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Yesterday, I glanced in my Search Meter to see what people had been searching on recently, and found that there had been several recent searches where people were clearly looking for the link where I got the cat hammocks.

They’re technically called “Ham-Micks”, and you can get ’em here.

They’re a big hit with our cats – we’ve got three of them, one in the computer room, one in the front room, and one in my bedroom, and they all get a lot of use. Cats of all sizes (from Patty Peppers to Elwood) use and love them. We highly recommend the Ham-Micks!

There were searches were for “cat pee cleaner” – you’re probably looking for Nose Offense or you’re looking for the make-it-yourself stuff, which is 16 oz. hydrogen peroxide, 1 T baking soda, 1 tsp dishwashing liquid, mix it up, soak the offending item with the mixture, and let it dry.

“Cat fountain” – we use and like the Cat Mate, but I am looking at this Cat-It fountain because it’s so inexpensive and has really good reviews and I can never be satisfied with what I already have (and to be honest, the cats are kind of ignoring the Cat Mate lately for some reason.)

“Outside Momma theme song”. Well, if I MUST share it!

YouTube link

That video has been viewed about 600 times, and probably 575 of those were mine. Cracks me up EVERY TIME.

“Diabetus.” Yes, Kara strongly resembles Wilford Brimley. The older she gets, the more she looks like him.

2011-12-13 (14)

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The Sons are coming around, slowly but surely. They’re less flinchy, and now when I walk into the room and sit down on the floor, they come over and sit near me and look up at me. They even let me pet them, though they’re not sure whether they like it or not. Tig’s the holdout and prefers to watch from a distance, but I can feel his resolve cracking when he sees Clay flop over onto his back for a belly rub.

2011-12-13 (1)
Considering coming over for some petting.

2011-12-13 (2)
The little tailless behinds are just the cutest things ever.

2011-12-13 (3)

2011-12-13 (4)
“Hey! Lady! You come here and pet me!”

2011-12-13 (5)
Jax in the sun. (Gorgeous.)

2011-12-13 (6)
Tig, keeping an eye on me from afar.

2011-12-13 (7)
Gorgeous. I probably hadn’t mentioned that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-13 (8)
Charlie Peppers will snuggle with anyone or anything. In a pinch, some socks make a perfectly fine body pillow for the boy.

2011-12-13 (10)
Don’t you just love his sweet little face?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-13 (13)
Elwood the grump.

2011-12-13 (12)
Grumpy, grumpy, grumpy.

2011-12-13 (11)
You don’t see a lot of cats with double chins.

2011-12-13 (9)


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12-13-11 — 15 Comments

  1. Gosh, Robyn, could you be a bit more specific when it comes to Jax? I’m just not sure what exactly you’re getting at. Charlie Peppers really is a poppet, isn’t he? And who’re you calling grumpy? Elwood is merely focused on the task at hand!

  2. Don’t see cats with double chins? Come over to my house. You’ll see a double chin. Or two. And here it’s called “crabby”. Not grumpy. I’ve one of those as well.

    Couldn’t help but notice what a gorgeous piece of man-cat candy that Jax is.

    • Ha – I like “crabby”, it’s a much better description! So we’ve got the two brothers: Loony Jake and Crabby Ellz. 🙂

  3. Kara Krankypants makes me smile every time you post a picture of her (which, by the way, is not as often as I’d like).

    Oh, and I have a Cat-It fountain. I like it but what I really NEEEEED is a water container that my boy cat can’t drag around the kitchen. So, basically, I think I need one made of concrete.

    • well the one Robyn put up holds a lot of water, so it is pretty darn heavy. If you put that on a carpet remnant and tape the carpet to the floor it should be pretty stable.

  4. Kara’s serious face reminds me so much of my dear departed old lady. She was a tiny thing, but she meant business and everyone from the kids to the other resident cat to the dog knew it! She never scratched a child, but the dog wore a constant reminder on his muzzle of who was the sheriff in our house. Heart of gold underneath if she thought you deserved it, though.

    Going to look into the ham-mick. Maybe then my two will let me put away the brown packing boxes that arrived last week (and my son’s scout sleeping bag that they dragged into them for a cushion). They’re going to need a heck of a replacement if I’m to be allowed to put away their condos.

  5. Ooh, nice-looking fountain. I’m quite interested to hear how it works out in Real Use.

    One thing that’s puzzling, though: Amazon groups it with two different filter packs. Does it really take those two different filters or is that just a fluke of their listing bot? It doesn’t really make sense, but then, so many things any more just don’t. So I’m waiting anxiously to hear your report pm just how many filters it actually needs, too.

    • I saw that, Savannah, and after spending several minutes looking at the two different kinds of filters, I think they’re both the same kind of filter, just sold by different companies. I suspect it’s a mix-up by the listing bot!

    • I have one and it only needs one filter, but those of those are the right type. I can’t tell what the difference is.

    • I have one of a similar design. It holds a lot of water, runs pretty quietly even when it gets low on water, the cats seem to use it every so often. It is kind of tall, which is good for adults but might be an issue for itty bitty kitties.

      Since it was about half the price of a normal fountain, I’d say it was worth getting.

  6. Love the little flat footed stance of the black and white (don’t know which one) kitten by the food dish. Considering that even with the flat footedness, the back is about level, that means the back legs are extra long? Isn’t that a trait of manx cats? Their taillessness (is that a word?) might be genetic and the reason they don’t have a problem. That’s just conjecture on my part though.. I’ve never had a manx! I understand Manx’s hop when they run, do the little Sons? (any chance of a video if they do? hint hint beg beg!)

    • Manx do have longer back legs than fore legs.

      The loss of tail on the kittens is surely genetic, and probably is from a Manx or manx-like mutation.

      The ‘hop’ of a manx is partly just the longer back legs, and partly a function of hip problems stemming from the mutation. The Manx tail-less mutation may or may not lead to moderate to severe problems ranging from minor to fatal – depending on many factors. Basically the mutation that makes the tail not develop can extend forward to make the spine and spinal column not properly develop.

      However, if the kittens have gotten this far they are likely to have escaped the big issues and be able to lead healthy lives.

  7. So I just bought that exact Cat-It fountain a few months ago and I LOVE it. Our old fountain was a super cheap Petco brand one that and a big part on the bottom and smaller part on top where the fountain was. Suffice it to say the water got stagnate and gross a lot so I chucked that one out. What I love about the Cat-It one is there is no way for the water to just kind pool like it did in the bottom of the old one, and there’s no way for my cat to dump his toys into like like he did with the old one.
    I read the reviews on line and the only con I got form there was if there is a power outage it won’t work, but that only matters if you’re gonna be gone for a few days. In my experience, I have 2 minor issues. 1. Sometimes my cat gets really excited ans is able to knock the top part off of the bottom, which pretty much incapacitates it until you put the top back on, but he hasn’t done that in a while, I think that was just him getting used to the fountain. 2. If the water gets low, it can be kinda noisy, which is an issue because I have a small apartment and his water is just outside my bedroom.

    Besides those minor issues, it was a great buy and especially for that price.

  8. Oh, poor Charlie having to compromise on a sock body pillow ’cause that sisiter of his won’t co-operate! Tsk, tsk, tsk…and Ellie-Bellz as in…bell shaped? Kinda, huh? those Sons are gorgeous. squeezed them till they squeak yet? and i love how Tig keeps an eye on you from the little cat tree, he has climbed down from there at some point, yes? Go on, squeeze em, squeeze em for me…and then kiss them all better…:)