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So, it was a quiet weekend. Not much to report. It was kind of rainy. Y’know, lots of napping on the couch and stare through rain-streaked windows. The usual.

Oh, wait. Was there something I was going to tell y’all…. let me think… I remember! It’s nothing big. Just, oh…

Thistle was adopted!


Kohle was adopted!


Purslane was adopted!



That’s FOUR adoptions of MY fosters, and THREE of those adoptions were BLACK CATS, and we all know that very often, black cats are the last ones adopted. Thistle was actually adopted BEFORE Purslane! All of them went home on Saturday (though none of them were adopted to the same home)!

If you count Joe Pickle and Magoo’s adoption on Tuesday, that’s SIX of my fosters who went to their forever homes in ONE WEEK. I might be wrong, but I don’t think that’s ever happened before!

Now if Mr. Stripey and Sungold would just get themselves adopted, I would be one happy happy girl. Fingers crossed!!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Speaking of the ‘Maters and Kohle, here are some of the pictures I took of them before I carted them off to Petsmart. I’ll finish up with their pictures tomorrow, and then I’m not sure what I’ll post. You may have to look at pictures of the Permanent Residents for a while. Who knows when more fosters will come my way?

Kohle on the cat tree. I think it’s awesome that after Kohle sat at Petsmart unadopted for several months, he was only back at Petsmart for a day before someone came along and snapped him up.

Once again, the white chin whiskers and the Dingwallace attitude crack me up.

Kohle playing with the bow while Mr. Stripey looks on.

“I had to take the bow away from him. He was doin’ it wrong.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Friday, I got to see Purslane and Thistle again and get some snuggles and kisses. Mostly, they were interested in playing. I let them out of their cage and they raced back and forth, jumped on each other, and just generally had a good time.

Resting briefly.

Thistle had to check and make sure there were no toys under this cabinet.

Such a nosy little thing.

You KNOW I had to wave a feather teaser wildly around to get them to sit still for one moment (Thistle jumped for it, but those pictures didn’t come out.)

I love this picture of her SO much.

Look at Purslane over there, giving me attitude.

This is Checkers and Zee (I don’t know which is which.) Aren’t they purty?

Dirk Pitt kept reaching through the bars to get my attention, so of course I took him out and snuggled him. He’s a charmer.

This is either Batman or Robin (I don’t know which). LOVE the one white whisker!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Newt would like everyone to know that all cardboard boxes fall under his jurisdiction.


Honest to god, that cat is going to drive me to drink. I spend half my day letting him in or out the side door, and the other half of my day watching him climb into or out of the back yard. I have actually been walking toward the house and had him run across the back yard and yell at me until I open the gate and let him out of the back yard. And THEN he runs up the side stoop and waits for me to open the door and let him into the house. Apparently the house you get to through the side door is an entirely DIFFERENT house than the one you get to through the cat flap in the back door.


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12-17-12 — 70 Comments

  1. what great news about the adoptions! Hooray!! Now if only those other gorgeous cats could get adopted… How about it, people of Alabama?

    As for Newt, whatchagonnado? He’s a cat.

    P.S. I clicked on the story of the chicken falling from the sky for Hydrox in 2009 and am still laughing!

  2. Re Newt, that’s how he keeps things fresh — I envy him his approach! I checked your site yesterday and was thrilled to see all those “Adopted!” notices. Here’s hoping the remaining Maters find homes this week; same for all the others waiting worldwide. And Robyn, can we talk about Purslane’s ultralong tail????

    • Not to cast aspersions on the character of the Weeds’ mama, but I think Purslane might be Spider Monkey on her daddy’s side. πŸ™‚

  3. I discovered your blog within the last year, so I frequently go to some of the previous posts. I want an ACME portable FURnace!!!!

  4. Yay, yay, yay for the adoptions!!! You’re completely foster free now? It must be so quiet there (says the lady with a Christmas present kitten who is determined to break down the door to the foster room with his persistent knocking this morning). I still have three who need new homes for Christmas, on top of the two I’m hiding until Monday night. Something tells me that my baking will not be getting done on time.

  5. So, yes, I am a stalker. When you have babies at Petsmart I check in on the weekend several times to make sure the fine people of Alabama do thei jobs and bring the babies home. I saw the ADOPTED updates on the foster pictures and was so very excited. It was the only thing that kept me from totally spending the weekend in tears. I think you know why.

    • Now that I know that people actually check during the weekend to see if there were any adoptions, I’ll make a point of keeping the sidebar updated! I’m glad that it helped you feel a bit better, Elaine. :/

  6. AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! And they all went to different homes?

    I hate being a Debbie Downer, but I always worry about the black kitties, and I won’t deny that so many being adopted at once scares me just a little. Think happy thoughts….

    • Well, as someone who almost exclusively adopts black cats, that can be a good thing. Trust me, they live the good life.

      I know others who specifically look at black cats for that reason, they have a rep for being unfairly adopted. So people want to intentionally adopt them for the right ones.

      • This is true, and thank you for sharing that thought. I have a black kitty myself, although I tend more to adopt the kitties that come my way than looking for a specific type. I made the mistake of not doing so once, and I still to this day think about the cat I left in a shelter despite falling in love with her because my roommate was looking for kittens. I’ve always regretted that decision, so I let the cat choose me.

      • During one of his attempts at convincing me that we needed to adopt Magoo, Fred suggested that we should only adopt black cats from here on out. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, they all went to different homes, which makes the number of adoptions that much more amazing, I think!

      The adoption counselors are good at sensing when people might not have the best intentions and they have no problem saying “no” when it’s needed. I made a sign last year with a list of “The Best 10 Reasons to Adopt a Black Cat”, and they have it hanging on one of the cages. I think that a lot of people don’t realize that black cats are often the last ones adopted, so maybe they saw the sign and it got them thinking… or Kohle and Thistle and Dingwall Scotty are just so charming that their new moms and dads had no choice. πŸ™‚

        • The top ten reasons to adopt a black cat:

          1. We are always sleek, stylish and elegant.
          2. You’ll never lose us in a snowstorm.
          3. You’ll save money on our Halloween costumes.
          4. Statistically speaking, we are friendlier than other cats.
          5. We are happier because we look thinner!
          6. In many cultures, black cats are good luck.
          7. We can be slimming when draped over your lap.
          8. We can easily accessorize our collars because everything goes well with black.
          9. We are always appropriately dressed at cocktail parties.
          10. We take the longest to get adopted and need your help the most!

          I also included a couple of pictures of Everett, Lucy, and Sally Peppers jumping up after Da Bird. πŸ™‚

          • Hahahah! I love it. Black kitties are sweet and loving and affectionate and dangerous in the dark – keep your lightbulbs change if you’re owned by one.

          • By the way – thank you for setting my mind at ease. I admit to being a bit suspicious at times.

  7. IMIGAWD!!! Do the Dance of Joy!!! I knew Kohle was a lady killer and the Weed girls got adopted? Also Dingwall? Wow!!

  8. Hurray and Waahoo for all of the adoptions!!!! And yes, we need those sweet orangey boys to keep the streak going!

    I love how Newty is all “This, too, is my box, even though I am not currently in it…” What have you said before…possession is 9/10 of the paw? πŸ™‚

  9. I’m so very happy about the adoptions, but I can’t believe no one has snatched up Sungold and Stripey! They are such pretty boys.

    That said, I’ve pledged that my next cat will be a black cat (unless I have an adoption “accident” and snatch a lonely stray off the street — it’s happened before). Having done TNR on a black semi-feral momma and fostered one of her lovely black kittens, I’ve realized how gorgeous and lovable they are!

  10. Yay yay yay, four adoptions in one weekend! πŸ˜€ I’m so happy for all those lovely kitties! And three black ones? Yay again! Here’s hoping Mr. Stripey and Sungold get their own wonderful forever homes in a hurry.

    @Kar I’m one of the people who, when she can have kitties, plans to look for black ones. They tend to either get adopted for the wrong reasons or not noticed at all, so why not make sure they get adopted for the right ones? Plus, they’re preeeeetty. πŸ™‚ Once I find a cat-friendly apartment building, I’ll be that girl with a couple of FIV+ kitties, and I’m hoping at least one of them is a house panther.

  11. Congatulations on the adoptions. Wonderful news. Six adoptions in a week has to be some kind of record, no?

    One of my crew is an all black, long haired tom cat. I can tell you with no exageration that he is absolutely the sweetsest, most laid-back feline you’ll ever meet. He has NO bad habits, and is loyal and loving almost to a fault. At one time I had a black tuxedo that was almost the same. If & when I ever adopt another cat, an all black one will be at the top of the list, for sure.

    Thought I was the only one to play the ‘door game’. Nice to know I’m not.

    • It’s a record for me, for sure!

      I have to say that the black cats we’ve had are without a doubt the sweetest characters we’ve had. Tommy really lives up to his title of The Ambassador when it comes to the fosters who come through!

  12. Congratulations on getting so many adopted this week. I must add that I think it was so sweet of you to take Kohle home for a break as he wasn’t one of your fosters to begin with. Enjoy your “free” time before the next batch arrives…there’s always a next batch.

    • Lisa really gets the credit for that – she knew that Kohle had been at Petsmart for even longer than the ‘Maters had been there, and when she heard I was bringing the ‘Maters back for a break, she suggested that since Kohle gets along so well with everyone, maybe one more wouldn’t make a difference. πŸ™‚

      • I can’t help but wonder if having some time in a real home made the difference — they had a long stretch of time with MUCH more space and MANY more toys so they could work out some of their kittenish ya-ya’s!

        I know you’re yearning for babies, but what about taking in some of the other older ones who have been at Petsmart a long time to give them a similar break? Maybe after the holidays? I know you want an ACME FURnace and their larger models are great at warming laps…

        • Between Everett, Sally, and Lucy needing to come back to us last year and then being adopted quickly when they went back to Petsmart and now Dingwall Scotty and Kohle doing the same thing, I think that a break from the cage may calm them down a bit so that they bounce off the walls a little less when potential adopters see them, and their true (amazing!) personality shines through.

          The cats at Petsmart right now haven’t been there all that long, but if they do end up staying there for too long, I’ll definitely think about bringing them home to give them a break.

  13. Last night when climbing in to bed I thought, wouldn’t it be great if most/all Robyn’s fosters were adopted over the weekend. I must have super-power!!!

    Hope Thistle, Kohle, Purslane, and Dingwall Scotty love their new forever homes and humans. And a wonderful Christmas for all.

  14. Wonderful news, you were so laid-back about it, too…was chuckling. Must admit,seeing Purslane’s tail (well, all of Purslane, ha!)brought a small pang, she’s also so like Mabel. So happy for them getting forever homes…and hope that the trend continues with the boys that are left!

    I suspect that mentioning bottle babies will bring the bottle-baby fairy to your door, too!

  15. Looks like we are in the same boat πŸ™‚ isn’t it wonderful and kinda sad at the same time..

    Congratulations on the adoptions, that is wonderful! while it shouldn’t be more important than any other day, there is something special about getting them home in time for Christmas.. (I mean why don’t we get wistful about getting them home for Arbor day??)

  16. Great news about the adoptions!!!!

    My Taco is a black cat and he’s the “talkiest” of the three I have. I call him my bodyguard as he always follows me around and doesn’t miss a thing. I think he’s the most affectionate cat I have. πŸ™‚

  17. Robyn-YAY for the adoptions! At least something good happened this weekend :S Anywho, the little Zee and Checkers made my daughter say “ooh they look like Oreo (our cat)”. This leads me to a question–she’s gotten something in her system (no doubt bits of fake tree is part of it, and now she is not eating well and has some vomiting and loose stools. I have heard you suggest chicken baby food when they are not eating well so I broke some out. I was wondering if you could suggest how much and how often. (So far I only gave her a spoonful and took away her other food). I want to watch her a few days and see if things get better on their own rather than rushing her to the vet. Of course I will have to decide what to do with her by Friday because of the stupid holiday.

    • Holly, if it were just the diarrhea I’d be with you on waiting for a few days, but the vomiting on top of that is troubling. I’d suggest you get her to the vet, just to be safe.

  18. Congratulations on all the adoptions news! Special thoughts going out to two certain orinch guys, that they get adopted very, very soon!

    I almost lost it when you suggested in the comments that Purslane’s father could have been a squirrel monkey – it’s not just her tail, but sometimes even her face (such as in that first photo above) is so evocative of a squirrel monkey. (And no, nothing against that sweet baby’s mother!)

    That Hydrox chicken from the sky story from 2009 had me in hysterics – even more than when I read it first three (!) years ago. The mental visuals are priceless!

  19. I was so happy to hear about all the adoptions this weekend! I hope Mr. Stripey and Sungold get adopted Tuesday night. That will be my last adoption day until after the 1st of the year.

    That picture of Thistle reminds me of the one you took of Pepsi (https://www.love-and-hisses.com/index.php?s=pepsi).

    Zee & Checkers are doing so great getting more relaxed around people.

    • That picture of Thistle totally reminds me of the Pepsi picture, too. Obviously I really like taking kitty pics from that angle. πŸ™‚

      I will TOTALLY give you a BONUS of ONE MILLION imaginary internet dollars if you adopt out Sungold and Mr. Stripey tomorrow night!

  20. Robyn, you’re starting to cost me money! Those kitties that we’ll foster up north this summer? The ones we haven’t even met yet? I went to Kohl’s today to get the sherpa throw. Then to Petsmart for that long-legged cheetah(?)and the sparkle balls. I hate to think of what you’re going to send me out for next!!!

  21. So happy for all the adopted kitties! It was so great to see all these “adopted!!!” marks on their pictures! Now I’m sending my thoughts and prayers to the Ginger Brothers – I so hope someone brings them home for Christmas…

  22. Good news with the kids going to forever homes. It must be such a good feeling. And Newt’s one funny boy. He must talk to my boys though. They, too, remain convinced that the house they enter through the back door is not the same house as the one they access via the cat door. Boys!

  23. YAY for the adoptions!! Come on, Mr. Stripey and Sungold – get out that ginger charm that I know you have and find your homes before Christmas! Newt…..typical cat. I think they do that kind of stuff on purpose, just to keep us on our toes.

  24. What wonderful news about all the adoptions! And Mr. Stripey and Sungold are both so pretty — they’ll find their families soon!

    And I believe you may be expecting Newt to be logical. Cat logic is way different than human logic…..

  25. Re Newt & the In-Out Game: Reminds of a post I saw on IHaHD; lovely pup staring in through the door captioned, “Can you please let me in? I need to go back outside again.” That’s when it hit me – it’s not BEING outside or inside that matters, it’s the GOING part. The *process* of crossing over the threshold. I bet if you got a door and set it up in the middle of the room – like it was a display at a hardware store or something – and left it ajar a bit, you’d have cats going three rooms out of their way just to walk through the door on the way to the litter box or food station. (Dogs too, for that matter.)