

Tricki has soft, silky fur and (as you can see) stunningly gorgeous eyes.

All four of them were pretty nervous when I first got them home. Bunnie has relaxed enough that she’ll be a little jumpy when you first walk into the room, but then she runs right over for love. She hasn’t actually climbed into my lap yet, but it’ll happen pretty soon. Toto is right behind her – a little more nervous, but happy to come over for petting. John Smith is third in the friendliness category – he comes out for love sometimes, but more often he’ll wait ’til you come to him. Tricki is the scaredy cat of the bunch – she wants to hide behind the litter box, and I keep making her come out. She loves to be petted, but she’s so nervous that I have to keep convincing her that I won’t hurt her. It’s early yet, so I’m sure she’ll come around.

Also, the sound of the camera focusing makes them pretty nervous, so for now the pictures may be few, at least until they adjust.

They’re all about 7 months old – though Toto and Tricki are much smaller than John Smith and Bunnie. Toto and Tricki are siblings, and John Smith and Bunnie are siblings. They’ve all been at Petsmart for quite some time, so are getting a much-needed break from the cage.


Carmela spent Tuesday night walking around the house meowing, clearly wondering WHERE her siblings had gone. So yesterday morning I headed to Petsmart early and got her settled in the cage with Tony and Melfi. She wasn’t the slightest bit freaked out (though Tony hissed at her when I first put her in with him, then looked a little embarrassed.) Y’all have NO idea how much I wanted to bundle them all up and bring them back home with me!

I hope adoptions are plentiful this weekend, that’s all I have to say.


Meadow gives me her Stern Look for annoying her with the camera.

“There’s bacon in there! Come out, bacon! Come to me!”


Paulie and Adriana in the sun.

“You’re in my SPACE! ::POKE::”


Pretty, pretty Silvio.


I went out to get the mail, and Joe Bob followed me onto the porch. Then he was like “It’s so COLD out here. I’ve made a terrible mistake. Please, lady, can we go back inside?”


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12-19-13 — 28 Comments

  1. All the new little ones are just lovely. Bunnie DOES have fabulous colors!!! Oh my! I am sure they will settle in quickly.

    I sure am gonna miss the Sorpranos! MEADOW….SILVIO…….wwwhhhhaaaaaaaa……

  2. Bunnie has very similar colors to my Bella, though the caramel is a bit more pronounced in Bunnie. Bella’s mom was tortie, so I’m guessing her dad was tabby. It’s a beautiful combination.

    • She’s very similar color and pattern-wise to my Ruby too. Roo was a foster here from 3 days old, so I know her mama was a tortie. Dad was probably a tabby, but they had two Siamese siblings too (Mama had many meezer traits hiding underneath the tortie, so I think it came from her).

  3. I got STOMPERS’ banner today. Made me smile. Sure could use an update and photos from his mama!

  4. Wowzers. Those colours on Bunnie are just GORGEOUS. I bet they’re even prettier in person πŸ™‚

    I just want to snuggle them all, especially Tricki the scaredy-cat.

  5. Oh I’m glad the new kitties are getting a break with you. I hope they come around and relax quickly! I had to gasp when I saw Toto…his markings are a perfect mix of my Jinx and Tuxie’s markings! Tuxedo cats rule! πŸ™‚

  6. Robyn, that had to be TOUGH to not gather those kittens up and bring them back…so cool that Adriana was already adopted, and keeping fingers crossed for the others. And in the meantime, the Crooked Acres charm will soothe the newbies. Love the colors on Bunnie, too.

  7. Awww, I could get hooked on Tricki. I didn’t see Toto’s tail at first and thought that black wire in the background was the skinniest tail in the world!!!

    I wish you could put stickers on the cages at Petsmart, This is Tony, See his cuteness here: http://www.love-and-hisses.com/tag/sopranos

    Those bacon shots are crackng me up. They look like zombies scrambling for fresh brains, they will NOT be denied!

  8. eep! I love the new batch! They are all adorable! Can’t wait until they’re comfortable and relaxed enough to show off their personalities!

    I lol’d at Joeby’s “I’ve made a terrible mistake.”

  9. It’s funny how the best shot of Tricki is still one in which she’s hiding behind John Smith. Poor scaredy cat! I’m sure she’ll come around eventually and probably turn into a total lovebug. Looking forward to hearing more about the new guys over the coming months. It’s an early Christmas present!

  10. Am I the only one who saw that first photo of Toto and thought, “Norbert!”?

    I totally second Kar’s suggestion: everything these days is about MARKETING, so if there was info on the Sopranos’ cages saying that these kittens come with a full-color, photographic online account of every day of their lives up to this point, I would think that that would really be a huge draw for potential adopters.

    • I thought Norbie, too.

      The new babies are all gorgeous. Thank you Robyn and Fred for giving them a break from those cages.

  11. I have never seen a coat like Bunnie’s. Just amazing. Wow. Looks like you have about 2 days before you have all 4 sitting in your lap asking for treats.

  12. The teaser for the 2006 entry was just too enticing to pass up, and, boy, did clicking it pay off. Is that a young Sugarbutt hugging Fred’s leg? And how about Miz Poo taking a nice big sniff of Mister Boogers’ butt? Hilarious.

    The new guys are cute, especially Bunnie. Gorgeous girl!

  13. OMG !!!! I am in love with Bunnie !!! Even her name is perfect !!!! They are all adorable and they will all fall under the spell of Crooked Acres very quickly.

  14. Oh, wow. I had to post yesterday that I had a particular soft spot for torti-tabbies, didn’t I? Bunnie is a gorgeous little furball. I don’t know if I’m happy or sad that Alabama is so far away.

    The other new fosters are sweet looking cats too and I’m so happy they’ll get to spend some time decompressing at Crooked Acres.

    I loved the bacon pictures as well. I hope the Sopranos are doing well and that they successfully enrapture the appropriate someones with their cuteness soon.

  15. At first I thought Adriana was poking Paulie with her rear foot and I thought she had mad ninja kicking skills. And Toto does look like Norbie! Must resist….must resist…Alabama is too far…must resist…

  16. Good luck, little Sopranos. It’s always hard to send kittens off to seek their fortunes, but you gave that litter the best possible start in life – and I think somewhere in their little fluff-stuffed heads they’ll always remember you fondly. Perhaps when they smell bacon.
    Whenever you’re given some older cattens or cats for a break from Petsmart, I always think ‘Huh, who gave them those weird names? They don’t have PROPER names like…’
    and then I remember you named cats Stinkerbelle and Sugarbutt and Spanky.
    You wonderful weirdo.
    On the other hand, I’m glad someone in the world obviously shares my belief that Bunnie or Bunny is a good name for a cat.