12-20-15 Sunday

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For our Chewy product review this month, we reviewed Canidae Grain-Free PURE Taste with Fresh Chicken Cat Treats.

We received a 3-ounce bag, which looked like this:

First, I tried Stefan.

He tried one, and then gave me a “no thanks” look and refused to eat any more.

Jake came running over to get in on this, and after a few sniffs, he didn’t eat any. That is highly unusual, because Jake will eat just about anything.

After walking away from the treats I’d offered him, Jake went over to see if I’d given Stefan anything better. Nope!

Alice, who is a picky cat, gave the treats a cursory sniff and then pushed them onto the floor.

Adele came running to see what was going on, sniffed those treats all over, and then walked away.

Pink – who is very much like Jake in that she’ll eat just about anything – came to see what was going on, ate one treat, and wouldn’t eat another.

Newt sniffed the treat, looked at me as though I’d insulted his mother, and went back to sleep.

Dennis licked one treat, wouldn’t eat it, and said “You woke me up for this?”

So, it was unanimous: none of the cats liked these treats. Bummer!

Thank you to Chewy.com and Canidae for the opportunity to review these treats, even though they were not a hit. You can find these treats here.

As always, the product was provided to us free of charge; the opinions are the cats’, as interpreted by me.


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12-20-15 Sunday — 8 Comments

  1. I notice that you haven’t yet added Pink to the “In Residence” on the sidebar. You’ll also need to add the Voices (or the Judges or whatever you’re calling them). So much to do, so little time…

    By the way, looking at the pic of the treat bag, I see that it says “crunchy texture helps clean teeth”. That’s your problem right there — it’s supposed to be GOOD for them! Ha, ha! Of course, they aren’t going to like them! Also, the company name reminds me of dogs rather than cats, so these are probably a better hit with canines. Hopefully, George will finish them off for you!

    • Actually it’s Latin dog-like animals. (= dogs, wolves, foxes etc.) So no wonder the poor ‘felidae’ didn’t like it. They thought they’d been given Gracie’s treats by mistake.

  2. That’s too bad that they weren’t a hit but always interesting to read everyone’s reviews.