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Jethro, getting his smug on.

Pretty miss Lizzy, keeping an eye on me.

Poor long-suffering TC. “You see? Always with the feets in my face.”

Such a pretty girl.

“Hallo, lady. You gonna sit down so I can sit in your lap?”

Waving the feather teaser around brings Lita running.

Jethro, lookin’ bemused.

Molly keeps an eye on that feather teaser.

Ever wondered what the underside of Molly looks like? Here you go!

Lita keeps an eye on the operator of the feather teaser.

Lizzy swings! She misses!

Lita (front) and Stevie (back), watching the other kittens jump up after the teaser.

At this point, Lita and Stevie are spending most of their time in the foster room, whereas Pat is still hanging out in the closet unless I go get her and carry her into the room. Once she’s there, she’ll stay out and skulk around the edges of the room. Everyone else, however, will come right over to me to be petted, and there have only been a few hisses between the two litters.

So, basically, it’s going really well. Better than I expected!


A couple of short videos today. In the first video (which is only 5 seconds long), Molly and Jethro were under the cat tree. I tossed a toy at them, expecting it to land next to Jethro, and him to jump on it. Instead, it landed on his back and made him run off. (The explanation is longer than the video!)

YouTube link.

In the second, Molly and Jethro are just racing around, chasing each other and generally being wild.

YouTube link.


I offered to let Sheriff Mama into the foster room to keep those whippersnappers in line, but she said “Kittens? Yeah, I don’t do kittens. THANKS ANYWAY.” and ran off to patrol the back yard.


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12-22-14 — 16 Comments

  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the entire reason that Sheriff Mama is even at Crooked Acres to begin with is that she “did kittens”?

    • It’s been my experience (via Maxi and Kara) that the mama cats want NOTHING to do with kittens after theirs have been raised and adopted out and they’ve been spayed. They have NO patience, want NOTHING to do with them, nope. “I raised my kids already!”, they say.

  2. Molly’s underside is fabulous! I have a tortie who has a little patch of the orange stripe on one leg and it’s adorable on her too.

  3. I love the cards. I spy Von and Winn Dixie in the card on the last row with Cathy and Bruce ( pictures on a red background) . Bailey is the white and orange kitty and Skyler is the puppy. Robyn you have built a great communinity of friends here on your site. We could all be standing next to each other in a store and not know it but here, we can share , laugh and sometimes cry over life and feel perfectly comfortable with our ‘family’. Thank you for providing my daily fix of kitties, doggies, chickens, ducks, fish and wildlife and for doing all you do for the critters who are having a rough time. Merry Christmas.

  4. An old friend of mine (like back in the 80s old) recently had her adopted boxer Bruce Wayne(He’s Batman!) diagnosed with cancer. He’s a rescue dog (they’ve got two rescues dogs; the other is three-legged Blanco). So Bruce is now starting chemo – and we all know how expensive that is. And without doggie insurance. So if you’ve got a couple bucks, Bruce and Tammy could use some karma at their GoFundMe account. I know it’s expensive but Bruce is family so of course they are going to do everything possible.


  5. Thanks for the Christmas card its adorable! I had my last finals before I got my degree last week and your kittens and permanent residents kept me going. I actually printed out the picture of Alice the frog and lion. People at school loved her. Your blog reaches the cold mountains of northern Vermont! Thanks so much.

    • I’m so glad you like it! I need to dig out the frog hat and get some more Alice the Frog pictures, to change things up. 🙂

  6. How about ‘the little rascals’ if you get a litter of three boys and a girl– Spanky, Alfalfa,Bickwheat, and Darla?

    Or if you get 3 or 4 boys– ‘the stooges– Larry, Moe , Shemp, and

    • We actually had a Spanky in the past, but I’ll see if the others have been used (I think they may have, but maybe not!), and add them to the list if they haven’t. I really like the stooges theme!