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Oh good lord, you guys. Are you ready for this kind of cute? You might want to sit down before you go any further…

That’s Pearl (formerly Dandelion) and her brother Duke, all snuggled up for a nap. Can you stand it? Are you feeling faint from the cute? So so so so SO SWEET!

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Barbara mentioned in yesterday’s comments that I’m costing her money (she fosters during the Summer) between the Sherpa blanket I recommended, and the sparkle balls. I have to admit, it is WAY more fun to spend other people’s money than my own, so I feel compelled to mention that these scratchers at Fab.com are a really good price and if I weren’t completely stocked up on both kinds of scratchers, I’d be stocking up right now! They’re a hit with cats big and small.

Just sayin’! (You’re welcome!)

Also, Charlene posted and said:

BUT, gotta share this other deal that I can’t justify spending the money on but oh-so-want someone to benefit from: custom photo mugs (11 oz) for just $2! at Yorkphoto.com  Use the “PETMUG” coupon code. Site says expires Jan. 31. I didn’t try it out, so can’t guarantee that it works, but worth a look for someone who doesn’t have a cupboard overflowing with mugs like we do.

Oh, and BTW, the Boinks mesh straw-thingys that you gave the link to last week? I had to check those out as well. Then I found them a lot cheaper on Amazon if you buy a pack of 10 — its only $9.99 and it ships free

Gotta love a bargain. 🙂

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Yesterday I finished cleaning the foster room so it’s all ready to go when the time comes. All I’ll have to do is set up litter boxes and food and water bowls, no rushing around frantically scrubbing every surface clean the way I usually do.

And then I cleaned out the closet in the guest bedroom. When I was done, I felt all unsettled like I’d forgotten to do something. I finally realized that I didn’t have to pull kittens out of the closet before I could close the door, and who knows when the last time was that THAT happened!

While I’m kittenless, I think I’m going to get some more closets and bookcases and POSSIBLY even my desk drawers cleaned out. Who says I don’t know how to par-tay?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The last of the ‘Maters (& Kohle!) pictures from before they went off to Petsmart last week!

Dingwallace, playing fetch.

Mr. Stripey, juggling the sparkleball.

“O sparkleball, I love you so.”

Dingwallace, requesting some love.

More juggling.

He’s pretty good at that, huh?

Perhaps I have mentioned that his silly face cracks me up?

“This is a nice view, but the view from my FOREVER HOME is going to be way better, I just know it.” (I bet he’s right!)

Sungold in da box.

Dingle Bells with the sparkleball, his heart-shaped bikini bottoms on view.

Sadly, after this photo session, the sparkleball didn’t have long to live. Ten minutes later, they had somehow ripped it to shreds. I had to throw it away so they wouldn’t eat it. I’ve never seen that happen with a sparkleball before!

“Long-legged Cheetah, I keel you.”

“Cheetah is tasty.”


Sungold showing off the green collar that once was his. But he got so good at taking it off that I replaced it. And they immediately turned the old collar into a toy, of course.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alice Mo and Loony Jake, showing off just how much they love that sherpa blanket.


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12-18-12 — 43 Comments

  1. My holiday postcard has yet to clean my house at night while I sleep. I never knew it had such capability.

    I hope that Dingwall Scotty’s new parents know that he fetches, otherwise, he’ll have to teach them.

    Plus there have been so many adoptions recently, it should be about time for new fosters, right?

  2. Nope, not buying scratchers. We have one, but everybody so far prefers the carpeted lally column. Unlike a scratcher, you can also climb REALLY HIGH!!!

    • Funny enough, the cats don’t even use the bowl scratcher as a scratcher, they use it as a bed. The one in the front room is always in high demand.

  3. Thank you for my holiday card. At first i got excited and thought it was my precious [this one foster I really like] then i realized it was [the best permanent resident ever] instead. Such a pretty [cat]. I want to thank you for giving me a wonderful way to start my day everyday. I have been a daily reader for almost 2 years now and i am so appreciative of your insight and humor not to mention your generosity and loving care of all the little ones.

    [Edited by Robyn so as not to spoil the surprise for those who haven’t received their postcard yet! 🙂 ]

  4. Robyn, this one’s for you. I’m really interested in Sungold and I have a few questions. Do you ever “hold” a cat until after holidays (I’ll be gone then)? Also, you mentioned he climbs a lot and I have antiques on high shelves which concern me. I have two other cats (female) and marking is a concern (more with them than him, tho they never have). I also want a lap cat, which my other two are not (more hide and seek). Just really drawn to Sungold and curious. Any more info?

  5. It’s so funny – Dingwall Scotty’s face reminds me so much of another black tomcat I know. What is it with black cats and long, sleek elegance? They just are. (And then there’s Eugene over at Pitter Pats who still makes me think of Dust Puppy from User Friendly. (Yes, I’m am IT geek.)

    Can’t wait to see those lovely ADOPTED! markers on the rest of the Pickles and the Weeds! Although, that means a sad and lonely sidebar – guess that just means that you need more kittens!

    • I don’t think it’s a ginger cat thing, I think it’s probably a Sungold and Mr. Stripey thing. They each have a leaky eye that nothing helps, and it may scare potential adopters away. Which is too bad, because they’re both really sweet, friendly, playful guys. I think it’ll just take time ’til the right people come along and fall in love with them.

      • I think it’s going to take someone maternal. I feel VERY maternal when I wipe my Fuzz’s leaky eye…

        Hey! Maybe that’s a selling point!

        “Feel maternal and loving at least once a day as you wipe these lovely boys’ leaky eyes! (And they won’t even mind it too much!) They best part is that the condition is harmless so you don’t have to worry!!”

        I know I know. It’s too wordy. But you get the idea.

  6. Look. At. DANDE! Well, Ms. Pearl now. She looks like a Christmas ornament! Her name could be Garland, okay! And she looks so content.

  7. *thud* Did you feel that earthquake? That was me falling over from that cute picture of Duke & Pearl. That is so sweet! I am so happy for both of them. They were made for each other!

    • Me too! As tough as I am, I am deded from the cute!

      That’s what’s so great about this blog! Thank you once again Robyn!!




  8. The Pearl and Duke picture is … I can’t come up with the best adjective … wonderful, adorable, yet so much more.

  9. Ah Dande and Duke. Truly a match nmade in Heaven. Has Dande/Pearl gotten fluffier? I don’t remember her looking so fluffy. That picture is beyond wonderful. I am sure there are days that you want to pull your hair out. We only have 3 cats and I have threatened to send them to prison if they throw up on the carpet one more time … of course I do not mean it but still it can drive you crazy. Just looking at that photo would make it all worth it. You do good work Robyn. Now would be a good time, with no fosters, to work on the addition to the house for your guests who come to stay and play with the fosters. I think this was suggested a few weeks back. You could do something like this Pie Camp: http://artofthepie.com/wordpress/pie-camp/pie-camp/
    You could have Foster Camp. It could be awesome!

  10. Gracie shreds her sparkle balls. She now does it to every single one. Her favorite thing is to do it in the bathtub, where it sounds like WW III. I find little pieces of sparkle balls all over the house….

  11. Awww… I love the way Alice is sleeping with her paws outstretched! I want to *KISS* her forehead!

  12. Is there a money-back guarantee if the holiday card fails to clean my house? I’m VERY concerned about truth in advertising, you know!


  13. I must say – my postcard came a couple days, and my house is still a mess! 😉

    And that picture of Pearl and Duke — so adorable! I think I need to show this to some of my dog-loving, cat-hating friends!

  14. I am soooo happy that MY Dandelion is sooooo happy! Please post where you got that Cheetah! I just know my little ones would love it!!!