12-23-15 Wednesday

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I got this in my email yesterday:

We want to wish you a Terry Christmas! Love, Christine, Mike, and Terry

That, of course, is True Blood Terry, who has been with Christine and Mike for just over a year – can you believe it’s already been a year? You can read the post about him going home here, and more about Terry here.

Christine also reported that they’ve had to rearrange the gifts under the tree to leave room for Terry because he likes it under there so much – and he’s only removed one ornament from the tree because he is SUCH a good boy!

Thank you for the picture, Christine. You know I love that sweet boy. (If you guys haven’t watched the video I put together of Terry talking when he was a little guy – it’s in this post – you totally need to go watch it. It cracks me up every single time!)


“YOU can get up and go downstairs, lady, but MY nap is not done yet!”

I just happened to get this picture and I love it – that’s Adele on the floor, probably looking at Stefan. And Alice up high, thinking about going up on top of the kitchen cabinets. Neither of them knew the other was there.

I used my Fresh Step points recently to get this Purr Pillow. I was intrigued, because the description said that the purring sound it makes “provides calm and comfort.” It arrived, I turned it on, and Adele and Pink ignored it at first. Now, if I turn it on and Pink is within earshot, she runs over and bites and bunny-kicks it. That girl just cracks me UP.

Did I mention that Adele’s nickname is Floomp? Sometimes it’s Floompf. We like to say she’s “Floompfing around the room.” Here, she has Floompfed right into the scratcher bed.

The past few nights, I’ve fallen asleep with Pink next to my shoulder and Adele curled up next to my legs. I think it’s safe to say that both these girls are total cuddlebugs.

Seriously, that little face. Couldn’t you just kiss the fur right off her?

Shelton’s got the crazy eyes.

Levine considers his next move.

Floofing at each other.

Levine in the sun.

Stefani in the scratcher-bed.

And Shelton in the sun, trying to figure out what’s going on.

These kittens, I’m am telling y’all, are just the SWEETEST. They purr their silly little heads off the instant I walk into the room, and they don’t stop. And they’re so SNUGGLY. Love ’em!


Fred has an issue with dry feet in the winter, so he puts Bag Balm on them and then puts socks on over the layer of Bag Balm. There’s something in the Bag Balm that drives Jake nutty – Fred tossed one of his socks to Jake, who reacted by grabbing it and rubbing his face all over it, whilst looking particularly loony. That boy cracks. Me. UP.


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12-23-15 Wednesday — 16 Comments

  1. Please put this delightful post into the Best of asap, Robyn. And a question for Christine: is Terry still so prone to sharing his thoughts? (One of mine has the nickname Chat Masterson…)

    • He is SO talky and SO LOUD! He never hesitates to share anything that crosses his mind. Usually, I think he’s saying “Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!” 😉

      • L & H has led me to adore so many cats I’ll never be lucky enough to meet in person. Terry has long been on that increasingly lengthy list. Thanks to Robyn and Fred and co. for sharing their charges with us as well as, more important, caring for them. Thanks, too, to my fellow readers for all the inspiring comments and anecdotes.

  2. In going back to read Terry’s posts, I was reminded about what an outraged group The Grocers were, lol…. those kittens were HILARIOUS on Facebook.

    I love that Terry has his own special spot under the tree. He just wants to remind Christine that he truly is a gift year-round. Smart kitty. 😀

    Now lookit here, Miz Robyn… I haz a weak spot for Torties so if you keep postin’ adorable shots of Stefani like that I’ma have no choice but to clog up yer comments section with a berjillion AWWWWWWWWs and SQUEEEEEEEs, and ain’t nobody got time for that!

    • Forgot to mention… Pink’s fat little face needs squooshin’ and smoochin’… you get right on that!

  3. oh Jake….you make us laugh

    Terry sure is a handsome boy…so glad to hear he is doing great.

    the picture of Adele and Alice is awesome – their markings are so similar

    Have a Merry Christmas!!!

  4. From your 2014 post: You know, this time last year we had Tricki. This time (well, a little earlier in the month) in 2012, we had Kohle (who is now Flynn and brudders with Puff who is now Hook). I’m thinking that we’re just meant to have beautiful black kitties with gorgeous eyes in December!
    And now you have Shelton for 2015. It seems you were right!

  5. When I saw that pic of Adele and Alice, I thought “How did Robyn do that”? I thought you had superimposed Alice backwards on the floor. Their markings really are very similar, and since I couldn’t see Adele’s tail, I thought it was Alice.

  6. So anybody got any bright ideas on how to keep their monsters from munching on the Christmas tree short of locking them up?

    • I’ve heard cats don’t like citrus. Maybe mix lemon juice in water and spray it on the tree? I’ve had good luck with a product called Bitter Apple on my plants. It might work on the tree, too.

  7. What a big handsome boy Terry is!

    I totally understand the Bag Balm obsession. My cat likes to lick the lotion off my elbows. I try to prevent it, but she’s quite determined.

  8. Awwww I missed this update last week while I was traveling. Merry Christmas brother Terry & his family from Hoyt & his family 🙂 I need to send an update