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Paulie on the cat tree, Carmela on the end of my bed (I swear, she’s a circus monkey. She loves to balance on the end of my bed!)

Paulie doesn’t have the most graceful of dismounts. Carmela’s all “What are you DOING?!”

“Is the pole unstable? No, it seems to be nice and steady…”

Inspector Carmela goes up top to investigate further.

She doesn’t see anything that could have caused his gawky fall from the top platform.

Nothing to have tripped him up…

“I think he was PUSHED!” she declares.

Melfi don’t care. It’s nap time!

Tony’s in his own little marshmallow-brained world.

Carmela’s all “I didn’t do it!”

Pretty, pretty Silvio.

He is just the sweetest boy.


Stinkerbelle does her best to ignore me.

“You VERY ANNOYING, lady!”


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12-14-13 — 21 Comments

    • I heart Silvio — desperately. And everyone else, including stunning Stinkerbelle, to boot. I saw in a previous year’s post that Miz Poo goes outside, which for some reason was a surprise. Does she still do so, Robyn?

      • You know, it wasn’t ’til I saw your question that I realized I can’t remember the last time I saw her outside. She used to be like Corbie or Kara, outside all the time no matter the weather, but over the past few years she’s been inside more and more. I guess her old lady self prefers her heated bed to being outside!

  1. Funny sequence, investigating what caused Paulie’s strange dismount. Carmella is so long and lanky in the “I didn’t do it” picture. I cant believe these guys have grown so quickly. Cute kittens, but Stinkerbelle is GORGEOUS. Such beautiful coloring!

  2. I am curious how each of your cats (past and present) came into your lives? In my case, the first ones I remember, Minerva and Imper, were in a litter of a neighbor cat. Ceasar was a different neighbor with a litter. Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe were siblings left at the doorstep of the Humane society (not a no-kill shelter). Agatha Christie was an abandoned cat that got pregnant and had her kittens in a woodpile under my bedroom window (all the kittens found other homes, Agatha claimed me as her person despite the presence of the other cats). Jasper was adopted from a no-kill shelter as a people shy, sick cat, and is now a people shy healthy cat (as it turns out, I must not be a person, I must be a cat, because he is no longer afraid of me).

    • Ooh, this is a good topic for a post all itself, so I’m going to save the answer for that post. 🙂

      It’s not that you’re not a person – it’s that he’s a one-person cat, and you’re that person! 🙂

    • For the same reason there were no pictures of Adriana: I didn’t have any. But there’ll be some this week, I’m sure. 🙂

  3. Oooh, I love the topic of how our babies came into our lives! My answer is an easy one: I have a barn…

  4. I’ve come back to this post 3 times just to look at Paulie’s ‘dismount.’ I’m fairly certain that if I were a kitten, that would be the way I would do it, too! Go, Paulie!

    • Yeah, they’re doing just fine – Adriana’s sort of taking on a mothering role toward the rest of them, making sure their ears are cleaned and comforting them if she feels they need it!

    • Well, shucks, looks like that site doesn’t allow direct linking. It was a picture of Carmela with “Inspector Carmela knows you’re guilty!” for the caption.