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“Come ON, guys, it’s PICTURE time again, what a SHOCK. Cindy, get out from behind Marcia and let’s get this over with!”

“Wait. Perhaps now would be the ideal time to let you know that I HAZ A COMPLAINT. And my complaint is that my nose is dirty. You feed me canned food mixed with pumpkin, and then you want to take my picture?”

“My nose is dirty and I DON’T LIKE IT.”


“I DON’T LIKE IT, you hear me?”

Jan says, “Oh, there’s a surprise. Pipsqueak Bobby has a complaint. I have eye boogers, but do you hear ME complaining? NO. It just adds to my charm.”

Peter says, “I have no complaints. I look absolutely smashingly perfect and everyone who sees me wants to kiss me on top of my adorable head.”

“Ehn! Ehn! Let me through! I want to be in the picture, too!”

Greg adds, “I have a little food on my nose, too. I’m saving it for later.”

Cindy pipes in with “I could be covered in food from head to toe, and I’d still be unbearably adorable.”

“Maybe one day you’ll learn to use that flash right, lady, and all the good pictures won’t come out too dark!”

Everyone’s a critic.

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You can’t tell from this angle, but Kara’s actually a very small cat. Not the most slimming angle – or position, I guess.


2009: If that look on her face doesn’t say “smug”, I don’t know what does.
2008: I suppose I can live with being woken up at 4 in the morning, stumbling to the door, and opening it to let them out into the house.
2007: No entry.
2006: Last night, I had every kitten but Merry asleep in my lap
2005: No entry.



12-15-10 — 13 Comments

  1. What a hoot! You made my day with those pictures and comments. Plus, I got my card in the mail too! It’s fantastic.

  2. Thank you for the card, got it yesterday! I have a cat that looks just like that one (is it Jake on the card??), his name is Elvis. Your pictures are great, even the too dark ones : )

  3. Love the Brady squabbles! Keep ’em coming!

    Don’t worry, Kara is just all puffed up for the winter! My skinny guy looks positively obese right now but it’s all fur!

  4. I’d love it if you could show another picture (or more pictures) of that “heart” on Cindy!

  5. Poor Kara, she looks angry that you posted a “fat” picture of her on the internet for the world to see! I see an evil thought bubble over her head.

  6. Aaaaaah! Beautiful Bradys, even the complaining one! Poor Kara – my old boy was the longest, thinnest, lankiest cat you could ever see, but even he looked fat if he was scrunched up and from the right (wrong?) angle. Blame the photographer, girl!

  7. Oh those Bradys! What adorable group shots.
    Got your card and laughed out loud. Did you ply him with catnip or was he just waking up from a nap? No way would my two EVER allow a ‘costume’ shot!

  8. Wow, I feel like I have been away from visiting for so long, because I swear the Brady’s seem to have changed so much to me! It is so funny because a lot of them look like they could be related to Barney (colorwise) – you get a lot of Barney’s relatives it seems! They are all so adorable – but I think I am loving on Cindy today – I think she is just so cute – I could have 10 of her and be happy! If we had room I would be down there in a heartbeat! And oh I just love it when one of them has a complaint – you do translate those so well!! And it is so funny to me how different Jan and Cindy’s looks are from the others – they are much rounder in the face and eyes, where the rest are more slender in the face and have more siamese shaped eyes. Gus and Stella’s litter was like that – 4 that had similar builds and shapes and 2 that were different (though they had 4 that were round, and two that were more, um, triangular I guess – not quite as siamese like as these 4 are). It doesn’t really matter because they are all gorgeous – but just funny they are so different!

    And Kara, well, we all have those bad angles. There is a picture of Lola from a few years back under the tree and while she isn’t exactly a petite girl in the picture she looks a bit like Jaba the Hut. So Kara, we all, and especially Lola, can understand getting the bad angles! And even if you look a little pudgy you do look very cute!

    Oh, and I haven’t posted about it yet (because I am so bad) but we got your postcard! We were excited!

  9. Awwwww the Bradys are super duper super cute whether covered in boogers, food and attitude! LOL!! They’re lovely!!!

    And sweet Kara – you’re just perfect!! Take care

  10. ’tis a thankless job you do, Robyn, what with all those Bradys nagging you day and night – sheez! I bet they think they’re soo cute we’ll just find them adorable regardless of what they do? Well, they better think again…naaah, they’re right! Squishes for all!!!!! Don’t worry Kara, my boys think I take abysmal shots of them, too. You sure are cute.