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Yes what IS the temperature down there? Right now (9:30am)it’s a balmy 26 degrees F. [In Pennsylvania]

It’s actually warmed up in the past couple of days, but for a couple of nights it dropped down into the mid-20s, and the daytime temps were in the 40s.

Which, I KNOW, is not that bad. But I’ve lived here for 16 years now and I’m a total wimp when it comes to anything cooler than mid-50s. I actually have a space heater next to my desk (this is an old house and not particularly well insulated) and on the colder days, I’ve been known to turn it on and sit as close to it as possible.

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Going through some serious Purslane withdrawals. Please don’t make me go back into the archives.

I’ll be seeing Purslane in a little while (dropping the ‘Maters and Kohle off at Petsmart), and I’ve got my camera in my purse. Hopefully I’ll remember to actually get it out and snap pictures of her sweet face!

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I was wondering if the outdoor kitties come in to potty. Weird question, but I’m curious. ๐Ÿ˜€

It depends on the cat, but yes indeed, some of them do come inside to use the litter box. Most of them seem to not care one way or the other, but I’ve seen Miz Poo and Spanky come inside to use the litter box and then go right back outside many times.

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I have a Devon who is enthralled with all of our three ceiling fans, be they on or off. She has taken to jumping from the dresser onto one of our shoulders just so she can be closer to the ceiling fan (or mountain-climbing her way up to the shoulder, which we are less fond of). It’s such a weird compulsory behavior that we’ve taken to referring to the fans as “Boyfriend”; like “What’s up with the TinyCat?” “Oh, she’s giving boyfriend the eyes.”

This is WAY too cute!

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I went over to Love Meow and was checking out some of the posts on Robyn’s fosters. I got to the one about Cicero and I thought to myself “who the heck is Cicero?” Then I saw the pictures. I completely forgot that he had a “real” name ๐Ÿ™‚

Even when he was here with us, I had to pause and think for a moment to remember what his real name was. He’s just such a Stompers!

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A fun set of photos for the season. Look familiar to anyone?

I had to go dig up my pictures from when Sugarbutt and Tommy were young. We had a small Christmas tree, and Sugarbutt was OBSESSED.

Mister Boogers and Tommy, appalled by Sugarbutt, who was IN the tree.

“What? Just hangin’ out in the tree. Is there a problem?”

I could have sworn I had a picture with both Sugarbutt and Tommy in the tree, but I couldn’t find it, so maybe it’s my imagination.

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I was reading 2009, re Stinkerbelle (my fave. And Loony Jake. And Corbie, and Kara, and and and…) Seems she’s a woman of mystery! Anyway, I disagree that she isn’t a pointed cat. Pointed cats develop colour with age, and Stinkerbelle’s kitten pics do show her developing her ‘points’ first. Plus I think she has blue eyes? which to the best of my knowledge only occurs with albino/ partial albino genes. So all-white or pointed cats, basically- pointing is a form of partial albinism. If you look at Charlene Butterbean, from the itty Bitty Kitty Committee, who is certainly a pointed cat, you will see her back/ body is really very dark now as a mature cat, whereas when she was younger it was lighter. Now, only her front and underside is creamy coloured. Stinkerbelle is like this. Also you can see faint tabby markings on her dark patches- these would be solid black/grey if she wasn’t tabby. She also has distinct white patches, as a calico does, which is another gene altogether. I have always seen Stink as a ‘(maybe dilute) tortie-tabby point and white’ ๐Ÿ™‚

Also there are several forms of pointing. There’s the siamese form, caused by two siamese pointing genes and causing the well known lighter body/ darker points. But then a burmese cat is also a pointed cat- its body is really very dark all over, but still a shade lighter than the points, with yellow/green eyes. It has two burmese colourpoint genes. And then you can get the tonkinese, which has one copy of each burmese and siamese colourpoint and has the points with a middling body colour and aqua eyes. So there’s colourpoint and colourpoint, the siamese variety is only one of the possibilities but that’s a bit irrelevent as I think stinkerbelle’s eyes are blue.

I have zero intelligent things to add here, so I’ll just say thanks for the input, that was very interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Robyn, Any update on the Weed girls? Have they adjusted to life at Petsmart and come out of hiding in the litter box?

Lisa reported Tuesday evening that they were doing just fine – no more hiding, and they came right out to play with the other kittens.

I have a feeling that this is going to be the weekend they find their forever home (I HOPE!)

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Dandelion’s story is on Love Meow!

I love Love Meow. And I think several of us said this, but I had completely forgotten what a mess those girls were when they first came to me.

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Hey Robyn, my first work-study job at school was keeping the kitchen garden compost piles. Even in a Maine winter, a good compost pile generates enough heat to keep it from freezing. That may explain why your lettuce is still growing… and why it might grow all winter. Pretty neat, eh?

That is VERY neat, and I’m hoping that we continue to get lettuce all winter long. Fresh salad in January would be awesome.

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I figure if you’re not creeped out by your readers having dreams about you, you won’t be creeped out by this. I started working out again lately and I do the Turbo Charge Cardio Party 2 routine. One of the women in the group (Holly), reminds me of what I think you would be like – cheery and energetic, always smiling. Couldn’t find a good screenshot, but here’s a link to the cover pic – Holly is the one in green on the left.

I know – weird, right?? Anyway, it makes me smile when I’m working out!

If you coat that woman in cat hair, she could totally be me! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Yeah, I’d probably be outwardly cheery and always smiling, but inwardly I’d be thinking “Why do I always forget how I hate to sweat and how come that annoying woman in pink can keep time with everyone else but I can’t? WHY, GOD, WHYYYYYY?” and then I’d storm off the set, swearing up a storm, and everyone would be like “I suspected she was crazy. It’s the cheerful ones you’ve gotta watch out for!”)

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When I was looking for those pictures up there of Sugarbutt in the Christmas tree, look what I found!



That’s Joe Bob! His name then was “Moon Man” and he was actually adopted from Petsmart and then returned, maybe even a couple of times. This picture is from a little more than a year before he was our foster. Here’s what he looked like when he was our foster in January 2007.

Silly Joe.

He came to us for good in January 2008. He’d been adopted and returned again, I think. After Spot was euthanized, we discussed adopting another cat, and Fred remembered Joe Bob and immediately went to the shelter and brought him home.


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Today marks four weeks since the ‘Maters and Kohle came to stay for a break from the cages at Petsmart. I’m leaving here in a bit to take them back to Petsmart.

Fingers crossed that they’re all adopted IMMEDIATELY. I’d love it so much if they were in their forever homes before Christmas. Is that too much to ask? I think NOT!

Sungold, keeping an eye on his brudders.


Dingwall Scotty shows off his belly. DO NOT BE FOOLED. It’s a trap! You reach out to grab that belly, and he wraps himself around your arm and won’t let go.

Once again, the white chin whiskers kill me dead.

The brudders (Kohle was laying in my lap.)

Kohle, looking out the window.

They love that floppy, long-legged Cheetah I bought at Petsmart the other day.

I tried to stick that tiny bow to the top of Dingwall Scotty’s head because I had a “Dingle Bells, Dingle Bells, Dingle all the way. Oh what fun, it is to bite, my brother’s butt today!” post in mind, but he refused to cooperate. O THE HUMANITY.

There will be more pictures of these guys next week. And hopefully news that they were adopted. Fingers crossed!

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Corbie just can’t seem to relax.

What a stressball.

On a side note, those sherpa blankets (I bought several at Kohl’s last year, they’reย currently on sale for $14.99) were a great purchase. The cats adore sleeping on them. I’m forever seeing Corbie or Tommy or Elwood standing on one of the blankets, marching in place and purring before they flop down and go to sleep. I even cut one of them into smaller squares to line cat beds with, and you don’t have to worry about hemming the edge, the sides are fused together. I’ve washed the smaller squares multiple times and had no problems with fraying.


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12-14-12 — 20 Comments

  1. I had something coherent to say, but completely lost it when I got to “Dingle Bells, Dingle Bells, Dingle all the way. Oh what fun, it is to bite, my brotherโ€™s butt today!โ€ Thanks for the earworm!

    Good luck to Kohle and the Maters. I know what you mean about getting them all home in time for Christmas. I have three in the house and 1 at Petco that still need homes. 4 homes in 10 days? We are nearly out of baby-babies, so I don’t anticipate Vixen lasting past Saturday and that makes Lincoln and Cruz next up. It’s do-able (I hope).

  2. I don’t know why, but it always makes me look twice when I see someone else from Maine out on the net. *waves hi to the other Mainiac* Guess it is the same when I see another “Connie”. Just don’t see them that often.

    Btw, I did get your card, and I adore it! it totally made me smile

  3. So, how do you keep the blankets cat-hair free in between washings? You must have to brush the blankets daily?

    Bye guys! Here’s to your new forever homes this weekend!

  4. Good luck sweet ‘Maters and Kohl! I hope you will very soon have new families that will shower you with love and kisses!

  5. may have to stop at Kohls……

    Good luck for many adoptions this weekend. Two of our tiny kitts are headed to Petco to join their mom for the weekend to look for homes.

  6. Great post today Robyn ๐Ÿ™‚ the weather there seems to be about what it is here in general. It’s VERY chilly in the AM but warms up in the afternoon to the 40’s. It seems rather nice if the sun is shining but I can understand those that aren’t entirely used to it to be cold. I expected you to say it was 50 or 60 and then I was gonna say “WHAT? That’s not cold”. Anyway, stay cozy with those kitties.

  7. Dingwallace definitely looks like he could use a belly rub, but if he’s the kind of cat that immediately ::CHOMPS:: your hand and digs ALL their feet into your puny human arm flesh, then I can see why it might be a bad idea! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Aww, bye sweet Maters and Kohl!! I hope y’all will be home for Christmas!!

    Is a fosterless Christmas like a hard candy Christmas at Crooked Acres?? ๐Ÿ™

  9. First off…I LOVE the Christmas postcard!!!! I still have last year’s card hanging up – I just can’t bring myself to take it down ๐Ÿ™‚

    Anyhoo, when I saw that picture of Dingwall Scotty showing off his belly, I immediately thought “I see London, I see France, I see Dingle’s underpants!!!” Is it just me or does it totally looks like he’s wearing a white thong? Also, I think it’s funny that all your kitties love the sherpa blankets. We have 4 cats – two don’t care what they sleep on or where they sleep, one LOVES making biscuits on a sherpa blanket and slowly kneading himself to sleep, but the last one is a total weirdo and won’t even touch a sherpa blanket. In fact, she will launch herself from the end of my bed to my pillow just to avoid it. Different strokes, I guess.

  10. I hope hope HOPE the ‘Maters get adopted this time. Are you sending along some lysine and writing a note about the weepy eyes? I suspect that is the reason why they waited and waited before. Also a better Petfinder photo for Kohl.

    Sorry to be a nag. I just want to see those boys find their homes quickly and preferably in pairs!! Wouldn’t that be a great gift?!

  11. Although I love that Dandelion’s story is on Love Meow, I am a little disappointed that it doesn’t mention that she is FIV-positive and still is healthy and happy in an adoptive home. There are still too many people (vets, even!) who believe FIV kitties should be put down.

    [climbs down off soapbox] TGIF everyone!

  12. Baby Sugarbutt in the tree has kind of an “Inspector Stompers …Not Judging You” face going on too. There seems to be alot of not judging going on by the kittens at Crooked Acres….. Kittens…….always judgy.

  13. I’ve been checking daily and wondering wth is wrong with people for not adopting Purslane! So glad to see she finally found a forever home, just wish I’d have been able to fly to AL and bring her home with me.

  14. FYI – there is currently a kitten that looks JUST LIKE MR STOMPERS omgiwanttoeathimup available for adoption from the San Francisco SPCA. His name is Marshall and today he was chilling in the Macy’s window with his brothers, Nordstrom and Saks.

    In case you need a kitten fix, there this live cam to the SPCA http://www.sfspca.org/adoptions/cats/kittycam
    and this one for the Macy’s windows (with 4 camera’s available until January 1st) http://www.sfspca.org/support/events/macys-holiday-windows-s1