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“BRINNNNNG DOWWWWWN the feather teaser! I am ready to play with it now!”

Lita Ford is pretty sure that all those kittens in the OTHER litter are just plain nuts.

Pretty poser Molly.

She swipes! She… misses!

“Grrrr, feather teaser, YOU WILL BE MINE!”

“The lady thinks these 25-pound weights are there to hold down the edges of the blanket. But when she’s not looking, I lift them. See how buff I am?”

Molly and Lita, eyeballing each other.

Stevie had just peeked around the corner of that pop-up square, and Lizzy hissed at her, so Stevie wasn’t sure what to do next!

Have I mentioned that the Girl Rockers (Rock Chicks?) really love to stand tall? They’re forever stretching tall against the doorways. Wherever they end up, one thing is sure: these girls are going to need vertical scratching posts!

“This right here? My slappin’ paw.”

She really does come out of the carrier, I swear she does!

She also gives me the attitude.

You know, this time last year we had Tricki. This time (well, a little earlier in the month) in 2012, we had Kohle (who is now Flynn and brudders with Puff who is now Hook). I’m thinking that we’re just meant to have beautiful black kitties with gorgeous eyes in December!

Stevie checks out the tree.

Lizzy snoopervises from a comfy spot.

“How very strange. This cat tree smells like other kitties!”

“Who made this… Oh! Armarkat. I hear good things about them!”


I have two short videos today – in the first, Molly is feelin’ flirty. She’s a flirty girl when she wants to be!

YouTube link.

And in the second, Jethro and Molly are playing Follow the Leader.

YouTube link.


Sweet, sweet Joe Bob. He is, I swear to you, the sweetest, happiest boy. Beautiful, too!


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12-23-14 — 14 Comments

  1. I liked your comment about black December kitties, as I have a similar tradition. This year and the last two, I have had a single black female foster kitten, each with a health issue that has necessitated a long stay in foster. And for the last two years when they did go back, they were adopted super-fast!

  2. Robyn, I love that your videos are always short and sweet. I have slow Internet in the rural area we live, so videos that are even just a couple minutes long take too long to download and are excruciating to watch sometimes as they stutter and hiccup along. No such problems with L&H videos though! Just another of the many, many things I love about your blog!

    • I have to admit that it’s partly due to the fact that I can’t stand watching a video longer than 60 seconds due to my short attention span, so I try to keep them that short or shorter! 🙂

  3. I have trouble seeing a black kitten loaf and not wanting to kiss that teeny nose. It’s like kryptonite, makes me all weak.

  4. The torties are all so beautiful, as are the black kitties, the tabbies, and the tuxies. I just saw your Christmas card from Orlando and friends. Any news on Angelo? I hope he’s doing well and coming out of his shell.

    • No news on Angelo – the last I heard, via Susan (a few weeks after he’d been adopted), he was very slowly starting to come out of his shell, and they said that they were 100% committed to him, and that he was absolutely in his forever home. Which is wonderful to hear!

  5. My kryptonite has got to be little white slippers on silver grey tabbies. Just look at Stevie’s feets…

    And Joe Bob’s little pink nose. Irresistible…