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Other than (maybe) the Christmas kittens from a few years back (Noel? Or was it Kris Kringle that was so gorgeous and floofy?), I think Jax may well hold the title for Prettiest! Anderson! Foster! EVER!

Those Christmas kittens were from 2006, and they were Jack Frost, Kringle, Merry, Noelle, and Faith.

And because of course I have to share pictures of that gorgeous bunch:

(Top: Jack Frost and Kringle (boys). Middle: Noelle and Faith. Bottom: Merry.)

Fred told me last night that he didn’t think Jax was all that gorgeous. He was like, “Eh. He’s a brown tabby. Whatevs.”


I thought about divorcing him, but I killed him and buried him in the back forty instead. George and Gracie were happy to help with the digging of the hole.

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So I know that you answered this before, but I just searched and couldn’t find it, but where did you get those attachments for the soda bottles to make them into bird feeders? My searching, however, did yield a recipe for a seed cake, which I hadn’t thought to make. I used to be able to get them pretty cheap at Petsmart, but now they’re about $7, and the squirrels demolish them pretty quickly. Petsmart once in a while has certain things in the wild bird aisle on super duper clearance and I can make a killing, but then for months everything is way expensive.

I actually got the attachments at the LL Bean Home store, but I cannot find them on the web site (I got them at the actual physical store a couple of summers ago), so I found them on Amazon instead. Here they are, right here, these are the same ones I’ve got. (It’s entirely possible that you can find them cheaper elsewhere on the web, I just tend to run right to Amazon ’cause that’s the kind of gal I am.)

Also, LL Bean is on my last nerve with their cat hatred. They’re ALL about the dogs, dog beds, dog collars, dog dishes, dogsdogsdogs. Nothing for the cats. NOTHING. Several years ago I managed to find a few small packages of cat toys tucked way in the back of the DOG section, but they apparently no longer carry them. I even just now went to their site and searched on “cat” and what came up was a bunch of dog stuff. Which, I know, I could use dog beds for cats (they certainly enjoyed Benjie’s dog bed when my parents brought him with them to visit last), but I’m not spending that much on a bed for cats who will probably ultimately pee on it.

Stupid LL Bean, is what I’m saying.

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Out of boredom Saturday afternoon (and after checking to be comfortably sure I wasn’t going to end up with a nine thousand dollar phone bill), I dialed 1-800-FLUF-HED. A recording instantly came on the line saying something like, “Call us to chat at 1-900-” so I hung up right away (before they could transfer me).

On Sunday morning, they called me back.

I saw the number and knew it looked familiar, but I couldn’t place it, so I let it go to voicemail. Almost as soon as it stopped ringing, I remembered where I knew the number from.

No one left a message, but now I’m just a little bit worried.

HA – I guess I should have checked it before I put it in as the 1-800 number for the FURnace order number, no?

PLEASE keep us informed as to whether they call you back. Sounds like they REALLY want your business! Heheh.

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I keep meaning to ask. Do those cardboard scratchers make a mess?

They make a bit of a mess, if the cats are particularly vigorous with the scratching. There’s usually a scattering of little cardboard pieces on the floor that I have to vacuum up, but it’s not terribly bad.

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The best part of the Spankey video was “Ahr yew alaaaahhhhhhhhhive?” That made me laugh more than the video did. You’re as cute as your kittehs are! (Of course, that’s probably more funny to a Northeasterner than a Southerner……or a transplanted Southerner….)

Correction – I was confused in my laughery – It was the harassment video and Newt was the one not aalaaahhhiiiivvve. That’s what I get for chuckling at a Southern accent.

Oh god, I knew exactly what part you were talking about. Every time I hear myself in a video, I think “From now on, I’m going to SHUT UP when I’m making a video, because no one needs to hear that ridiculousness!”, but then apparently I cannot keep my big mouth shut. Must talk to the kittehs! It’s a compulsion!

Anyone who wants to be annoyed, the part we’re talking about starts around 32 seconds in.

YouTube link

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Cute videos. Especially the one of you talking to the cats. Of course, you know I have to post a link to this YouTube video that answers for the cats:

YouTube link

LOVE it.

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So do the chickens taste extra delicious because of all the goodies you feed them?

They do taste extra delicious, but probably not ’cause of the extra goodies. Well, unless the goodies make them happier and happier chickens are tastier… or something.

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I LOVE that first drawing.. will you share who did it so I can check it out?

Samnet did the picture of Sugarbutt, this one:


And Punisher357 did the one of Stinkerbelle, this one:


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Have you seen this video of the silly screaming (yawning) cats? I intend to try it as soon as my furry overlords yawn in my presence.

YouTube link

That is hilarious!

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Those crinkle blankets seem a hit, Robyn? Spanky likes his, hey? Can you feel the warmtht if you put your hand under him? must buy some for the boys next year.

The thermal cat beds are definitely a hit – Spanky spends a lot of time on his, and the one I put on the couch is pretty much always occupied. I can feel warmth if I put my hand under him, but it’s not as warm as an electric pad would be. It seems to keep them warm enough, though – they certainly like them!

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2011-12-23 (1)
Annoyed Chuckles is annoyed.

2011-12-23 (4)
He is such a pretty boy.

2011-12-23 (3)
::sigh:: “No, it’s okay, I’ll just huddle here on this paper bag with only a dried old okra pod to play with.”

2011-12-23 (2)
“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be just – ::sob:: – fine.”

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2011-12-23 (14)
He is such a beautiful boy, isn’t he?

2011-12-23 (13)
One in, one out.

2011-12-23 (5)

2011-12-23 (6)

2011-12-23 (7)

2011-12-23 (8)

2011-12-23 (9)

2011-12-23 (12)

(Yes, Tig’s ears are dirty, and yes – I’ve since cleaned them. Promise!)

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It’s TIME for your WEEKLY evidence of the fact that CORBIE is a BEAUTIFUL BOY!

Unfortunately, I only got a couple of pictures of him this week. I was a slacker. More next week, I promise!

2011-12-23 (15)
That’s Corbie on the warming pad, and Tommy underneath the warming pad and the blanket. Apparently he was a bit cold.

2011-12-23 (16)

2011-12-23 (17)
After I took this picture, I kissed Corbie for y’all. You’re welcome.


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12-23-11 — 7 Comments

  1. I haven’t even finished reading this post yet, but I wanted to chime in with a GREAT bird supply store. It’s called Bird Watcher’s General Store (www.birdwatchersgeneralstore.com). I’ve been there several times (on vacation – they’re located in Mass.), and there store is awesome, the staff is awesome (and knowledgable), and their stuff is good quality. Shipping is $7.95, which seems like a lot, but that’s no matter how much stuff you buy. I don’t work for them – I just love the store. We refuse to buy birding stuff anywhere else. They probably have the soda bottle attachments. (They do seem to dislike cats, but that’s more because they hunt birds not for any other reason – and they’re not RUDE about it. :)) They send personal email confirmations when orders are placed online, and the shipping is fast.

    Ok now up to read the rest of the post. 🙂

  2. yea! thanks for answering, but the punisher person doesn’t seem to have anything listed :((

    I’ll have to check back on that later.

    and you were at the LLBean store??!>?! You were in the neighborhood then.. cool. I totally agree that LLBean totally needs to up their kitty quota of items..

  3. Got the Crooked Acres postcard yesterday – LOVE it! Thank you so much, Robyn! Wishing you, Fred, all the Crooked Acres critters, your readers, and all their furry ones a very happy holiday! (Oh, yeah – the videos are great and I’m glad to see Corbie is as beautiful as ever….)

  4. OH NOES!!! Fred is deded for Christmas. It seems such a pity. Who’s going to feed the pigs next year?!?!?!?

    Happy Holidays, anyways, I guess!