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I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post that Joe and Magoo’s new Dad posted a couple of pictures of them on Facebook. There’s an unofficial Challenger’s House Facebook group page where you can see them (you’ll have to scroll down a bit).

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Sorry, there are no Crooked Acres pics this week. I didn’t go out with the camera because girrrrrrrrl, it got cold all of a sudden. I’ll try to get out there before next Thursday! (Or maybe I’ll just take a picture of all the cookies I’ll be making in the next week and call it good enough.)

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Those white whiskers on his chin just kill me.

Also, I’m fond of his silly face.

Kohle sitting on the cat tree, watching a ladybug crawl around.

Sungold is usually in a state of complete relaxation.

Mr. Stripey’s having a squinty day.

Kohle takes toe cleanliness seriously.

Checking to see what that ladybug is up to now.


A clean bunch of kittens, is what we’ve got here.

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I made a video of Dingwall Scotty fetching. I love how the other kittens are just walking around, their tails straight up in the air, pretty much paying no attention to Dingwallace bounding across the room after the toy ball I threw.

YouTube link.

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Alice Mo/ the cal-i-co

Sure does love rolling around in the sun/ yo.

Yeah. Doesn’t work quite as well as her REAL theme song, does it?

YouTube link


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12-13-12 — 32 Comments

  1. You don’t have to scroll down far to see Magoo (listed as Tony) and Joe! They apparently have a good cat servant who took and posted their photos first thing on arriving home. What more are they going to need to have a good life?

    (I love happy kitten endings! Now we just have to get those Weeds adopted!!)

  2. My Elwood (gone 2 yrs now, how I miss his silly self), would play fetch with dirty Q-tips. After fetching for a while, he would get so wound up, he’d pant and get this crazy look in his eye, like he was being stalked and on a safari to kill Ear Wax Q-tips. (he didn’t like the clean ones). Eventually he would take the fetched Q-tip and drop it in the dry food bowl. So funny, I miss having a fetch kitty.

    • My late lamented Cleo would fetch crinkly things (and ONLY crinkly things!). This was before crinkle balls so I would make my own out of cellophane and tape. She was a weak little thing so I had to always find a way to make the all heavy enough to throw but not so heavy she couldn’t carry it. Some cellophane wrapped around a couple of dried beans or a small pebble usually worked.

      I also miss having a fetch kitty!

    • Oh my… two of mine have a thing for dirty q-tips. Non- earwaxy ones are ignored disdainfully. Horrid animals!

  3. LOL, Mr. D leaping over the other kittens made me laugh.

    I’d be squeezing and kissing and hugging and raspberry-ing that bunch 24/7. How you have time to eat, sleep, clean poop boxes, etc. is beyond me.

  4. Awww, I loved watching DWS play fetch… it reminded me of a kitty I had that used to do the same thing. After a while, he’d get lazy and want a head start so he’d stop halfway back to me and punt the ball the rest of the way with his paw.

    While semi unflattering, I love that photo of Alice licking her belleh! She is sooo adorbs!

  5. It got too cold? Ahem, the folks farther north are cocking thier heads sideways and going “huh?”

    Why, oh why, did those sweet ‘Mater boys (and Kohl) not get adopted???? Soon I hope!

    • Yes what IS the temperature down there? Right now (9:30am)it’s a balmy 26 degrees F.
      I LOVE the fetch kitty video. I will have to show my daughter and have her make Oreo stay after school for some more lessons.

    • It’s cold INSIDE the house right now. This Michigander is too cheap to turn the heat up, especially when we don’t have snow on the ground yet. (And what’s up with THAT?)

      • What IS up with that?? In fact, I can’t even remember the last white Christmas here in the mitten!

        • Where in Michigan are you? We lived up in Traverse City for 7 years and had snow every year on Christmas (at least a dusting). Last year was our first year downstate… not a single snow day and the only thing white on Christmas were the lights on the tree. I grew up down here and remember blizzards that I’m sure not seeing the past couple years. Perhaps my childhood memories are a bit enhanced in my mind.

          • We are in the Ann Arbor area. In fact we’re heading up to Traverse City for the holiday since that’s where my daughter and SIL live. I’m guessing we’ll definitely have a white Christmas! And I agree with you, I seem to remember having snow every Christmas when I was a kid!

  6. My Gilly-boo still plays fetch. He’ll bring in sticks from outside, and then drop them on the couch beside me. Or behind my chair while I’m trying to work. Or on my bed while I’m sleeping.

  7. Our weirdo polydactyl tabby Gravy plays fetch as well, and I also call her “puppy” when she does it (I also call her “puppy” when I summon her at bedtime and she bounds upstairs with me to spend some quality time rolling around on the carpet).

    • And there I thought I was the only one to call my cats puppies! Robyn, that video is so wonderful. The ‘Maters and Kohle are such dear boys!

  8. So? My Charlie plays fetch all the time. Of course, he’s a dog. And he sometimes expects me to wrestle the ball away from him when he brings it back. And he eats tennis balls. Wait…. Way to go, Dingwallace!!!!!

    I must also add that Abby woke up during the Alice Mo theme song and gave me the most ridiculously grumpy one-eyed pirate glare.

  9. There was a cat at the local shelter that would fetch. The one night I was volunteering, the lead came in to find 4 volunteers sitting around throwing toys for this big male black cat (who’s name escapes me right now). Yep, that’s us, working hard. πŸ™‚ Love how he runs over everyone in his path to get the toy.

  10. Hi Robyn–

    I figure if you’re not creeped out by your readers having dreams about you, you won’t be creeped out by this. I started working out again lately and I do the Turbo Charge Cardio Party 2 routine. One of the women in the group (Holly), reminds me of what I think you would be like – cheery and energetic, always smiling. Couldn’t find a good screenshot, but here’s a link to the cover pic – Holly is the one in green on the left. http://www.thesharkguys.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/02/turbo-jam-2-title-front.jpg

    I know – weird, right?? Anyway, it makes me smile when I’m working out!

  11. My first cat — and love of my life — Leila (who passed away exactly six months ago yesterday at the age of 17.5) was a fetcher also, especially of balled up tinfoil and twisty ties. She had that same absolutely unwavering focus that DWS showed in the video (I love how the other cats ears twisted around in that way they do with their ears to show they are slightly annoyed.) Leila and I would play fetch on the bed, so she had to do a lot of jumping off the bed and jumping back up. After a while, she’d get so tired, she’d flop on the bed and pant. Never realized other cats did this too. I thought it was just her being her exceptional self. Gawd, I miss her so!

  12. My kitties have a toy called a Kitty Tease which is like a small fiberglass fishing pole with an indestructible string and a denim ‘butterfly’ on the end. My kitty Chip will drag the entire thing and place it at my feet so I can make it ‘go’. It can be a little startling to hear him drag it clanking around hard objects that may be in the way as he comes from say the bedroom all the way to the kitchen πŸ™‚ He learned how to knock over the kitchen trash can from my sister’s dog so now I have a heavy wooden one with a lifting lid. It sure seems like Kohle would be a good pal for my Chip but I am maxed out on kitties with the amount of space that I have πŸ™

  13. OMG. Dingwally is almost the exact replica/reincarnation of my old Matou. He used to fetch too! He was a black and white tuxie with a white toe, a triangle locket, and some white fluff on the belly. He even had white armpits too. Check it out. Circa 2002 or something.

    http://www.ratemykitten.com/pictures/000000533/100233/ (he sports the demon kitty look in that pic)

    You can sorta see the white toe on this pic: http://www.ratemykitten.com/pictures/000000092/122723/