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See the cards I’ve received so far! I’ll add cards as I get them. (Please note: my scanner isn’t the best, so rest assured that all those cards look much better in person!)


Last Saturday when I announced on the Love & Hisses Facebook page that the Sopranos were going to Petsmart, I said Now that I’ve announced that, who do you suppose will be the one to get sick between now and Tuesday so that they have to stay with us a little longer???

On Monday, Carmela started acting like she didn’t feel well. Nothing alarming or terribly specific – she just wasn’t moving off the heated blanket on the couch, wasn’t playing, wasn’t much interested in eating. She was moving slowly. She didn’t have a temperature and wasn’t vomiting or having litterbox issues, just a general malaise. I let her stay out of the foster room Monday night – she slept on my bed, as a matter of fact. Yesterday morning she asked for some of Alice’s morning snack (Alice wasn’t inclined to share, so I gave Carmela her own plate, which she ate) and she moved around a bit more, but still didn’t seem 100%. So I decided to keep her with us for another day or two, just to be safe.

Apparently the moment I left the house with all her siblings, she started racing around, playing, and howling at Fred (probably asking him where everyone went!) So this morning I’m taking her to Petsmart to join her siblings.

The Sopranos got to Petsmart at 4. I put them in their cages (Paulie, Silvio, and Meadow in one; Adriana, Melfi and Tony in the other), and they weren’t thrilled, but they didn’t hide in the litter boxes (I hate it when they do that.) I went to dinner, ran a few errands, got home, puttered around. And at 7:20, I got the email that Adriana had ALREADY been adopted!

Hopefully this is a good sign – maybe they’ll all be adopted by the end of the weekend. Fingers crossed!

We have a washstand where we keep old towels in case we need them (they usually get used to wipe down wet cats or wet Freds). I don’t know how they KNOW the towels are there, but kittens always get the doors to the cabinet open and sleep in there. I’m sure it’s comfy!

“Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout, Willis?” Adriana demands.

Nap time for Melfi and Adriana.

I love this picture of Silvio so, so, SO much.

Adriana likes to make sure she gets her recommended daily allowance of cardboard.

Silvio, flirting with Stefan.

Paulie Walnuts and Adriana catch some sun.

Despite being one of the smaller Sopranos, Carmela was the first one to figure out how to jump up on the counter. Here she is, inspecting a recent batch of carrot cake jam.

Checking out the various jars, hanging from magnetic strips (I was trying to make it so that there’d be less clutter on the counter. Here’s a tip: NOTHING will lessen the counter clutter. It’s always going to be there.)

“Oooh! Dehydrated bell peppers!”

“Someone knocked that jar down, lady. I can’t imagine who would do such a horrid thing.”

::thlurrrp:: says Meadow.

Beautiful, beautiful girl. And she knows it!


“Look, lady. It’s COLD out there. I’m not going out, and you can’t make me. I can see the entire back yard from here – that’s good enough!”


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12-18-13 — 38 Comments

  1. Carmela knows a good thing when she sees it! LOL

    Carrot cake jam??? Oh, please please post the recipe!!!!

    Lovely lovely Meadow. I love her so much and wish she could be mine. I even love her name and would have kept it…..sigh….

  2. Here’s a tip: NOTHING will lessen the counter clutter. It’s always going to be there.)

    Amen on that! And lucky Adriana…somebody will be very happy with her.

    Is it just the light or what, because several of these kittens have golden eyes? Or at least it looks that way.

    • Several of the kittens do, indeed, have golden eyes. I think that Meadow and Silvio’s eyes are the most striking (though of course they all have pretty eyes!)

      • I’m happy to share the recipe. 🙂 This is the recipe I use, but I use 1/4 tsp of nutmeg instead of 1/2 tsp, and don’t add coconut or raisins. Also, I use a can of halved pears (I dice them). The first recipe I made included cloves, which just doesn’t belong in carrot cake, if you ask me!

        • Thank you. I would omit the raisins, too…however, I love coconut…soooo…..

          Why 1/4 tsp nutmeg? Was the flavor overwhelming?

  3. Yay Adriana! She is such a striking beauty that I expected her to find her folks fast. Now for equally fast adoptions for the rest of the Family!

    So was Carmela the first cat/kitten to knock one of the jars off the magnet strip? Jars hanging down like that just have to scream “bat at me!” to a feline!

    • Foster kittens usually can’t get up on the counter, so it hasn’t been an issue in the past. That’s actually the corner where Newt likes to sleep on really cold nights, but somehow he’s never knocked any of those jars down.

  4. I have 2 that know how to get the doors of the linen cupboard open and who sleep in there on various shelves. It’s like an episode of Laugh In – I never know which door they will pop their heads out of!

    • My cats can’t get the linen door open but when I open it, they fly in faster than you can believe and jump up into the stack of extra blankets. There have been a few times that I have not seen then and shut them in. I have since learned to not close the door all the way so that they can get back out if they are in there.

      • For mine, it’s the buffet table in the dining room that has placemats in the bottom storage area. They have even been known to rake out a placemat or seven if they feel they need more room.

        I think this is actually the first litter that I’ve followed real-time since birth. I was reading while the Starks and Dragons were in residence, but I don’t think I caught their stories from the start. I can’t quite remember because I was engaged in reading all of the older posts until I finally caught up.

        Anyway, it’s a bit of a wrench to see the Sopranos go now. I will always have a soft spot for torties (especially tortie-tabbies), so I’m really thrilled for Adriana. Now for the rest of them, and their mama, to find loving forever homes. C’mon, Santa! Silvio and Melfi have such gorgeous eyes; distance aside, I’d love to take them though I’m not sure my current residents would be thrilled as they feel they’re not spoiled enough yet. (They are. Really.)

        Robyn, you’ve helped another wonderfully cute bunch of kittens get a loving and healthy start on life. Livia and all of her babies are lucky and I hope you are rightfully proud. 🙂

      • I have one that runs in every time you ever open ANY closet door. She gets in and sniffs around and sits at the bottom looking at you. She was closed in my hall pantry/towel closet for the whole day one time because I didn’t know she had run in. We’ve since learned to always check before closing the doors. (She was fine, just a little irritated and it didn’t stop her from running in the next time I opened the door)

  5. Well played, Adriana, and may your mum and sibs exit Petsmart soonest. Great to see Kara indoors for a change. And I can’t wait to meet your four new lodgers — I imagine they’re kicking their heels and jazz-handing up a storm!

  6. Every single one of those Sorpranos are heartbreakers, I swear. Carmela though, is just killing it tonight.

  7. Yay for Adriana!!! Love those quick adoptions. Hopefully more before the end of the weekend.

    Have to admit, like others I was all “cute pictures” and then got distracted by carrot cake jam 🙂

  8. Yipppeeee! So glad to hear Adriana has already been adopted. Such a lovely little tortie 🙂

    Haven’t you heard that junk expands to fill every open space?

  9. Sheriff Mama is not neglecting her duties, she is staging a stake-out – obviously! In fact you are neglecting to support the local law enforcment by not providing donuts and coffee (or catnip and treats).

  10. The picture of Tony and Carmela sleeping on the towel pile is adorable! If I had some crazy room at my place that was full of nothing but oversized folded towels, I’d be tempted to sleep there every now and then too.

    That series of pictures of Carmela knocking over the dehydrated peppers and then feigning innocence is cracking me up! She totally has her “I didn’t do it! Would a face this cute lie to you? Nevermind the photographic evidence.” expression going on in that last shot.

    • Fred often says, as he’s watching one of the cats all snuggled up in a cat bed, that he wishes he had a human-sized cat bed, because they look so comfy!

  11. So happy for Adriana !!!! I am watching facebook for surprise updates that the others and Mama Livia have been adopted.

    Sheriff Mama is always on duty in or out !!!

    Carrot cake jam on a future DCEP perhaps ???????

  12. Just curious: how do you decide which three kittens go in one cage together and which three go in the other?

    Got my Christmas card the other day. Love it! I had to laugh because we had the exact same conversation here as other ladies have reported when my husband asked, “Who are the Andersons?”

    • I will now just say, “My coolest friends from Alabama.” and then walk off. Just leave them pondering! 🙂

  13. Adriana was already adopted? I’m not surprised. She’s such a sweetie. Let’s hope the others, especially Livia, get adopted quickly now!!!

  14. So happy for Adriana and her family – I hope she is leading a parade of adoptions through this weekend for the others – and Mama Livia of course!

  15. I have a towel stand in my bathroom, and it is Allie’s favorite place, especially on chilly mornings.

    And yay for Adriana! I hope sweet Tony finds his forever home soon. (And thanks for the link to the carrot cake jam recipe!)

  16. Farewell Adriana – hope to see you in an update… All so beautiful and irresistible, don’t know how the adopters can possible choose!

    And yes – counter clutter multiplies by itself…. more for the kittehs to push off in their never ending tests of the forces of gravity…