12-24-15 Christmas Eve!

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We have an update on not just one, but TWO former fosters! In December 2012, we had a gorgeous black kitty with gold eyes, named Kohle. He had been at Petsmart for quite a while, so came here for a few weeks for a break. He went back to Petsmart in mid-December, and Selena adopted him and he is now Flynn.

Fast forward to the following August, and Selena adopted one of Khaleesi’s kittens, Puff, who became Hook. The two boys became fast friends, and still adore each other.

The beautiful Flynn.

Sweet boys.

Just a tiny bit smug, don’t you think?

I wish you could try to relax, Hook!

Mr. Innocent.

Flynn still has those gorgeous eyes!

Selena said: I can’t believe I’ve had Flynn for 3 years already. He is still the sweetest cat. He even decides to be a lap cat every once in a while. Especially when Hook is being a brat. Otherwise he and Hook are still the bestest of buddies and pretty much could care less about me unless it’s time to eat.

Selena posts pictures of Flynn and Hook on her Instagram account if you’d like to follow her.


“Hey! What’s going on out there?!”

“It almost sounds like… is there something on the roof?!”

“I think I lost the old guy, the sleigh, and those name-calling jerks!”

“I wish I could have kept the presents, but a reindeer’s gotta do what a reindeer’s gotta do!”

“Okay, you guys, scoot over and make room. I want a bed by the window. I’m moving in!”


“Whatchoo mean ‘don’t push the snowman off the mantel’? Why else did you put me up here?!”

Stefan, checking out the tree.

And batting at the ornaments (of course).

Alice, checking out the snowman (but she’s a good girl and didn’t try to bat it to the floor).

As you can see, our tree is a small one. It’s actually a wall tree, but the place in the front room where we’ve put it in the past is now covered with cat shelves (of course). It was only last week that I realized I could put it on the mantel in the dining room. So the dining room is filled with decorations and lights and our little tree, and it makes me happy whenever I walk through there!

Pink, checking out the tree.

“Santa? Are ya here yet?!”

Adele’s turn to check out the decorations.

She really liked this particular ornament.

And then she wanted down.

I’m actually a little surprised that none of the cats we put on the mantel have been back up there to check it out again. I guess they’re not as excited by decorations as I am!

There will be a post up tomorrow, it’ll just be re-posts of previous years’ holiday cards we’ve sent out, along with the one we sent out this year (so that those of you who didn’t request a card still get to see it).

Charlene posted the link to this video, and I keep going and watching it, and laughing. I think it’s the perfect video for today!

YouTube link.


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  1. LOL… the “whatchoo mean?” look on Stefan’s face really does convey that!

    Merry Christmas to you, Fred, all the permies, the Coaches, all your commenters/followers/lurkers, and everyone (cats & humans alike) over at Challenger’s House.

    Merry Christmas to all!

  2. I love absolutely everything in this post from the Flookdate to the reinkitteh to the Christmas pictures!!! And I’m excited about your mantel tree, too! (I love looking at folk’s decorations.) And if you didn’t get some future Christmas cards out of that photo shoot then you aren’t the Robyn we know! 😉

  3. Cutest pictures ever! I only found love and hisses last spring when you had Lucy and the fools. It has definitely made for a brighter year! Love your stories and the crooked acres life! Thank you for the Christmas card, absolutely precious! I was up reading about Sugarbutt last night and almost peed my pants at the little poop explosion story in the kitten room. Hilarious! Merry Christmas to you and your family, may all wonderful things come your way!! Thank you for being such an inspiration!

  4. Flookdate! Love seeing those happy boys all smug and cuddly. Thank you Selena!!!

    I believe that Alice and Adele was very aware where the other is but they refuse to acknowledge it.

  5. That second picture of Stefan looking at the tree should be used as a Christmas card. It is perfect. Merry Christmas Robyn and Fred and all the kittehs!
    and also thanks for the update Selena.

  6. I love foster updates!

    I just checked out the latest cards you posted and that dinosaur trimming the tree has me roflmfao. It’s perfect!

  7. Love the video of the kitty with the Santa hat! LOL
    Also, love your artistic creativity the with reindeer kitten! 🙂 CRACKED me up!