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So, earlier this week I took the rug that was in the foster room, and I dragged it out to the garbage. And I replaced it with interlocking heavy-duty foam flooring. Because while it’s nice to have a rug in that room, it’s also really difficult to clean – also, not particularly easy to see little droplets of poop – and I got to the point where I would look at that rug and even though it had just been vacuumed and appeared to be clean, I felt like I could just SEE it crawling with germs.

The foam tiles can be vacuumed and cleaned, and won’t absorb the fluid you clean it with.

I’m a little concerned that the kittens’ claws will do some damage to them, but so far that hasn’t happened. So far, so good!

My only gripe is that the green is a bit brighter than I expected. I wanted the blue, but the blue was backordered, so I opted for the green instead.

The kittens don’t seem to mind.

Bobby believes in clean toes.



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Rhyme does not appreciate this cold weather nonsense.

Reacher prefers to stay warm inside with Tommy.

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Newt in the sun. “Whatchoo want, lady? Let Newtie sleep. Newtie was out all night huntin’ mice. Newtles needs his snoozin’ time. You go away now.”


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12-16-10 — 11 Comments

  1. I have some of those interlocking mats…mine is gray (I use them when I work out.). HOWEVER, one of my cats likes to CHEW the edges of them and chew them up into little pieces. So not funny. I have to keep them stored out of sight and reach. Brat.

    The green actually looks nice with yoyr cat scratch board. šŸ™‚

  2. Robyn,

    You have a wonderful opportunity with the new flooring since it appears to be very similar to the color used in green screen photography! All you have to do is learn how to do filters in Photoshop and you could have your own special effects kitten studio!

    Think of it: photos of Bradys in space! Photos of Kara as Sheriff in a Western town! Photos of Bookworms eating kitten food on a rustic farm… er… well, you have that already.

    But you know what I mean and I sure hope you find it funny!

    If not, then it does look nice with the cat scratch pad and all!


  3. I have a couple of those mats in front of my dog’s food dishes in the kitchen. She has balance issues, so they help her keep her footing. However, the kitten LOVES to sharpen his claws on them, which is fine with me since it means he’s not using my furniture (or his scratching post, but whatever). At least they are not too expensive to replace!

  4. I think that flooring is a great idea. I would love to have carpet tiles – the Flor brand (or however it is spelled) says you can pick up the square, rinse it, let it dry and put it back. That sounds like such a great idea with only 6 cats in the house. And the mats are double great, because they are soft for the crazy kitten bodies – I swear that I was so nervous watching Gus and Stella wrestle when they were little (and still now). They slam into everything like professional wrestlers and don’t seem to care – but it made me crazy. With so many little ones in and out you must have that stuff going on all the time – this will be nice and cushiony for them!!

    Rhyme is smart to not appreciate the cold weather, and Reacher is smart to stay in and stay warm!

    Hi Newt – sorry we bothered you but you are just a handsome guy, what can we say!

  5. GD – try covering the outside edges of your mat pieces with duct tape. It should slow down the biting.

  6. You know, the more full-body shots I see of the remaining Bookworms, the more I am convinced that they are at least half Bengal. Look at those pretty spots!