What I love about the Christmas Kitties is that their personalities are really starting to emerge. Faith is the big baby who climbs into my lap at the first opportunity and lets out a “Woman, pet me!” meow every once in a while. I think she’d like it if I did nothing but sit and pet her. Merry is the feisty little biter who likes to sit on my leg and be petted until she’s distracted by my toes, which apparently misbehave and desperately need to be bitten on a regular basis. Noelle’s the shy girl who will stand next to me ’til the cows come home and happily let me pet her, but if I try to pick her up, she’s off like a shot. Jack Frost is the big baby who likes to swish back and forth (much in the way Fancypants used to; I can’t believe he’s been gone for more than three years!) and if I’m not fast enough with the petting, he lets me know it. Kringle is the love bug – he’ll climb into my lap along with Faith, play with her, play with my leg, play with whichever sibling is within reach, and then he’ll fall asleep.

Last night, I had every kitten but Merry asleep in my lap. It was seriously cute, and I wish I’d had the camera with me.

They may be going to the pet store this weekend, I’m not sure yet. Now I need to go snuggle with them and take a bazillion more pictures just in case they do!


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