Fred And3rson and the Always Ready for Snackin’ Time Players present “Who’s Ready for a Snack?”

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Fred feels it vitally important that I inform y’all that he doesn’t usually sound like that. Because otherwise I’m sure you’d all think that he runs around screaming things in that same high-pitched voice all the time.


We let the kittens out to run around the house for a few hours last night. It went surprisingly better than I expected. The only big cat who had a real issue with the little monsters running around was Mister Boogers, who showed his butt as usual, but the rest of the cats just kind of sat and looked at the kittens and occasionally hissed if they got too close.

Kringle is just a wild little thing who will run back and forth, back and forth, back and forth until he drops into a heap of exhaustion. He cracks me up.


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