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The time has come, my friends. Tomorrow evening, the Sopranos kittens will be going to Petsmart, to join Livia, who STILL hasn’t been adopted. I’ll be bringing 4 older kittens (6 – 7 months old) with me, to give them a break from being at Petsmart.

(I have a ton of Sopranos pictures that I took over the weekend, though, so you’ll be seeing them until the end of the week.)

The house is going to be SO quiet without them here!

Adriana, showing Carmela how it is.

“I’ll just stay here, lady!”

“New people to charm? Bring ’em ON! ::thlurrp::”

“Everyone’s gonna LOVE me. Guaranteed!”

Pretty Paulie on the platform.

And Adriana, up higher.

Tony likes to hang over the end of the couch, watching his siblings do their thing.

Adriana and Paulie really like that cat tree.

Paulie went up on top of the bookcase, showing off his dirty toes (the white fur on his feet is dirty looking due to the activated charcoal I use in the litter boxes.)(And yes, I know you probably wouldn’t have noticed that if I hadn’t said anything, but I noticed it!)

Pile o’ warm, sleepy tabbies. Melfi on the left, Silvio on the right, with Tony right in the middle.

Pretty miss Adriana.

Sweet smilin’ Meadow.

Tony, with Silvio in the background.

Meadow likes to lay between me and the keyboard, and occasionally bat at the monitor.


Every evening, Maxi asks to come inside. We always let her in (she’s allowed in whenever she wants, of course). She climbs into the cat bed on Fred’s desk.

“This will do,” she says, and dozes for a while.

Then, inevitably, either Corbie or Jake gets all creepy and interested in the fact that she’s in the house, and they do this.

Maxi can only handle it for so long before she stomps back to the door and demands to be let out. She is, every single day, 100% horrified and appalled that THERE ARE OTHER CATS IN THIS HOUSE, and she tells us to GET RID OF THEM before her next visit OR ELSE, and then out the door she goes.


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12-16-13 — 26 Comments

    • Ooh, thanks for that link, I’m going to get some and give it a try! (Also, Blackfoot Syndrome is an excellent diagnosis!)

  1. Ooooooh, I will SO miss these little furbabies… I CANNOT believe ‘it is time’ already! I also cannot believe that no one has scooped up Livia by now! harrumph… Also, after reading the comments from the card recipients and much excited anticipation, I received my card over the weekend!!!! Did NOT disappoint! It now has an esteemed spot on my refrigerator door (the MOST OFTEN USED door in the entire house, it seems) right next to Miz Poo’s from last year!!! Uh oh, I’m already looking forward to next year’s card… πŸ™‚ I so thoroughly enjoy your blog, Robyn, and look forward to my daily reading of it! Happiest of holiday seasons to you and the entire Crooked Acres and Love-and-Hisses community!

  2. Farewell and Godspeed, Sopranos — may you and your elegant goof of a mum find the right people before Christmas. It’s been a joy watching you grow, so thanks to everyone involved in your most excellent adventure: that would be Robyn, Fred & the entire Crooked Acres crew.

  3. I am sad there are so many kittens that they aren’t getting adopted. I can’t help but worry about them, and Livia. sad. At least they get to come home with you for a break. I will miss this bunch, they were really a gorgeous, sweet litter.

    • Adoptions tend to get really slow this time of year – I gave older kittens a break from the cage last year, and all of them were subsequently adopted. Sometimes it just takes a little longer for the right people to come along. πŸ™‚

  4. Maxi is such an only child in a multiple child household.

    Apparently she’s spending her nights in a tent on the banks of DeNial river in Egypt.

    I would so squeeze the stuffing out of each and everyone of the Sopranos. From Tony’s laid back attitude, Paulie’s pink toes, Adriana’s “I meant to do that,” that ridiculous dismount, all of it.

    • What cracks me up is that she is COMPLETELY taken by surprise EVERY evening to find that other cats have taken up residence in the house. How did this happen?! she wonders. How can this be?!

  5. Awwwwwwwwww! They’re all really growing!! I have everything crossed that you will all be adopted speedily and quickly – along with your mama! You are such a wonderful family and it was great to see you all grow and progress!! Yay! Take care

  6. sniff sniff sniff……..I hope the Sopranos don’t have to wait too long before they find their forever homes. If I could I would take Livia home with me. She is so precious !!!

    You house will be so quiet !! You are sweet to take home the other kitties so they can get a little holiday from the cages. I hope we will see pictures of their holiday at Crooked Acres !!!

    • Well, it’s all relative. They’ll be confined to the foster room for at least a week instead of racing through the house.

  7. I HATE it when they have to leave :'( THANK YOU for every single piece of love you give to them…….all of them <3

  8. I am astounded that such a distinctive looking kitty as Livia hasn’t been snapped up. Are people blind???

  9. Sooo… I posted a comment/question around the end of August regarding a smallish black cat who had (I believed and still believe) reappeared in my neighborhood after two years’ absence. She looked, acted, and sounded just like a momma cat on whom I had done TNR and two of whose kittens my husband and I fostered in 2011, and I wondered if anyone thought it was possible that she had returned.

    Well, it’s been three and a half months, and “Momma” has been in our bathroom since last Thursday. It just got so cold, and I was pretty sure I could just scruff her and dump her in a carrier, so I did. She got vaccinated and blood drawn for FIV/FeLV testing this past Sunday, so we are hoping to have her adopted out some day soon, perhaps to a friend — or to ourselves, if my husband relents, which he seems close to doing (and provided that she is negative for those diseases since we have two other cats).

    She was already pretty affectionate with me, and she is coming around to other people as well, including my 1-year-old daughter; she’s not interested in sitting in laps, but she likes getting scratched around the head and ears. She is using the litter box like a champ, too, so I’m pretty stoked for her making a very nice pet. On top of that, she is SO gentle — not once, even at the vet’s, has she tried to scratch or bite (though she certainly hasn’t liked being scruffed and put in a carrier).

    So anyway, I know I’m not supposed to blame you, Robyn. Let’s say, rather, I was “inspired” by you to take in Momma. I hope you and your other readers will send good vibes for Momma’s tests to come back negative (I should hear tomorrow).

    Those Sopranos had better get themselves adopted soon. They are so freaking cute.

    • Thank you for taking her in, Alexandra. She sounds like a sweetheart!

      Also – Tony has such a sweet face! I’m going to miss all these little goobers…

    • I am keping my fingers crossed that you and your daughter can persuede hubby. And thar the tests bring good news.

    • Fingers crossed that her tests come back clear (I bet they will!) and that your husband caves. I like “inspired”. πŸ™‚

  10. Sighhhh. It’s THAT time again. I am so going to miss these munchkins. Sweet Livia sure had pretty babies. May she and all of them be in their forever homes for Christmas! Bless your heart, Robyn, for all the love and care you give these lovelies!

    (And thank you for the bounty of Adriana posts in this edition!)