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Sights from around Crooked Acres.

2011-12-22 (1)
Panoramic shot of the chickens.

2011-12-22 (2)
Every weekend, we give the chickens whatever sweets we have left laying around. Last weekend was a cherry pie.

2011-12-22 (3)
They were fans of the cherry pie, to say the least.

2011-12-22 (4)

2011-12-22 (5)
It was gone in about 30 seconds flat.

2011-12-22 (6)
We also gave them some left over pizza. The smart ones grabbed a hunk of crust and ran off away from the others so they could eat in peace.

2011-12-22 (7)

2011-12-22 (8)
Head Rooster enjoys him some pizza, too.

2011-12-22 (9)
The Rock Star.

2011-12-22 (10)
Y’all know I think this chicken is SO pretty.

2011-12-22 (11)
Zombie Chicken, on the run with her piece of the pizza.

Time to herd the ducks out to the pond for their weekly visit!

2011-12-22 (13)
(I know it looks like that duck is eating the mud. He’s not – Fred had tossed a handful of scratch his way.)

2011-12-22 (12)

2011-12-22 (14)
Please note the look Mister Duck is giving Miz Duck in this picture.

2011-12-22 (15)
There were pictures between the last picture and this one, but I deleted them because no one needs to see duck sex. You’re welcome.

2011-12-22 (17)
Girl Duck on the right is all ::flapflapflap:: “Better you than me, sister!” and Man Duck back there is all “You’re next, missy!”

2011-12-22 (18)
We got ’em out to the pond, and they went in the water like they were doing us a favor.

2011-12-22 (19)
We made them stay in for about five minutes.

2011-12-22 (20)
“We’re IN the water, but we’re NOT enjoying it!”

2011-12-22 (21)
Then they spotted freedom and went for it.

2011-12-22 (22)

2011-12-22 (23)

2011-12-22 (24)
I got this really neat little cat from Jai the other day.

2011-12-22 (25)
Charlie thought it was neat, too.

2011-12-22 (26)
I got kind of excited because it totally looked to me like it might be made out of cat hair.

2011-12-22 (27)
Jai said probably not (it came from a craft fair), so Charlie turned his attentions to the star that came with the cat, and tried to eat it. (I took it away from him and hung it on the tree.)

2011-12-22 (28)
In the same visit to the post office, I got a pair of socks from Kathy.

2011-12-22 (29)
And a Chilean terracotta three-legged pig! (It’s a token of good fortune. I feel more fortunate already!)

Thanks again, Jai and Kathy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-22 (35)
Panoramic of the boys – left to right: Opie, Tig, Clay, Jax.

2011-12-22 (34)
Eyes on the feather teaser (I love how they reach for it, even when it’s nowhere near them.)

2011-12-22 (33)
Tig and Jax.

2011-12-22 (32)
Such serious little faces.

2011-12-22 (30)
Opie must have some serious abs. I know I could never lick the bottom of my foot without using my arm to hold my leg in place!

2011-12-22 (31)
That must be one dirty foot.

2011-12-22 (36)
Jax, possessor of the only tail in the kitten room, has three little tuxies playing with his tail a LOT. They thing it’s a pretty fabulous toy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-12-22 (37)
Well, Joseph Robert, that’s a bit of a pickle you find yourself in, isn’t it?

2011-12-22 (39)
This is what happens when you slip out of your collar and climb over the fence.

2011-12-22 (38)
I should just leave you out there to teach you a lesson, is what I should do.

2011-12-22 (40)


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12-22-11 — 18 Comments

  1. Oh they grow up so fast. Seems like just yesterday they were ducklings splashing around in a water dish. On the bright side, perhaps the next generation of ducks will rebel against their parents and actually hang out at the pond.

    Poor Jax looks annoyed that his tuxie brother found his hiding spot for his tail. The only tabby, the only tail… good thing he’s so beautiful. A boy could get a complex.

  2. I <3 Tigs soul patch. 🙂 My boy, Vash, has a white soul patch (He's the opposite of Tig – mostly black). I think I need Tig so I'd have an inverted Photocopy (whose poor tail got cut off by the machine!) of Vash running around.
    Is it wrong that you make me want to own chickens? I just want a Rock Star and an Angry Muppet. I live in MD though & it gets cold here so I don't know where we'd keep chickens (in the house?). I'd also love a duck, but again – no place to keep them (and no pond). I'm sort of living vicariously through you & Fred and your gaggle of chickens. Wait – chickens aren't a gaggle – that's geese! 😀

    • I think you’d have to get chickens who are bred for the colder weather (LisaNH on Flickr lives in NH and she’s got Icelandic chickens that seem to handle the cold pretty well) – but even here, with the mild winters, we occasionally have to go out when it’s going to be really cold, and put Vaseline on the roosters’ combs so they don’t get frostbite.

      Everyone needs an Angry Muppet, though. She’s little, she wouldn’t take up much space! 🙂

  3. No one needs to see duck sex! *snorts* Always something new at Crooked Acres!!

    And like we really thought for a moment you’d leave poor sweet Joe Bob outside… 🙂

  4. Tuxie kitten yoga is so delightful to see I think and cat doing an impression of a leg of ham (bone in) is one of my favorite views.
    Maybe the duckies would like the lake more if you put some food in it for them? Do American ducks like stale bread? Here in the UK its traditional to throw stale bread into lakes and ponds or rivers “for the ducks” (its especially fun if you have a small child with you)Here in Bridgend we have a bridge over the river next to Tesco and I sometimes (when theyve got chicks especially) buy a cheap loaf and stand chucking bits of it to them, the Seagulls get in on the act quite quickly and they do amazing acrobatics, also its fun to see dozens of ducks frantically head for that bit of the river when the bread starts hitting it!

    • What we need to do is be more organized – the first time we herded the ducks out to the pond, we took a box of Cheerios with us, but they were so freaked out by the experience that they didn’t even notice them floating on the water. In the times since, it’s been a matter of us happening to be outside and deciding to herd them out to the pond. If it’s nice this weekend, I’ll be sure to bring Cheerios or bread out with us and see if that helps!

  5. What the hell is wrong with those ducks? Why don’t they like the pond? It’s like a billion times bigger than a water dish.

    So, OK, duck sex: Will there be ducklings at some point? (please say yes, please say yes, please say yes)

    • Oh, I’m sure there’ll be ducklings in the future. Hopefully not too many, though!

      Maybe the ducks are… what’s the opposite of claustrophobia? Agoraphobia? They like their tiny little water dishes instead of the big pond!

  6. Kitten tails: My Alice plays with her own tail constantly. I feel bad for the tail-less boys!

    Ducks: I have a pond behind my townhouse which is full of ducks and geese in the summer. That means we sometimes witness duck sex in the backyard, too. And I don’t know what’s wrong with your ducks and that nice pond…

  7. I see Joe Bob was horribly punished for his infraction… Poor thing, will he recover?
    I can’t wait to see what those tail-toy-deprived kittens do when released into a house THRIVING with kitty tails! Mayhem! Lots of Mayhem in the making!

  8. Aren’t those ducks you got all siblings? I keep worrying about incest amongst your animals, apparently (I was the one who fretted over the same issue with your chickens). 🙂

  9. P.S. I should clarify–it’s not so much the incest per se amongst the animals that seems wrong (they don’t seem to mind), but rather the genetic repercussions.

  10. Thanks for the weekly Joe Bob ration. Who needs sugar? Apparently not you and Fred when it comes to cherry pie. So restrained!