12-16-09 – Kneady Hydrox, and Super Mike!

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Note to those who have asked (or haven’t asked and are wondering): “Meezer” = nickname for “Siamese.”

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Two movies today!

The first, after his traumatic overnight experience at the vet’s, Hydrox was feeling a little kneady. He was a biscuit-making, wool-sucking fool for much of yesterday.

YouTube link

The second: I’m pretty sure Mike has springs inside his legs. That boy can BOUNCE.

YouTube link


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12-16-09 – Kneady Hydrox, and Super Mike! — 10 Comments

  1. ugh, people. quit abandoning your friggin pets!!!!!!!! i am so thankful for people like you robyn (and fred too), who will help out any animal in need, no matter how many others you’ve got.

    enough mushy stuff, on to the cute! you can HEAR hydrox licking!! that second video is so great! you have to watch it several times to catch everything, hydrox’s adorable stretchy entrance, miss v’s (whichever one she is) serious air, miss v’s hard fall, the spectators’ bobbing heads, and of course mike’s acrobatics.

  2. Hope the abondoned kitties find a home-damn this economy and what it is doing to innocent pets and people alike!
    Loved both videos-no bookshelf is complete without a couple of adorable head bobbing kittens. Hydrox is too adorable. Every kitten is amazing in his/her own way! Love all your sweet kitten residents.

  3. Ok I really hate the people who abandoned those poor kitties – we are praying they find a good home soon! I am glad that someone good was there to help them.

    Ok, so the videos – cute but the Hydrox one makes me a little sad (Barney used to do that same thing – made me a little sad as well) because I know why he is doing it (no mom there for him). But it is still totally cute, and he seems happy enough – I am sure he doesn’t mind at all. The second one is hilarious – that boy is a jumper for sure!

  4. Was it just me or does Hydrox seem to be almost as big as the Wonkas in the last video?! I know you’ve said he was a big boy, but I didn’t realize it until I watched that video. Very cute!

  5. Oh Hydrox, wish you could come here and be my biscuit-making wool-sucking fool…*sigh*…he reminds me of my sweet Poppy, who took biscuit making quite seriously…

    As for the second video, oh my goodness, love, love, love it! Mike can seriously jump! Boy’s a natural athlete…love how the meezer Cookie decided to go sit in the bookshelf after a while, safe from harm…and I love how I think it’s Veruca, who’s sitting in the bookshelf, with a worried look on her face, monitoring the craziness below, and then decides to reach over and try to bop the poor Cookie on the head…of course Hydrox stretching just totally cracked me up…your house is definitely my idea of heaven!

  6. Oh, as for the abandoned kitties, ugh, some people are just awful…how can you just abandon your pet somewhere and leave?!? I know it happens all the time, but grrr!

    Thank goodness they’re safe now…hope they find a happy home!

  7. Is it just me to did I see a bad wittle cookie scratching the chair halfway through that video? Oh noes! It must be so much fun having all those kitties around all day.

  8. Great videos!! That one of Hydrox reminds me of Pandora (she still does that, at age 11, except she does it on my neck or my arm :))

    Hydrox sure is getting big! Seeing him in the 2nd video next to the Wonkas really puts his size into perspective!

    I hope homes are found for those two lovely cats – such a shame that people have to abandon their pets. 🙁 🙁