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Reacher, having heard the driveway alarm, is waiting to see if he needs to go hide from someone, or if it’s just the UPS guy.

I love that Corbie so.


It’s Rhyme time!

Greg Brady in the sun.

All six kittens are actually represented here – you can see Peter’s whiskers at the bottom of the picture.

Stretchin’ Cindy.

I went upstairs to hang out with the kittens, and they heard me come up the stairs, so slowly wandered out of the foster room. They’d obviously been sleeping.

And then came Miz Poo (she’s usually upstairs when I let the kittens out in the morning, and I give her the choice of coming downstairs or staying with the kittens. She usually stays with the kittens, because she loves their room – when it’s sunny, all the cats love it in there.)

Notice that they’re all giving her a wide berth. I suspect she’s taught them that if they get too close, there WILL be smackin’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Elwood really knows how to fill up a cat bed.


2009: “Whatchoo MEAN ‘stuck in the middle with Poo’?! I THOUGHT YOU LIKED HAVING ME HERE, BLOCKING YOUR VIEW OF THE MONITOR!”
2008: Miz Poo says “I am TOO a kitten, and I belong in the kitten room! Go away, Lem!”
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12-23-10 — 4 Comments

  1. Awesome! Got my card yesterday! The guys are suitably impressed. They send head-butts and clean ear licks to everyone at Crooked Acres for the holidays!

  2. What great pics! I especially like the sleepy Bradys avoiding Miz Poo and Elwood’s belly stripe (who knew?).

  3. Awww the kitties looks so tiny next to Miz Poo!!! Awwww!! How adorable!!! And great to see handsome Corbie and Rhyme!!! And Elwood sure knows how to ulitilize the cat bed!! Take care