12-21-15 Monday

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Before we get started on today’s post, I wanted to let y’all know that Love & Hisses is now on Tumblr. I’ve set it up so that the pictures I post to Instagram that auto-post to Facebook will now also auto-post to Tumblr. Also, if I’ve set it up correctly, a link to today’s post should have posted to Tumblr, too.

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Okay, here are the kittens y’all thought might be the one we came THISclose to adopting this year. They’re listed in no particular order.

















And the answer is….

Drumroll please….


Fred liked Phelps (who he called “Yellow”) from the get-go, and was pushing to adopt him. This is nothing different – he’s always pushing to adopt at least one kitten from every litter we foster. (This is a far cry from back when we first started fostering and I wanted to adopt them all, while he was the one saying “no.” These days, he’d probably keep every kitten we foster, and I have to be the “bad guy.”)

Phelps reminded us both very much of Tommy, not only in appearance, but also in attitude. Once he went off to Petsmart, I waffled about going and bringing him back home. When I got word, while I was recovering from shoulder surgery, that Louganis and Spitz had been adopted together, I was so very close to telling Fred that we should go get him.

And then he was adopted the same night! In the end, I wasn’t sad that he’d been adopted by someone else, and neither was Fred. I think that it just wasn’t meant to be. I’m still not ready to add another permanent resident to the roster; we’re still getting over all the losses we’ve had this year.

(As an honorable mention, I have to say that if Carlin hadn’t gone home with Ann and Rich, he’d likely have stayed here. I thought he would be really good with future fosters, and he was just an all-around cool dude. So I’m glad Ann and Rich fell in love with him and adopted him!)


Pink was laying on me, sleeping, and while sound asleep she rolled over and off of me onto the bed. She never woke up. Don’t you love that little shaved belly and the bunny paws?

Adele, giving Stefan dirty looks. She has no patience for that boy.

In the evening, to convince the cats who are hanging out in the back yard that they want to come inside for the night, we’ve gotten into the habit of bribing them with treats. Adele and Pink immediately understood that bedtime = treat time.

And here’s Pink in the morning, eating off of Jake’s plate. She doesn’t have the patience to wait for her own plate, and he puts up with her pretty well. I usually have to actually pick her up and move her to her own plate.

Pink in the Cat Lady box, considering her next move.

Apparently her next move was to leave the box, because Adele took possession. That box is very popular.

A slurp and a swipe at Pink.


Shakti mentioned in Friday’s comments that a better name for the new litter would be The Coaches, since that’s actually what they’re called on the show (their main job is to coach the contestants), and I like that, so I’m going to go with it. Thanks, Shakti!

Also, I forgot to say how old they are when I posted about them on Friday. Their estimated date of birth is October 26th, which makes them 8 weeks old today. That’s just a guesstimated date of birth, of course – they could be a little older or a little younger.

Levine in the sun (behind him, you can barely see Stefani on the scratcher keeping an eye on things).

Yes, you!

Shelton and the Open Mouth of Outrage.

More Outrage. He’s got a lot to spare.

Stefani and the Skepticals. (Would be an excellent band name!)

Sweet, sweet, SWEET boy.

“I can has a snuggle?”


“How’m I gonna have my snack when you have jars of JAM all over the counter, lady?!”


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12-21-15 Monday — 13 Comments

  1. lol…. Shelton & Levine act just like they do on the show (a lot of fake outrage but they’re actually best buds)

  2. I love that you were THISclose to adopting Phelps. You are certainly more brave than I would be with letting the little darlings go. This reminds me again how much I would love a series that tells us which kittens were your favorites in all of the litters you’ve fostered. It would add a delightful new perspective to what you do. Any chance?

  3. Phelps was a cutie! He was the one I would have adopted out of that litter. (I have to pick one from every litter.)

    I think out of the Coaches, so far Levine is my favorite!

  4. They ALL would have been good picks. This was a great year for cuties! Whenever I see Shelton’s name, my brain translates it incorrectly to ShelDon of the “Big Bang Theory” so I suggest that for an upcoming litter. You’d have Sheldon, Leonard, Amy, Penny, Raj, Howard, and Bernadette (if you didn’t already know).

  5. I think that you could’ve adopted any of those sweeties and it would’ve been wonderful. But it has been a horrible year so you and Fred take your time as to when you bring someone home full time.

    Those pics of Elwood and Tommy still sting.

    Btw, I got your card, thank you !

  6. Okay, seriously, I’m not copying you (much) as I just joined tumblr too..

    and DH and I were pretty much exactly as you and Fred are in the whole ‘keeping a kitten’ thing. He knows I’ll say no so he campaigns to keep kittens that like him.

  7. Robyn, thank you SO much for the card! Absolutely hilarious, as always, and an instant classic.

    Loved looking at sweet Elwood and Tommy today. RIP lovely boys. xxx