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Silvio and Tony, snuggled up for a nap.

Carmela gets some Stefan warmth (and Stefan is all “YOWZA! The little ladies always love me!”)

Meadow checks out the snuggling potential.

Adriana with attitude.

Adriana likes to keep an eye on me.

Skeptical Paulie.

I’m not sure what was going on – I think there may have been a lady bug flying around.

It certainly got their attention, though.

Paulie, gettin’ jumpy.

“Where’d it GO? It was right here, just a minute ago!”

Pretty, pretty Carmela.

Pretty, pretty Meadow.

The Sopranos kittens are off to Petsmart this afternoon, and like I mentioned yesterday, I’ll be bringing four older kittens home with me. I hear that they’re some sweethearts, so I’m looking forward to getting to know them. There may not be pictures of them in tomorrow’s post, y’all might have to wait ’til Thursday to meet them. But I’ll still have Sopranos pics for at least the rest of the week, at the very least.


Stinkerbelle would like you to know that her feet do, in fact, occasionally touch the floor. She doesn’t particularly LIKE to be on the floor, but sometimes Tommy goes missing and she has to track him down.


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12-17-13 — 25 Comments

  1. Stinkerbelle was only on the floor cuz she was appauled at that furry little tumbleweed! (Or perhaps it was SHE who was making the deposit!) HAHAHAHA. That is the thing about hard flooring…super easy to clean, but the minute you finish vacuming, a tumbleweed goes tumbling by. Well, at least that is how it works in my house!

      • Can I start calling mine that, too….even though I don’t have a dog??? 😉 Oh, I’ll just say, “That’s their toy!, Sheez…” Oh yeah!!!

  2. I always knew that Miss Belle’s feet touched the floor… mostly because I assumed you wouldn’t have a litter box on top of the kitchen cabinets. Or would you?

    • While I hesitate to state definitively that I would NOT have a litter box up there (because we KNOW what happens when I do that!), I’m stating it. NO litter boxes on top of the kitchen cabinets!

  3. Does anyone remember that ‘popping candy’ that used to go crazy in your mouth? Well; that’s what my heart feels like when your readers help me out. 😀 It refreshes my hope to continue to help these little critters.

    These are the names we have so far…..Noel, Sansa, Suzi, Stephanie, Monica, Katelen, Hope, Merci, Pat, Melodi, Kami, Poppy, Davida, Grace, Butterscotch and Honey.


  4. Robyn you need to keep Carmela so that Corbie has a girlfriend cat! She is almost as lovely as he is!

  5. Ah, the chicken falling from the sky, an instant classic.

    I didn’t know you get snow down there! It’s -9 up here in Montreal this morning.

  6. I say this every time, but I don’t think that I’ve ever been attached to a set of your fosters like these babies going to Petsmart. Really though, I am going to miss those little Sopranos. Of course they’re not so little but still.

  7. I just got a Christmas card from Challenger’s House for making a donation a few days ago. I won’t give anything away though, so you’ll have to make your own donation to find out how amusing it was!

  8. I thought for a second there that Paulie Walnuts was starting to look like a handsome man-cat (in that first pic of him) but then I saw the next few pictures and realized how crazy I am. Also? I love seeing spread-out kitty toes first thing in the morning. It makes my day.

    FYI – Stinkerbelle is now nicknamed in my head to “Stalkerbelle”. heehee

  9. I get to see the Sopranos tonight!!! Wooohooo!!! I hope they all get adopted! I’m glad you’re giving 4 of the kitties at Petsmart a break when you bring the Sopranos. They need some of that Crooked Acres magic to get adopted when they go back!

  10. Aww, safe travels Little Sopranos! Sniff, sniff…I hope Santa Paws brings you and your sweet mom forever homes…sniff, sniff.

  11. I’m so sad to see the Sopranos go, but so excited for them to find wonderful homes.

    Thanks to any of you who sent good vibes my way over the past day — my stray “Momma,” whom I posted about in yesterday’s comments, is negative for FIV/FeLV! The latter has been rampant in our neighborhood in the past few years, so I was worried. Now to get her adopted…

  12. What are those quilted blankets (?) on your furniture? Bedspreads? Thrift store finds? Something you’ve had around forever? They look like perfect pet furniture coverings!

    • I’m going to save this for Friday’s post, but long story short: they’re meant to be mattress protectors that go on the bed of bedbound patients. I dyed them and put them on the couch to protect the couch and they have MORE than paid for themselves!

  13. Is that? Is that….SNOW on the ground? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE post some Crroked Acres photos? Please, for me? I’m in freaking Arizona and it is going to be 80 degrees today. K?Thks, bye!

    • No snow on the ground (though I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a little at some point this winter) – that’s just frost you see out the window.