12-22-15 Tuesday

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All the holiday cards have gone out (I sent the last six yesterday afternoon), and all of the ones I’ve received have been scanned and posted over at Flickr. You can see the whole album here. (I last checked the PO Box on Friday; I’m planning to go later today.) Cards will be added as we receive them.

Thank you to everyone who has sent us a card – y’all have sent some really amazing ones, and I love opening and reading them!


We have an update! Let’s see if you recognize this sweet girl.

That, of course, is the Peanut formerly known as Pattypan. Look at that long tail!

Kim says: I wanted to share some updated photos. We are so in love with Peanut! She is such a sweetheart.

Thank you so much for the pictures, Kim. You know we love seeing that sweet face!


“Put down the camera and give me snuggles, lady.”

It took me a few days to notice that Pink had shortened whiskers, all on the left side. I don’t know how it happened, but it adds to her charm, don’t you think?

These two spend all day long chasing each other from one end of the house to the other. I’m glad they’ve turned out to be such good friends!

Ever since I brought this gift bag home last week, Adele has adored it. She loves to climb inside it. Here, Stefan’s all “What you doin’, weird kitteh?”


Stefan, smacking at Adele through the bag. (That’s Archie over by the door with the impatient Ears of Someone Open This Door Already.)

And Adele smacking back at him.

I love this picture.


Shelton, partially Halloween-kittied-up.

Stefani checks out the mirrors.

I just love that one white whisker she has. And I also love that she and Levine are both sporting Ears of Annoyance.

Levine considers his next move.


Oh, that little FACE.

The Coaches are doing well – every time I walk into the room, they run over to me and howl ’til I sit down. They get their snuggles for a few minutes, then they race off to play. They are just the sweetest little lovebugs! I have a hundred trillion zillion videos that I need to go through so I can share them. Hopefully I’ll get that done tomorrow!


Stefan got a little too close to Alice, and she slapped him and glared at him. I love the way she’s continuing to glare at him – I wouldn’t ordinarily love it this much if one cat smacked another, but Alice has a hard time standing her ground when it comes to Stefan, so this pleases me.

Oh, Newt. Why you so stressed?


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12-22-15 Tuesday — 24 Comments

  1. Oh, the cards are so beautiful! As was yours and I see mine ;-)! So good to hear PattyPan(Peanut) is doing so well and is so loved! Love these babies (all of them!) love the permanent residents, LOVE crooked acre, LOVE Love & Hisses! Happiest of holiday seasons to you and Fred and the ENTIRE gang!!!

  2. Those placemats in the picture with Alice and Stefan remind me of Scrabble boards. It looks a bit like Stefan is looking at his invisible tiles in front of him. So it would be captioned with something related if it were me. Such as:”What kind of a word can I make with D-A-R-L-I-N-G. Ooh I wish I could spell better”. LOL!

  3. As always, beautiful shots. Adele has achieved detente with Stefan.

    On a side note, I hope it’s okay if Challenger’s House receives random donations. When Finn (my 15 year old male) died in September, my sister asked to do something for him. I suggested a donation to CH in his name; she did the donation but couldn’t figure out how to put a name in. So when Bridie (my 15 year old female) left us Friday, she made another gift. I hope that isn’t weird for CH. but I couldn’t think of a better place.

    • ((((Hugs, Carol, on losing Bridie and Finn.))))
      Contributions to Challenger’s House is a wonderful way to honor their lives.

    • Hugs and purrs Carol… And how thoughtful of you to honor your kitties with donations to Challenger’s House!

    • What a wonderful way to honor your kitties that have passed. I am sorry you have had two losses this year.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss of Finn and Bridie, Carol. And that donations to Challenger’s House are very welcome and appreciated; Susan told me last week that when she receives an out-of-state donation from a name she doesn’t recognize, she figures it’s a Love & Hisses reader. She also said that I have some wonderful readers, and she is SO RIGHT! <3

    • Birdie and Finn. I bet they were great siblings and friends. So sorry for your losses so soon after the other.

      That was very sweet of your sister and a loving way to remember them.

  4. Khaleesi and the dragons were on Love Meow again today. Loved seeing their faces again. Would love updates on them also!! (Hint, hint)

    • We had a thanx one on the mother of dragons but minus her turkey stalking. Maybe we can get a Christmas one of her stalking the roast beast!

      Love how cats will stalk inanimate objects, and how often said objects get away!

  5. great pictures….Adele is going to make someone seriously happy. 🙂 Stefani may have the ears of annoyance in that picture, but she also looks seconds from “gotta go, bye”

  6. I suspect I know the reason Pink has some shortened whiskers on one side. I think the picture of Adele and Pink wrasslin’ might explain it.

    • Ha – no, she showed up with them… I THINK! Now I have to go look back through her pictures and see if she showed up with shortened whiskers or it happened after a couple of days. You’d think Adele would have enough floof of her own to chew on. 😀

  7. Love the up foster updates! Peanut looks great, ready for more adventures, which is what kittens need to do. I bet she’s a great snuggler though, when the adventure’s over. Speaking of updates, weren’t we going to get a norbie update too?

    Looking at those old ducks pictures made me wonder, were there ever any ducklings? They were trying to work on the population but so were you on the other side.

    • We got a Norbie update a month ago, in this post.

      We have not yet (and hopefully will never) have any ducklings hatched. Those girl ducks are awfully wily, though. I’m going to be some kind of ticked off if I look out the window and see a mama duck with a gaggle of ducklings following her around!

      • Pesto breath, how could I have forgotten that?

        Would love a Flook update too, just saying. Or find out how Tony soprano’s doing living with a real life sherrif. I just love seeing former fosters looking all smug and happy in their forever homes.